What is EasyAntiCheat.exe and Why Is It On My Computer?

Some video games will download and install services that are required to play them. When installing games, users may not see the option for certain services. Some users are unsure about Easy Anti-Cheat. Why has it been installed on their computer without their permission?

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EasyAntiCheat is required for Fortnight and a few other online games. This program keeps an eye on your computer as you play. It seeks to prevent hacks from operating in the first place. You may be barred from playing the game online if it detects a problem.

What is Easy Anti-Cheat? Why Is It Present On My Computer?

Easy Anti-Cheat (EasyAntiCheat.exe) is an Anti-Cheating tool. It detects and prevents the root cause of cheating. Kamu created it to prevent cheating in online multiplayer games. It enables gamers to play their preferred games the way they were intended to be played. Their team has been creating anti-malware technologies for over a decade.

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Client-side anti-cheat programs scan a game process for a specific blocked code. The server-side anti-cheat will execute on the game server. It is not done on the end user’s computer.

Easy Anti-Cheat making it easier and faster for creators to manage with Epic Online Services. The primary difference is that Epic Online Services are not linked to a single store and may be used on any platform.

How Do I Install Easy Anti-cheat To Play Games?

Suppose you declined to install Easy Anti-cheat when offered. Fortnite will not be able to begin. To play, you’ll need to download and install it.

To install EasyAnticheat, follow these steps:

  • Make sure the “Easy Anti-cheat” launcher is turned off.
  • Restart Fortnite from the client.
  • When Windows prompts you to install Easy Anti-cheat, select Yes.

If the prompt does not display, you must manually install it by following the steps below:

  • In your Fortnite installation location, go to the Easy Anti-Cheat folder.

(The location is C:\Program Files\EpicGames\Fortnite\FortniteGame\Binaries\Win64\EasyAntiCheat)

EasyAntiCheat folder
  • Find the file EasyAntiCheat Setup.exe.
EasyAntiCheat Setup.exe
  • Double-click the file to open it.
  • Install Easy Anti-Cheat by clicking the button.
install Easyanticheat

Can I Uninstall Easy Anti-Cheat?


On your computer, Easy Anti-Cheat will be installed. When you install the game, it usually asks for Easy Anti-Cheat. When a user uninstalls a game, the Easy Anti-Cheat program is likewise uninstalled. Easy Anti-Cheat is not installed or uninstalled as part of the game installation.

You can always use the Easy Anti-Cheat Service Setup to uninstall Easy Anti-Cheat manually.

  • The game folder contains the executable setup file. C:\Program Files\Epic Games\XYZ folder
  • The setup window will appear when you double-click the Easy Anti-Cheat file. 
  • You can delete Easy Anti-Cheat from the system by clicking the Uninstall option.

It will make it complicated for you to play the multiplayer game that requires it. When you first start a game, you will be presented with a UAC prompt. To play the game, you must first install Easy Anti-Cheat.

When Easy Anti-Cheat is installed on your machine, the Repair Service button will appear. After you uninstall Easy Anti-Cheat or are already missing, the Install Easy Anti-Cheat button will appear.

When Is The EasyAntiCheat.exe Process Active?

EasyAntiCheat.exe Process Active

Only the games that require it will have Easy Anti-Cheat enabled. When a user starts a multiplayer game that requires this anti-cheat, it begins immediately. Before the game starts, users may see an Easy Anti-Cheat window. Until the game starts, it will always be running in the background. When the game is closed, this will be shut down as well.

Which Video Games Use Easy Anti-Cheat Feature?


Among current multiplayer games, the EasyAntiCheat is gaining popularity. It is used as an anti-cheating function in several of the most popular games. The majority of users may have seen it for the first time in Fortnite. However, as new games are released, the number of titles that use Easy Anti-Cheat is growing. Apex Legends, 7 Days to Die, and Fall Guys are some of the most well-known games. There’s also Far Cry 5, Fortnite, Rust, and a slew of other games. On their official website, you can find a list of the games.

Features of EasyAntiCheat

EasyAntiCheat is the most popular anti-cheat service in the industry. It protects multiplayer PC games from hackers and cheating. It employs a mix of anti-cheat measures.

  • SECURITY PIONEERING. Easyanticheat uses industry-leading preventative strategies. It combats the fundamental cause of cheating.
  • EXPERIENCE AT ITS BEST. Complement your security efforts with established technologies and practices. Experience your preferred games the way they were supposed to be appreciated.
  • TEAM OF EXPERTS. The unit has an industry-leading level of expertise in building anti-malware technology. It has over a decade of experience. Easy Anti-Cheat assists you in keeping cheaters at bay during the game’s lifespan.

Did Epic Games Make Easy Anti-Cheat accessible?

Epic Games has declared the launch of its Online Services initiative. The company has devised a plan to make cross-platform multiplayer capabilities. Earlier it was developed for Fortnite, now available to all developers for free.

Fortnite is among the games that use Easy Anti-Cheat. Epic’s goal is to help more creators create cross-platform games. Also, connect their player communities, grow the games industry, and achieve Metaverse’s vision.


How Much Does Easy Anti-cheat Cost?

For respective owners, It’s now completely free. Epic’s voice chat technology, simply referred to as Voice, is cross-platform. Only authenticated users can connect using EOS Voice. It passes via Voice servers without revealing the users’ personal information. 

Is Easyanticheat Safe?

Easy Anti-Cheat is entirely safe to install on your PC. If you wish to cheat at online video games, it’s not so safe. It might work for a while if you utilize specialist cheating software. Software running as the game after Easy Anti-Cheat has been updated may result in a permanent ban.

Is Easyanticheat Always Active?

Before the game begins, users may see an Easy Anti-Cheat window. Until the game starts, it will always be running in the background. When the game is closed, this will be shut down as well.