Easy Ways To Enable WiFi Calling On Android

Are you fed up with low mobile signals in your area? Do you have trouble turning on WiFi Calling on your Android phone? Find out all the information about WiFi calling on this page.

enable wifi calling on android

We live in the era of smartphones where weak signals causing dropped calls or slow mobile data can make your day miserable. In such a case, you’re desperately searching for signals.

Moving to places where you might find signals, going to the roof of your house, or sticking your arm out. But there’s no signal!

Well, well, there is a solution to this problem. Enable wifi calling on android. It can help you call your friends and family at a moment’s notice and send text messages immediately. But first, wait, what is Wifi Calling?

What is Wifi Calling?

Wifi Calling is a technology that allows people to make and receive phone calls and text messages instantly over the wireless internet network. Wifi Calling is used when mobile cellular network signals are low or unavailable. Major carriers like AT&T, t-mobile, and Verizon provide the service in the US. 

Computers can also benefit from WiFi calling for audio communication across WiFi using a specialized app or a web service. However, nowadays, its use has become obsolete. Most businesses use VoIP clients like Skype, Google, and Viber to make VoIP to landline/mobile calling.

What are the Pros and Cons of Wifi Calling?

Is WiFi Calling right for you? Here is a table showing the advantages and disadvantages of WiFi calling.

Benefits of WiFi CallingDisadvantages of WiFi Calling
It is a backup if there is a low mobile signalBandwidth affects the quality of a WiFi call. If you’re in a home, this has no effect, but you might have a bad experience with WiFi calling in public spaces.
You don’t have to install additional apps.Many cell phone carriers do not support WiFi Calling
If you’re in a rural area, WiFi Calling provides a reliable connection as you will be closer to your router as compared to a mobile towerPublic WiFi is a new hot trend, but you may not find a public WiFi hotspot in many cases. 
There are no additional costs in the home and office environmentsA public wifi network may charge some fees to use their service

What do you need to perform Wi-Fi Calling?

If you have made up your mind that you need Wi-Fi calling, here are the things you need.

  • An operational WiFi connection
  • Compatible Smartphone
  • Sufficient balance if your carrier incurs charges on WiFi Calling 

How to enable wifi calling on android?

Here are the steps to turn on WiFi calling on stock Android devices like google pixel.

  • Step 1: Tap the Settings icon from the notification shade and then go to Network and Internet
Network and Internet
  • Step 2: Click on Mobile Network
Mobile Network
  • Step 3: Scroll down to Wifi Calling
WIFI Calling
  • Step 4: Toggle the button to the right to turn on Wifi Calling
Switch on the wifi calling

Now, place a call while having an active WiFi connection. If WiFi Calling is turned on, you’ll see a notification screen.   

OneUI skin is installed in Samsung phones, so the instructions are slightly different. Here’s how to turn on Wifi Calling on Samsung phones:

  • Tap on the Phone app and then click on More Options (shown by three vertical dots)
  • Click Settings and locate WiFi calling from the options below. 

Pro Tip:

Samsung phones with AT&T carrier support should have VoLTE enabled.   

Wi-Fi Calling

How does WiFi calling work?

WiFi Calling is an exceptional technology that works by first converting your voice into a digital signal. After compressing it, the signal is transmitted to the internet via the router.

The mobile carrier servers receive the information and process the data packets. The data packets are then again converted into voice by the processor of the other device. 

All this happens at a moment’s notice. Unless there is a problem with the internet connection, you will not notice any delay.   

Wi-Fi calls differ from calls transferred over VoIP by applications like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. A call placed over VoIP routes the data to the VoIP application server.

This server serves as an intermediary and connects the call. On the other hand, the mobile carrier network provides the server with WiFi calling.

Is WiFi calling safe?

Wifi Calling is not as safe as placing a call over VoIP. It is a relatively new technology that hasn’t been tried and tested over decades. The safety of a WiFi call depends on features like

  • Encryption by the mobile service provider
  • Your device’s safety and protection
  • Whether you use a public or a private network to place the call

Here are some tips and instructions to make VoIP calling safer.

  • Make sure that your device software is up to date
  • Use a private WiFi network to place the call
  • Place calls using well-reputed international carriers like AT&T, Virgin Mobile, and Verizon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do All Phones Support WiFi Calling?

Almost all smartphones support WiFi calling. You will not find WiFi Calling preinstalled on your phone when you haven’t installed the latest software update or your smartphone manufacturer hasn’t released it yet. Also, check with your carrier if it provides WiFi Calling for its customers. 

Why Does My Android Not Have WiFi Calling?

Some reasons that your device does not have WiFi calling are.
– WiFi calling is turned off by default. You can turn it on from your device settings menu
– You do not have an active wi-fi connection
– Your carrier does not support wi-fi calling
– Reconfigure your device settings if your phone prioritizes a cellular network over a WiFi connection. It usually happens when the WiFi connection is weak.

How Do I Fix WiFi Calling Not Working?

Here are some steps to troubleshoot WiFi calling.
– Check if WiFi calling is turned on
– Verify if your device has the latest software update installed
– Try restarting your device

Do You Need To Pay For WiFi Calling?

Most carriers do not charge any costs related to WiFi calling. However, most wi-fi networks charge fees to use their network. Wifi calling is most convenient and free of cost in home and office environments. 

Can I Call Emergency Services With WiFi Calling?

Emergency services like police, hospitals, and fire brigades are accessible with WiFi. Mobile networks detect your location and send it to emergency services. However, this does not happen with older smartphone models.