What is Elara App and Why does it Prevent Windows from Shutting Down?

The original Elara app is entirely safe. It’s worth noting that the program’s primary background process could be compromised or replaced by malware. Sality, Ramnit, Fareit, and other well-known process names are only a few instances. The first symptom of an infection is that it slows down and eventually destroys the body. Users may not detect any indicators in some circumstances.

What is Elara App?

elara app

Elara App is used to manage components, which are connected to a laptop’s touch. As a result, the Elara App is usually seen on laptops, where it comes pre-installed. This software, installed alongside the computer’s touch driver.

The “Program Files” folder controls some touchpad functionality. Under the name “ApntEX.exe,” the software can be found in the task manager. It isn’t a separate driver or piece of software. It could simply be a component of your computer’s touchpad driver.

Why does the Elara App prevent Windows shut down?

If the Elara App is installed on your computer, it may block Windows from shutting down. It is continually operating in the background. When Windows shuts down, it closes all background processes. If the operating system deems a process to be sensitive, it cancels the shutdown process. It informs the user of the existence of a sensitive background task.

Can I Disable Elara App?

Stopping a process in Task Manager or deleting the touch driver has no adverse consequences.

The user’s ability to turn off the touchpad with the “Fn” keys is lost. As a result, I believe you should remove the job from Task Manager. It should have no impact on the computer’s performance.

To get rid of the bloated program, try removing the touch driver. Check to see if the touchpad is still working. The outcome may differ based on the device’s manufacturer.

 If you lose functionality, just reinstall the driver by inspecting the hardware for changes. Windows will reinstall the driver you just uninstalled.

  • Temporarily Disable Elara App (task manager)
  • Check for Touchpad driver updates
  • Remove Elara app from system
  • Remove Elara app from Google Chrome Browser
  • Windows Registry
  • Restore your system

1. Temporarily Disable Elara App (task manager)

In this step, we’ll show users how to end the Elara task from the task manager in the simplest way possible. It may cause your touchpad to malfunction, so make sure you have a mouse on hand as a backup.

  • To open Task Manager, press the “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “Esc” buttons at the same time.
  • To view full instructions for the executables operating in the background, select the “Details” tab.
  • Select “End Task” from the “ApntEX.exe” menu.
End Task ApntEX.exe
  • The Elara will be momentarily closed, and the computer will no longer be able to shut off.

2. Check for Touchpad driver updates

If you’re still having problems with this app after updating Windows, The Touchpad driver must then be installed. This App also stops the system from being shut down if the driver is obsolete or corrupted.

  • Find and open the Settings app from the Start menu.
  • Select Check for updates from the Updates and Security menu.
  • Your system will begin to download all of the most recent updates. Allow for the completion of the installation process on your machine.
  • Open Device Manager and click on it. To do so, hold the Windows button and the R key at the same time. Write “devmgmt.msc” into the Run window and hit Enter.
  • Proceed to “Mice and other pointing devices” in the device management. TouchPad Driver can be found here.
  • Right-click it and select “Update Driver.”
Update Driver

You can also delete Touchpad Driver first if you choose. However, your Touchpad may become unresponsive after uninstalling. If the device manager fails to update the driver, don’t try this unless you have a USB mouse to operate the computer. 

Go to your computer manufacturer’s website and manually download the Touchpad driver. After that, you may manually install it.

3. Remove Elara app from system

  • Start the Control Panel by typing it in the Start menu.
  • In the Programs section, click Uninstall a Program.
  • Uninstalling an application is the option to choose. Elara prevents Windows 10 from shutting down.
uninstall elara app
  • Look in the record of installed programs for the Elara or any other suspicious items.
  • Uninstall each one at a time until you reach the OK button.

4. Remove Elara app from Google Chrome Browser

  • To delete the Elara app’s extensions, open Google Chrome on your browser.
  • Click More Tools then Extensions on the three-item menu. 
  • Using the remove icon, remove each questionable extension one at a time.
remove extension
  • The browser should be closed.

5. Windows Registry Fix

You may encounter Elara’s error on a Windows machine: Preventing Shutdown/Restarting/Sign out. If none of the preceding techniques work, you can try using the Windows Registry. (please back up the registry before performing any changes).

  • Open the Windows Registry Editor.
  • Open the Run dialog box, simply press Windows + R.
  • Open registry editor. In the box, type regedit and press Enter.
  • Go to the following section in the Registry Editor window.
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop
  • Make a new registry key with the name AutoEndTask.
 AutoEndTask new registry
  • Select New > DWORD Value from the context menu when you right-click Desktop (32 bits).
  • Set the value of this new key to 1 and give it the name AutoEndTask.
new key to value 1
  • To confirm, click OK.
  • Restart your computer and close the registry editor.

6. Restore your system

  • Search for System Restore in the Start menu. The first result in the list should be opened. You may be asked for your administrator’s password.
  • Elara system properties panel should be removed.
  • To restore your system to a steady-state, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • The Elara app preventing from shutting down. However, we hope that one of these methods helped you fix the problem.


Elara is a pre-installed program that comes standard with Dell, Toshiba, and Sony computers. I have discussed the application’s functionality and why it inhibits the shutdown in this article.