Enable non-administrator users to remotely monitor a machine with Windows Resource Monitor

The following error appears when trying to add a Windows Resource Monitor:

"Monitor Name: Windows Resources. Cannot connect to Machine

Details: Access is denied."

Logging in as administrator fixes this problem.

Refer to Microsoft knowledge base article Q158438

By default, Windows machines enable monitoring only for users with administrator privileges. In order to allow monitoring for non-administrator users, you must grant read permission to certain files and registry entries. The following information was published under Microsoft knowledge base article Q158438

1. In Windows Explorer or File Manager, give the user at least READ access to the following files:



where xxx is the basic language ID for the system, for example, 009 for English. These files may be missing or corrupted. If you suspect this, expand these files off of the installation CD.

2. Start Registry Editor, and then give the user at least READ access to the following registry keys:



3. Give the user at least READ access to the following key and allow Read permission to propagate down to the Services subkeys:


4. With Windows 2000, in addition to the access described above, the user must also have access granted by the following Group Policies:

Computer ConfigurationWindows SettingsSecurity SettingsLocal PoliciesUser Rights Assignment

Profile System Performance

Profile Single Process

5. If the user is neither a power user or an administrator, additional permissions might be needed to access SysMonLog services. To grant full access to SysMonLog services, run the subinacl /service sysmonlog /grant=tester=f command, where tester is the user account.

If you still not able to remotely monitor disk counters, refer to Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 812714 – Users cannot remotely monitor disk counters if they are not logged on as administrators

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