10 Fixes: Error 2123-1502 on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is meant to provide a bridge between mobile devices and traditional consoles. This way, people who are used to playing video games on their smartphones won’t have to buy a separate device to enjoy them. 

When you are playing a game on your Nintendo Switch console, you may notice that the screen goes black who would tolerate this. There are several reasons, owing to DNS errors, Network glitches, and overflowing corrupted cache that forms the main cluster to disrupt any useful downloads. 

So, here find what can be done to turn this over? Let’s find out how

What is The Error 2123-1502?

Nintendo Switch Error 2123-1502 is faced by countless users when the switch is unable to keep a constant connection to the correct network and is unable to download or update the games or applications.

error 2123-1502

What Causes The Error 2123-1502 on Nintendo Switch?

Corrupted Cache of the console: 

When the cache storage is corrupted, it can lead to improper downloading of the packets, disallowing any necessary downloads.

Outdated code: 

Firmware is an essential component of the console, and this requires upgrades. Any outdated Firmware leads to incompatibility and Switch error 2123-1502.

Misconfigured DNS: 

DNS plays a key role in establishing server-level connections with the main Nintendo Server. Therefore, any misconfigured or bad DNS is enough to cause a Switch error and stop any downloads.

Client-side reasons For Generating The Error 2123-1502:

Sleep Mode of the Nintendo Switch: 

When the Nintendo Switch is in sleep mode while downloading/updating content, the connection between the Switch and its servers may be broken, resulting in Error 2123-1502.

Corrupt Cache of the Nintendo Console

The download packets cannot be correctly cached due to a damaged cache on the Nintendo Switch, resulting in Error 2123-1502.

Improper DNS Configuration of the Switch: 

Error 2123-1502 can occur when the network’s DNS system fails to translate the web addresses of Nintendo servers appropriately.

Outdated/ Corrupt Firmware of the Nintendo Switch: 

When the firmware is outdated/ corrupted, it may result in Error 2123-1502 as it can cause incompatibility between the Switch and its servers.

Nintendo Switch

Possible fix to mend The Error Code 2123-1502:

Use transfer choices: 

While trying out ideas and methods to fix Nintendo error code 2123-1502, the first trick of the book is the method of downloading via Download Options. This is because a temporary glitch could disrupt the servers and the Switch. Therefore, in this fix, perform these steps as follows,

  • Make sure there is sufficient memory space available before moving ahead to download
  • Tap on Cancel to stop the download and then try retry to start the process
  • If the error continues to pop up, tap on Cancel and wait till the download button is clickable to use
  • Tap on Download Options immediately before the error message comes flashing
  • Hold on to your patience and allow the downloading to complete. Make sure to not click or press during the download. Once done, you would see a Successful Download option flashing.
  • In case of failure, try to download while the switch is docked and allow this to clear the issue.
  • If nothing works, try to download the app from the e-shop for positive results.

Clear Cache: 

The next step is to reset the cache saved inside the Nintendo Switch console. To perform this task, the steps include,

  • Go to HOME Menu
  • Enter the System Settings
  • Tap on the System button
  • Click on Formatting Option
  • Choose the Clear Cache option to ensure the saved cache option
  • Ensure you’ve selected the correct User option and follow the rules displayed to clear the cache.
  • Once this is done, do check if cache memory is fully emptied.

Turning On/Off Flight Mode: 

When there is a temporary network issue, the best solution is to enable and disable the Flight Mode on Nintendo Switch temporarily. To perform the task, the steps include,

  • Go to Home Page
  • Turn on System Settings
  • Click on the Flight Mode button to show it on
  • Wait for a moment or two, and then turn it off
  • Check if the Error 2123-1502 seems

Removing Corrupted knowledge from a Switch: 

Data is crucial to having the greatest game experience and allowing you to progress. When this is corrupted, the error 2123-1502 can occur. Any corrupted data on the switch should be removed in this scenario. These are the steps:

  • Open Nintendo Switch
  • Visit the HOME Menu
  • Choose the System Settings
  • On the left-hand menu, find the Data Management option
  • Find the option to Manage Software on the same page
  • Out from the list, check the software causing the problem and show the error.
  • Check for Corrupted Data and delete the Corrupted Data
  • Uninstall the application
  • Visit the E-shop
  • Find the game you’ve uninstalled
  • Download it once again
  • The error code should not show up once again

Checking web association: 

If the console is connected to a slow internet connection, this can decrease gaming performance and show countless downloading errors, such as the Nintendo Switch error code 2123-1502. Here is the fix,

  • Make sure your Nintendo Switch is within 10 feet of the router.
  • Return to the Home Menu.
  • Select System Settings and then the Internet.
  • Choose Internet settings.
  • This will take you to a website that searches for local WiFi hotspots.
  • Select the Network to which you wish to join. If the Network does not display, restart your strong wireless signal network and rescan to locate it. To search, press the Y-button on the device.
  • To reconnect to the network, enter the WiFi password again.
  • After a steady connection has been established, go to User Settings. Enter User Settings from the Home Menu.
  • To restart the download, click Update Download Progress.

Turn off the Sleep Mode of the Nintendo Switch: 

Using the method to disable Sleep Mode aids in maintaining consistent download progress rather than sleeping and losing connection. Try this procedure to check how successfully you are eradicating Nintendo switch problem code 2123-1502.

  • Go to the System Settings page.
  • Locate and choose Sleep Mode
  • Select Never from the Auto Sleep drop-down menu.
  • Save your change settings.
  • Retry the download and see if it has begun again.

Updating the code: 

Firmware is important in Nintendo Switch since it ensures excellent compatibility and user experience. However, when the Nintendo Switch is not updated to the most recent Firmware, it might cause incompatibility issues, leading to a larger problem. The remedy is simple: update the Firmware. Here’s how you do it:

  • Return Home
  • Select System Settings
  • Navigate to the System option.
  • Locate the System Update tab at the top of the page.
  • If it hasn’t been updated yet, click on it.
  • When finished, restart the device.

Hard Resetting Nintendo Switch: 

Hard Reset or Force Reboot has unforeseen outcomes. This might resolve the issue with Nintendo error number 2123-1502. The guidelines for carrying out the step are as follows:

  • Connect your Nintendo Switch to an AC power outlet and let the battery charge entirely.
  • Hold the power button down for at least 15 seconds.
  • Connect the Switch to the internet.
  • Check that the games are downloading and that no other software is running on the console after rebooting.

Hard Reset web Router: 

A defective DNS cache must be reset and reconfigured to remedy the error, like a Nintendo switch. Among the procedures are:

  • Switch off the Router.
  • Press the power button down for 20 seconds.
  • Reconnect the power to the access point and wait for it to restart.
  • Log in to a game and see whether the problem code displays.

Adding DNS Manually: 

Many people have discovered that manually inputting alternate DNS or even Google DNS will speed up the download. As a result, try manual entering to alternate DNS to see if you can fix Nintendo Switch Error Code 2123-1502.


Nintendo error 2123-1502 is an issue that can arise due to faulty DNS and other networking-related faults.

Many people, however, were able to resolve the switch error 2123-1502 by following the instructions in the article.

So, to permanently fix the issue, follow the step-by-step instructions shared in this article.


Why do I keep obtaining the error 2123-1502 on Nintendo Switch?

When the Switch cannot maintain a consistent connection to the Nintendo Servers, the error 2123-1502 occurs, preventing it from downloading (or updating) software or games.

How does one clean a Nintendo Switch card slot?

Scrape the sides and back wall with the Q-Tip gently inserted into the Nintendo Switch game card reader slot.

Why is my Nintendo Switch game card not working?

If the game card issue persists after several attempts at reinserting the card, resetting the Nintendo Switch (which will reinitialize several switch hardware components) may be the solution.

What is error code 2813-0002 on Nintendo Switch?

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