Error: Cannot open the run results because the HP Run Results Viewer is not installed on this computer

After creating and running a test, an error is displayed "Cannot open the run results because the HP Run Results Viewer is not installed on this computer"

QuickTest Professional (QTP) / Service Test (ST) / Sprinter version 11 introduced a new reporting tool called HP Results Viewer. Some other products such as LoadRunner may be using this tool as well.

Unlike previous versions, its installation process automatically happens after the core product related to it get installed on a visual-less, invisible/on-background process which only get noticed as soon as the shortcut icons on desktop, among other things, gets placed. The QuickTest Add-in for Quality Center also makes use of this tool, and its installer (when used on machine without QTP) performs this reporting tool’s installation when finished on background.

Note: This new reporting tool, has separate installers on the core product disc

· Ensure the following registries, folders and files get created on the machine once the core product finish its installation:

Folder: C:\Program Files\HP\Run Results Viewer

Desktop Shortcut: "HP Run Results Viewer.lnk"

Registry Entries:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mercury Interactive\Test Results

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mercury Interactive\Test Results (generated after opening)

· If the core product was installed properly, simply run directly the HP Results Viewer installation files:

QTP: <Installation files>\RunResultsViewer\<Language>\setup.exe

ST: <Installation files>\STSetup\MSI\ThirdPartyInstallations\HP_Run_Results_Viewer.msi

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