12 Fixes for Error 0x8007003B

If you have a local network, then, you can transfer large files from one computer to another. However, getting a network error like the error 0x8007003b will cause problems in the transfer. Perhaps, the file is too large to be transferred to your target drive. Another reason why you might be getting this error could be your firewall blocking your network connection.

Users get the error 0x8007003b while trying to transfer a large file from a network drive to a desktop or laptop. Once you get this error, you won’t be able to transfer your files across the VPNs as well. However, there are some ways you can try out to fix the error 0x8007003b. In this article, we’ll discuss the same. So, follow along!

error 0x8007003b network error code

What Is Error 0x8007003B?

The error 0x8007003b is a network error often reported by several Windows users. This error usually occurs in the Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems. It shows up while transferring files that are over 100 MB in size to a different computer through the VPN connection.

After receiving this error, you will face an interruption in the process of transferring files. Then, a pop-up window comes up with the following error message:

An unexpected error is keeping you from copying the file. If you continue to receive this error, you can see the error code to search for help with this problem.

Error 0x8007003B: An unexpected network error occurred. 

The reason behind this error is an unstable server or a mismatch in configuration. There are some other factors like viruses, malware infection, interference with antivirus programs, and so on.

Reasons Behind The Network Error 0x8007003B

  • Perhaps, corrupt software or applications are trying to change your system setting
  • A third-party antivirus has been installed in your Windows operating system
  • You may not have permission from the destination folder.
  • Transferring files to destination could have limited access
  • There is a configuration mismatch. For example, you are using Samba or the OpenVPN tunnel that is limiting the bandwidth to the server
  • The connection to the VPN’s server is unstable.

Solutions To Fix Error 0x8007003b

In this section, we will discuss all the tried and tested solutions to solve the network error 0x8007003B on your Windows 10 system. Try them out one by one and eventually your problem will be resolved:

  1. Scan Your System For Malware
  2. Temporarily Disable Anti-virus Software
  3. Turn Windows Firewall Off
  4. Turn Off The Windows Search Service
  5. Use The SFC Tool
  6. Use The System Restore Tool
  7. Ensure That The Drive Format Is NTFS
  8. Check Out File System Errors
  9. Disable Third-Party Antivirus Software
  10. Delete The Windows Registry Entry
  11. Run CHKDSK Using Command Prompt
  12. Enable Guest Access Via Windows Powershell

Method #1. Scan Your System For Malware

The error 0x8007003b could be a result of a malware infection. So, you can try running an anti-virus scan to solve the problem. If you don’t have antivirus software on your computer, you can use Windows Defender to scan for malware and other threats. Follow the given steps to use the Windows Defender tool to scan your system for malware and other infections:

  • Click on the Start icon and click on the gear icon to open the Settings app from the menu
  • Navigate to the Update & Security tile and then, click on Windows Security
windows security section
  • Click on Virus & threat protection from the right panel
go to virus and threat protection option
  • Next, from the pop-up Windows Defender Security Center window, click on Run a new advanced scan
  • Click on Full scan and then on, Scan now button.
scan for threats using windows defender
  • Wait for the scan to complete and the scan result will get shown on your screen.
  • In case you get any threats traced out by the tool, click on the Clean threats button and clear them from your system.
  • Restart your computer and check if you can transfer your file now or not. 

For more accurate results, it is recommended that you try using third-party antimalware software. Advanced antivirus programs get updated regularly and have the capability to protect your system from different types of malware (new and old variations) in real-time. 

Such antivirus software programs are easy to use and scan your system just like Windows Defender. Once the scanning procedure is finished, your antivirus displays the results and removes the malware.

Method #2. Temporarily Disable Anti-virus Software

temporarily disable the third party antivirus software

If you have performed a malware scan on your system and it is clear of infections, then try disabling the anti-virus software for some time. This is applicable if you do have third-party antivirus software installed on your computer. Perhaps, the anti-virus program has been interfering with the file transfer process. 

  • You can switch off an anti-virus software by right-clicking on the antivirus icon from the System Tray.
  • Click on the Disable option from its context menu.
  • If options are available, select the one that says disable for 15 to 30 minutes (roughly the estimated time it will take you to transfer your files)
  • Try transferring or copying the file now.

Method #3. Turn Windows Firewall Off

The Windows Firewall might also cause trouble while transferring files. You can think of the Windows Firewall as a network wall and so, switching it off will fix the error 0x8007003b.

Given below are the steps you need to follow to switch off the Windows Firewall:

  • Open the Windows search bar and type in firewall in the search field.
  • From the search results, open the Windows Firewall option. You’ll see the Windows Firewall Control Panel tab now. 
  • Click the Turn Windows Windows Firewall on or off option from the left panel. A Customise Settings tab will open up now. 
turn defender firewall on or off
  • Now, select the Turn Off Windows Firewall option for Domain network settings, Private network settings, and Public network settings. Click the OK button
disable firewall to fix errror 0x8007003b
  • Reboot your system and check if the error is gone or not.

Method #4. Turn Off The Windows Search Service

  • Press the Windows + R keys to open the Run utility.
  • Type in services.msc in the Run field and press the Enter key. 
go to windows services
  • The Services windows will open up. Double-click on Windows Search to open the Windows Search Properties window
windows search properties window
  • From the Startup type drop-down menu, select Disabled.
disable windows search service
  • Next, click on Apply and then on OK to apply the new settings.

Method #5. Use The SFC Tool

Sometimes, infected system files can be the cause behind the Network error 0x8007003b in your system. The System File Checker (SFC) tool is the best way to fix corrupted system files easily. This can be done using the Command Prompt as given below:

  • Type in cmd in the Windows search box
  • From the search results, right-click on Command Prompt and click on Run as administrator
  • Now, the Command Prompt window will open up with administrator privileges. Type in sfc /scannow in the Command prompt window and press the Enter key.
run the sfc tool
  • Next, the SFC tool will start scanning the system for issues and correcting them. Once it is done, restart your Windows OS and check if the error is gone or not.

Method #6. Use The System Restore Tool

If the above methods won’t work, then, perhaps, some Windows settings have been changed due to a recently installed software or update. In this case, you can try restoring your system to go back to an earlier date when this error was not occurring. This is an amazing solution to fix almost all problems with your computer. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to the Windows search box and type in system restore. Next, click on Create a restore point to open the System Properties window. 
  • Then, click the System Restore button in the System Protection tab. This will open the restore utility.
  • Click on Choose a different restore point button and hit the Next button
  • Click on Show more restore points option and that will show you the list of restore points you can revert your system to.
  • Select a restore point that was created before you started getting the Network error 0x8007003B and then click on Next > Finish
  • This will restore Windows to a previous point and probably remove all recently installed software programs. You can click on the Scan for affected programs option and that will list down all the software installed after a chosen restore point.

Method #7. Ensure That The Drive Format Is NTFS

If you are transferring large files, you need to take the file system of the destination drive into consideration. If your target drive is of FAT32 format, you won’t be able to transfer more than 4GB there. Otherwise, you might get the error 0x8007003B.

  • So, to check your drive’s file system, follow the steps given below:
  • Click on This PC icon from the desktop screen
  • Right-click on the destination drive folder and click on Properties
  • You’ll find the file system under the General tab

If the file system type is NTFS formatted, then the file system is not responsible for causing this error. However, if the file system type is FAT-32 formatted, you will need to change it. You can do this using File Explorer or Disk Management. But, we don’t recommend these methods since the data on your target drive will be erased by formatting. 

If you want to avoid data loss, you can do so by using Command Prompt to format the file system of the drive

  • Take note of the system type of the target drive
  • Next, press the Windows + R keys to open the Run utility and enter cmd in the Run field. 
  • Click on OK and open the Command Prompt
  • Suppose you want to convert the F: drive. To do so, enter the following command convert f: /fs:ntfs and then, hit the Enter key from your keyboard. This will convert the file system of the target drive to NTFS.
convert fat32 into ntfs to fix error 0x8007003b

Method #8. Check Out File System Errors

The target drive may have some file system errors that are causing unexpected network errors while transferring files from one computer to another. Many users have claimed to have resolved the problem by simply fixing these system file errors.

  • Open the target drive’s Properties window and then, click on the Tools tab
  • Next, click on the Check button from the Error-checking section.
  • Now, wait for the scanning procedure to finish.

Method #9. Disable Third-Party Antivirus Software

Third-party antivirus software programs are not always safe for your system. Such programs can inhibit the file transfer and as a result, lead to the error 0x8007003b in your system. Follow the steps given below to do so:

  • Open the Windows Settings app
  • Click on Apps and select the Apps & features option from the left panel. A list of applications will come up.
  • Now, select all the Anti-virus programs from the list of apps and click on Uninstall button
  • If you get a UAC prompt asking for your permission, click on Yes
  • Follow along with the on-screen instructions.

Method #10. Delete The Windows Registry Entry

Many users have claimed that deleting their Windows Registry entry has also helped them fix their 0x8007003b error

Caution: If you make any mistake in the process that could damage your Windows Registry, your System might fail as a result. 

  • Go to the Windows search bar and type in “regedit”
  • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\WINEVT\\Channels
  • Then, delete the Microsoft-Windows-DxpTaskRingtone/Analytic key.

Method #11. Run CHKDSK Using Command Prompt

  • Right-click the Windows icon and click on Command Prompt (Admin)
  • In the Command Prompt window, type in chkdsk /f /r and press the Enter key from your keyboard
  • The tool might ask you if you would like to schedule the volume to be checked next time, type in Y and hit the Enter key
  • Restart your system and do not press any key after that. The Check Disk tool will start the scan. Wait until the process finishes which could take up to an hour or so.

Note: Sometimes, the Check Disk tool is unable to start because the disk you wish to check is still in use by the system processes. Hence, the disk check tool asks you to schedule your disk check on the next restart. 

Method #12. Enable Guest Access Via Windows Powershell

Enabling Guest Access on your Windows system can potentially fix the error 0x8007003b. You can do this via the Registry Editor or by running a certain command that will eliminate the risk of editing the registry entries. Here are the steps you need to follow to enable Guest access:

  • Right-click on the Windows icon located on the System Tray and click on Windows Powershell (Admin)
  • Copy-paste the command given below and press the Enter key to execute it:
REG ADD HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanWorkstation\Parameters /f /v AllowInsecureGuestAuth /t REG_SZ /d 1
  • Reboot your system and the error should be resolved