Ensure proper authentication when using the Windows Resources Monitor

To monitor Windows Resources, it is necessary to establish authentication to the Server machine from the Controller machine in order to access the statistics that Perfmon makes available over the network.

Since there is no UI for entering in the authentication information in LoadRunner there are two solutions available.

1. Create a user account on the Server machine that matches the username/password that is used to log into the Controller machine. This will allow authentication to occur automatically behind the scenes during the monitoring connection.

2. Map to a shared resource on the Server (i.e., Map a Drive) with a valid account, which will manually force authentication. After this is completed the monitoring can continue as well.


The user account that is used to access the Controller must have rights to view NT Perfmon statistics over the network. Try to connect to the remote machine with NT Perfmon from the Controller to verify that the connection will be successful.

Go to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tool’s -> Performance Monitor (PerfMon)and try to add the machine to be monitored. Contact your System Administrator if any help is needed with this process.

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