7 Fixes: Error 3001 FFXIV Endwalker

error 3001 ffxiv endwalker

FFXIV Endwalker, the most recent expansion pack for FFXIV (or Final Fantasy XIV), was published on December 7, 2021. Error 3001 has a significant impact on this bundle. The problem has been reported on PCs (Windows, Mac, etc.) and console versions of the game (PS4, PS5, etc.).

Several Final Fantasy XIV issues are occurring due to factors such as congestion and the debut of the Endwalker. Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida provided facts concerning to assist people in grasping what was going on.

The official explanations describe why error 3001 ffxiv endwalker appears in Final Fantasy XIV and how Square Enix deals with them. 

This article will help you how to fix the Final Fantasy XIV Error 3001 and what the error is.

What is FFXIV Error Code 3001?

Endwalker is the fourth Final Fantasy 14 expansion pack. New and experienced players are completing tasks and leveling up while soaking in the breathtaking environment that the game has always had. However, when attempting to join a planet, some users have encountered an error 3001 code.

The error is caused by a (most likely) server-side problem that frequently occurs when many people attempt to join the world. As a result, the server becomes overburdened and has issues. As a result, an error is generated, one of which is ‘Error 3001,’ and you will be unable to enter the world due to this error code.

Why FFXIV Error 3001?

This error occurs when too many people attempt to join the server and play simultaneously, as previously stated. So this mistake is primarily on the game’s and servers’ ends, and the error 3001 will be resolved once the creators address it. However, there are several common solutions and workarounds you may use to get back into the game.

Let us learn some of the simplest yet effective solutions to fix the error.

FFXIV Error 3001

Methods to fix Error 3001 FFXIV Endwalker

  1. Restart the game
  2. Check server status
  3. Switch Data Centers and Worlds
  4. Restart your System
  5. Try Another Network or Use A VPN
  6. Reset the Router to the Factory Def
  7. Delete or Rename the Character’s Folders

1. Restart the game: 

A basic fix is closing the game, waiting for a while, then launching the game and re-joining the servers.

error 3001 ffxiv endwalker

2. Check server status: 

When you have a server problem, this should be the first thing you do since it will save you a lot of time attempting to solve it. You may use Square Enix’s official server status page to monitor the game’s status.

3. Switch Data Centers and Worlds: 

This fix has worked well for a large number of players; try switching between data centers and different worlds until you can join a server.

  • Click Play on the Final Fantasy XIV launcher.
  • Open Data Center and choose a different data center.
Data Center
  • Then click Continue to see whether the error 3001 FFXIV Endwalker has been resolved.
  • If not, you may test each data center one at a time to see which one works best for you.

4. Restart your System: 

The issue 3001 in FFXIV Endwalker might be caused by a short communication problem between your console/system and the game servers. In this instance, a cold restart of the router may remove the issue 3001 by restoring several internal components to their original settings and obtaining a new IP address from the ISP (if a static public IP is not assigned).

  • Unplug the cable from the power source and turn off the system (or console).
  • Remove the power line from the router (or any other networking equipment such as an extension) and turn it off. Also, ensure sure the router’s networking wires are disconnected.
  • After that, wait 5 minutes before reconnecting the router’s power cord to its power source.
  • Reconnect the router’s networking wires (one from the modem, the other from the system/console) and turn it on.
Ethernet cable
  • Connect the power cord of the system (or console) to its power source and turn it on after the router is correctly switched on.
  • Launch FFXIV Endwalker once it has been correctly switched on to see whether the error 3001 has been resolved.

5. Try Another Network or Use A VPN: 

If there are ISP restrictions from your current network to the FFXIV servers, you may see the error 3001 on FFXIV Endwalker. Changing networks or utilizing a VPN may help to resolve the problem 3001.

  • Connect the system or console to a different network (like your mobile phone’s hotspot) by disconnecting it from the existing network (wired or wireless). A free VPN client is also an option.
  • Now start FFXIV and see whether everything is working properly. If this is the case, the router or ISP is most likely to blame.

6. Reset the Router to the Factory Defaults:  

The FFXIV problem 3001 may be resolved by resetting the router to factory defaults. However, before you proceed, note the router’s configurations that you’ll need to set up the router once it’s been factory reset.

  • Locate the reset button of the router. You may find it under or on the back of it.
Reset the Router
  • Press & hold the reset button for 30 seconds (use a pointy object like a paperclip).
  • Release the reset button. Wait till the router is properly powered on.
  • Re-configure the router as per the ISP’s instructions, and hopefully, the FFXIV game will be working fine.

7. Delete or Rename the Character’s Folders: 

Suppose the character cache folders in the installation directory of FFXIV are corrupt. It may lead to the error 3001 on FFXIV Endwalker, and deleting (or renaming) the character’s folders in the game’s installation directory may solve the problem.

Do not worry; characters will be recreated on the next game launch, but you may lose some customizations of the characters.

FFXIV gameplay cutscene
  • Close the game and close the launcher.
  • Then right-click Windows and select Task Manager from the menu.
  • End all FFXIV and launcher-related tasks.
  • Right-click and pick Run from Windows.
  • After that, navigate to the FFXIV installation directory.
  • Delete the folders in this directory or rename these folders.
  • Then start FFXIV and see if the error 3001 has been resolved.


As with any problem, the developer team strives to address it as soon as possible, particularly for bugs that prevent people from moving through the game and entering the realms to play it.

These solutions mentioned in this article should prevent the problem, allowing you to gather all of your valued mounts and enjoy the update alongside the rest of the community. 


How do you unlock the Endwalker?

Endwalker is a new addition that adds new missions, stories, new jobs (Reaper and Sage), and new locales to the game. Players can visit six additional cities, but they must first complete tasks to access them.

What data center is Zalera on?

Zalers is present on the Crystal data center.

Do I need Endwalker to play Shadowbringers?

Endwalker includes all prior expansions with the purchase, including Shadowbringers, Stormblood, and Heavensward. A Realm Reborn or the Starter Edition must be separately purchased and registered before Endwalker can be registered.

Where are the FF14 servers located?

Individual instances of Final Fantasy XIV are known as servers or worlds. North America, Europe, Japan, and Oceania are the four continents where servers are situated. Data Centers are subdivided into each area. Therefore, there are several servers in each Data Center.