Learn How To Eject Disc From PS4

There are more than 3,000 games available for the PlayStation console. You have the world-class Blu-ray DVD to play the game. But, there can only be one disc at a time on the PS4. Ejecting the disc is pivotal whether you have the first generation or the latest PS5.

Thus, we have prepared this guide for you. It covers everything like the typical eject disc from ps4 method. You will also learn about firmware issues, the screwdriver, and more. We have covered it all, from using the manual eject hole to the options button. 

So, let’s begin: 

​The Need To Eject Disc On PS4 – Stuck Disk

By default, and in most cases, you eject a disc to insert another one. Either that or the game was stuck, so you had to retry.  In short, you want to change the games, which is understandable. Admittedly, it isn’t easy to find eject buttons on the PS4. So, we will try to make it simpler.

But then there comes another error. Maybe some kid that visited you decided to stick another disk while you weren’t looking. Perhaps your friend played a prank of sticking a second CD in the PS4. That will lead to the eject button getting stuck.

That’s where you will have to try other methods. Even the menu button might not work. So, you will have to open the PS4 manually.

Would that impact the warranty and guarantees by Sony? Thankfully, not. You will need a long Phillips screwdriver for the task, but the company supports the method.

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So, let’s learn about every known method: 

How Do I eject disc from ps4? 

  1. Eject A Disc Using The PS4 Button
  2. Eject A Disc Using The Controller
  3. By Using Phillips Screwdriver 

1. Eject A Disc Using The PS4 Button

eject disc from ps4

Of course, all the versions and models of PS4 come with built-in eject buttons. It is located on the front side and easily visible.

  • If you can’t find the button, look at the power button. The power button is also the slick button on PS4.
  • The button below it (parallel to it) is the Eject Disc button.
  • You can press the Eject Disc button to eject the disk.
eject button on the typical PlayStation 4 model

Remember that the standard version’s button is easier to find. On PS4 Pro, it will be a little more challenging, but it is still where the power button is. For the PS4 Slim version, the button is more obvious.

eject button on PlayStation Pro version

2. Eject A Disc Using The Controller

remove disk option for PlayStation menu

You can also use the menu option in the PS4 to eject a disc. For this, you will need a PS4 controller. It is also known as the DualShock 4 controller. So go ahead and:

  • Open The Main Menu of the Sony PlayStation 4.
  • Go to the Game or Disc Item option.
  • Upon accessing it, you will come across the eject option.
  • Please select it and wait for the disc to eject.

3. By Using Phillips Screwdriver 

Interestingly, there’s another manual way of ejecting a disc. You can call it a secret or hidden method. You will need a Phillips Long Screwdriver and your PS4.

There have been different PS4 models, so we will try to cover each one. Thus, you will have to know the model number before following the step.

We will keep it simple with PS4 Standard, PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro versions. But, we will also provide you with the model numbers to keep things easy.

Let’s begin:


location of eject button screw for CUH-7000 and other latest models
  • First, you will have to turn off the PS4. Shut it down.
  • Next, remove all the cables. This goes for HDMI cable and power cords. Once you remove the power cord, wait for a bit for the console to discharge. 
  • Make sure that you have a clean and flat surface. Place the PS4 upside down on it. Spin the console so that the PlayStation symbols appear upside down for you. 
  • In most cases, you will see a cap on the hole that has the hole for the eject function. The latest models might not come with the cap. Either way, remove it and use your Phillips head screwdriver. 
  • Now twist the screwdriver anti-clockwise to help the disk eject. You might have to do it a couple of times. 
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CUH-2015 Series will also follow the same approach. 

CUH-1200 Series

location of eject button screw in CUH-1200 versions

The CUH-1200 series has a little different approach. Once you lay it on the clean surface, you don’t have to flip the console upside-down. Now, do you have to check the back of the console? Instead, you have to work with the front of the PlayStation.

  • The logo should be on your side and appear on the right side.  
  • The top-left side of the panel is removable. You could call it an HDD bay cover.
  • Firmly apply pressure to slide it on the left side and reveal the internals. 
  • There will be a screw with the Playstation Symbol on it. It holds the HDD. So, you will have to remove it.
  • Right below it, you will see the eject hole. You have to do the same thing as before, screw anti-clockwise. 
  • Now place the HDD cover around 7 mm apart from the seam and then click or push it back.

CUH-1000 And CUH-1110 Series

location of eject button screw under the vents in CUH-1000 and CUH-1110 series PS4

You will need a flashlight for this one. It follows the same method in most cases. 

  • First, follow the entire method as you did for CUH-1200 and remove the HDD pad.
  • Instead of the HDD disc manual button, you will see sets of vents.
  • Now, shine the light through them to find the manual eject screw hole. 
  • Once the disc is out enough, remove it or pull it out.
  • Now, place the top panel back in, and you’re good to go.


Now you know everything about using the disc ejection button on your PlayStation. It is pivotal to understand where the PlayStation logo is for you to navigate easily. If you can find the PS button to power and eject, you can easily do the job.

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Make sure that there isn’t a disc in the slot. If it is stuck in the slot, we have covered other methods for them. Now we would like to end it with a warning.

The screwdriver method is indeed supported by the company too. But, it is all up to you. Make sure that your palms are clean. Otherwise, you can also approach a professional for the task.


Where Is The Eject Button On PS4 Slim?

PS4 Slim has a more noticeable eject button. Look at your console and check where the SONY logo is imprinted. Right below it, you will see some buttons. These are the power and eject buttons with dedicated logos. You can go ahead and use them without any problem.

How Do You Eject A PS4 Disc Without The Button?

Without the button, there is an option to eject the disc in the main menu. All you would need is your controller. The eject option should work fine unless you have a firmware issue. Similarly, it would work fine if your eject screw didn’t loosen up. That requires a different set of steps to follow. 

How Many Discs Can You Put In A PS4?

All PlayStation 4 models support single disc insertion. You shouldn’t put more than one CD or DVD inside the PS4. Otherwise, it can get stuck. The eject button or option won’t work. You would have to manually work on the way to eject the disk from PS4 at that point. 

Why Won’t My PS4 Let Me Put A Disc In? 

There’s a possibility that there’s already a disc inside. Make sure to check for it. If you use the eject button and nothing comes out, use the physical method. Undo the screws of the PS4 and check inside the disc panel. It won’t void the warranty, so you can go ahead and give it a try. The solution is available on the official website.