Error: “10343 : Communication error: Unresolved server name [server name: …” connecting to remote host

When the user tries to connect to a remote host, user receives the following error:

Error:" -10343 : Communication error: Unresolved server name [server name: <remote_host_name>]. (sys error message – WSAHOST_NOT_FOUND) [MsgId: MERR-10343]"

Diagnosis:The host is currently unreachable.


Make sure that the host is valid

There could be many different reasons that can cause this problem. Among the things you can try is to ping the host to make sure that it is up and running:

From Command Prompt (Start -> Run -> type in cmd.exe):
1. ping with the machine name and take down the returned IP address.
Example: ping mercury
2. ping with the IP address returned from (a) with -a option.
Example: ping -a
3. Repeat the same test for the Controller and LoadGenerator machines.

If you have problem on getting the expected information, things you can try includes:

1. Update the host file.
You can try to add the name and the IP address of the Controller/Load Generator machine into the hosts file
a. Go to c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\
b. Edit hosts in word editor
c. Add the hostname and IP address to the last line.
Example: localhost mercury

2. Make sure that the hostname does not begin with a number, such as "1_pchost". If so, change the hostname to start with character. For example, "pchost_1"

3. For machines with multiple network card, please refer to Using LoadRunner with machines that have multiple NICs

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