Top 10 Best Enterprise Data Storage Solutions

What is Enterprise Data Storage Solutions

Enterprise data storage is an information repository that typically involves data management, sharing and security of information. It profits a lot from storage systems that are highly scalable, have unrestricted access and support multiple platforms as they manage large heaps of organisations critical data.

Features of an Enterprise Data Storage Solution

  • Support

Personalized support and a willing-to-go-out-of-their-way attitude to collaborating with customers on system installation and maintenance.

  • Collaboration software

When sharing and editing files with an employee or any on your business staff, you’ll need top-notch tools.

  • File encryption and protection

When it comes to moving the company to the cloud, security is paramount. If the service you use lacks the necessary features, the company’s confidential information may be jeopardised.

  • At a reasonable price, you can get a lot of storage space.

The storage needs of your business are separate. Small corporates most likely want a cloud computing network capable of handling data from five to 10 employees, storing and affording a reasonable price.

Types of Enterprise Data Storage Solutions

It is divided into five types which are indicated below

  • Cloud storage 

 This allows the data accessibility from distant in a way that it is backed up and can be accessed if the hardware fails. It also makes sure to make multiple copies for emergency purposes. 

  • Direct attached storage

This type of storage is accessed by linking an external drive to a device directly. This type allows devices to access data quickly just by using a cable. 

  • Network attached storage

 NAS is a storage system which allows user to data accessibility over multiple locations as long as the user has network access. This is an ideal system as it keeps a lot of backup which makes it easier for users to store the data. 

  • Storage area network
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This is a high speed network network which connects a set of devices. SAN uses a fibre channel for transmitting the signals. Fibre channels is the finest SAN protocol as it is fast and doesn’t drop any packets. 

  • Software defined storage

This refers to a method of accessing data through software in place of hardware. It is basically an abstracted layer which can be shifted to different hardware components. 

Advantages of an Enterprise Data Storage Solution

  • Quick and easy accessibility: Enterprise data storage gives flexibility in accessing the data to businesses. 
  • Cost: The solutions provided are lower on budget and cost effective.   
  • Secure backup system: The enterprise data storage solutions create multiple copies of information so that incase a device fails users can use the backup options. And all the data stored has a security layer on it.  

Disadvantages of an Enterprise Data Storage Solution

  • Privacy is the major issue in this case. The data is no longer managed by the user itself , it transmitted using different solutions. 
  • Some products are very costly
  • The products offered by companies do not provide good support which makes it difficult.

Who uses Enterprise Data Storage Solution?

Enterprises who have big heaps of data and information which are impossible for them to handle use this for the transmission and storing purposes. This solution helps in storage of data securely and offers centralised management. 

How to choose the right Enterprise Data Storage Solution

Before selecting an expert who provides enterprise data storage solutions, businesses must understand their needs and plans. Since data is now the lifeblood of every business, it’s critical to think about how and where you’ll store it. Your decisions are primarily influenced by your company and relevant data requirements.

  • Storage with a direct link

This form of storage is acceptable if your storage requirements are modest and to the point. However, if you don’t need to store vital or large amounts of data, this storage option will suffice.

  • Network of Storage Areas

This form of storage is ideal if you have a lot of storage requirements and you need to expand quickly. Furthermore, in order to keep such a machine running, you’ll need to hire people to help and track it.

  • Storage in the cloud or on the go

If you don’t mind going a little over budget, this form of storage is a good option. This storage aids companies in storing critical information while also protecting it from physical access.

  • Raid

Without raid setup, raid storage is useless. Raid is a technology that duplicates or spreads data through several hard drives to provide data redundancy.

  • Processor
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The processor is not an important component in the hardware selection process for virtually all forms of business data storage projects.

  • Memory

Data storage servers, like processors, should not be memory intensive. In general, 16 GB to 32 GB of memory is recommended for smooth device use on servers.

Top 10 Best Enterprise Data Storage Solution

1. pCloud

Enterprise Data Storage Solution - pCloud

pCloud offers encrypted cloud storage solutions that are safe and reliable. Its headquarters are in Switzerland. It has options for both individuals and companies. pCloud is full and stable file storage, syncing, and collaboration network.


pCloud offers a 30-day free trial. Premium 500GB ($175) and Premium Plus 2TB ($350) are the two pricing options. These are the rates for a single payment. Annual plans start at $47.88 and go up from there. It also has family-friendly plans.

2. Zoolz

Enterprise Data Storage Solution - Zoolz

Zoolz is a cloud computing provider that offers open and secure cloud solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals. It provides solutions like AI and eDiscovery intelligent cloud storage, low-cost backup and repository, and a wide range of BigMIND Partner Programmes.


Zoolz 1TB Cloud Backup ($19.95 per year), Zoolz 2TB ($59.95 per year), and Zoolz 5TB ($49.95 per year) are the three pricing plans offered by Zoolz Home.

3. BigMind


BigMIND is an intelligent virtual cloud computing solution that can help you locate all your personal data easily, access and back up. It’s Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android compliant.


Free (1GB), Personal (100 GB, $2.99/month), Family (500 GB, $6.99/month), and Family plus (1TB, $12.99/month). It comes with a money-back guarantee of 30 days.

4. PolarBackup


Polarbackup is a GDPR-compliant cloud storage solution that respects your privacy. All will benefit from this cost-effective and efficient cloud backup solution. It is capable of storing files indefinitely. It includes desktop agents as well as a web console.


1TB ($39.99), 2TB ($59.99), and 5TB ($99.99). Many of these costs are for a single charge. It comes with a money-back guarantee of 30 days.

5. Purestorage


The company’s primary business is solid-state storage. In recent years, they have also begun to produce a variety of products. It is one of the leading data storage companies because of its high-speed data storage algorithm.


The three payment options are Gold Subscription, Silver Subscription and Industry Standard Support. Visit the website for a quote for price information.

6. Microsoft Azure

MS Azure

The business is versatile as a combined support for Microsoft and Windows and supports not only the storage, but also the internet, media, device, web and analytics, the distribution of content across a comprehensive network, management protection and data creation.

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 Azure allows you to get started for free. Block Blobs ($0.001/GB per month), Azure Data Lake Storage ($0.001 per GB per month), Managed Disks ($1.54 per month), and Files ($0.058 per GB per month) are several of the pricing options.

7. AWS


AWS offers cloud storage services for both application and archival compliance needs. It’s a sister company to the burgeoning Amazon e-commerce platform, and it’s well-known for data storage, security, and access control.


 Amazon Scalable Storage starts at $0.023 per GB. The cost of Block Storage starts at $0.1 per GB per month. Amazon’s storage facilities come with a variety of pricing options.

8. Dell EMC

Dell EMC

Dell EMC offers storage, data protection, analytics, virtualization, and cloud computing solutions. Apart from laptop manufacturing, Dell relied on cloud storage services to stay afloat after ceasing operations in the previous domain.


With a usable capacity of about 300 terabytes, the cost of deploying the Dell EMC cloud storage service in a specific organisation is around $39,803.40.

9. IBM


IBM used to be a laptop manufacturer before branching out into cloud storage. It is well-known for its cloud storage technology, data processing, and storage algorithms, which have helped it become one of the most successful data storage companies.


 The cost of IBM File & Block Storage begins at $0.05 per GB.

10. NetApp


NetApp is a U.S.based data storage company specialising in cloud data and hybrid data services. It provides a wide variety of services in the areas of IT, consumer products, health and communications. It cooperates with other world-renowned firms, such as Mercedes-Benz and Coca-Cola.


The cost of NetApp Cloud Sync begins at $0.15 per hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are enterprise storage solutions?

It is an information repository that typically involves data management, sharing, and security of information.

What are data storage solutions?

A data management solution enables you to expand your business activities while maintaining information control. Datasets are secure and analytics are observable with the right storage solution.

What is the best way to store data?

Keep it in the cloud.
Save to a USB flash drive or an external hard drive.
It can be burned to a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray disc.
Make a USB flash drive with it.
Save it to a NAS (Network Attached Storage) unit.

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