Is Dying Light 2 Not Cross Gen

dying light 2 not cross gen

If you have been playing the latest horror-filled action game, you have probably seen multiplayer options in Dying Light 2, which encourage you to link up with your friends for zombie-slashing, rooftop-dashing fun.

But what if your friends are PC players and you are on Xbox? Is dying light 2 not cross gen? What if you are on PlayStation and your friends are waiting for the Switch edition?

Because of the game’s launch, fans have been asking themselves about this issue, especially since the title’s multiplayer capabilities are a key part of its appeal.

Is Dying Light 2 crossplay?

crossplay check

The bad news is that there is no crossplay in Dying Light 2. Xbox One users can only play with other players, not Series X players. You are out of luck if you and your buddies are not on the same console.

The good news is that this will not remain the case indefinitely. Techland has committed to bringing cross-play compatibility to the game. Unfortunately, no timeframe for such an addition is currently available. Though hopefully, this will happen sooner rather than later.

It is a shame that Dying Light 2 does not enable crossplay. Any multiplayer game that lacks crossplay compatibility is a real letdown these days. That should be a major goal for any online game in the future. PC, Xbox, and PlayStation have never been more popular together than they are now. 

This is a fierce generation, and restricting your game so players can only play within your ecosystem restricts the game’s potential.

So, if cross-platform is out, what about cross-generation? Does Dying Light 2 allow you to play with friends with older/newer hardware than you?

Dying Light 2 enables cross-gen gameplay, which means that Xbox Series X/S gamers can play with Xbox One players, and PS5 and PS4 players will struggle to survive together, which is better than nothing. 

But, apart from the platforms mentioned above, cross-gen play is not supported across any other.

Platforms that do not Support Dying Light 2 Cross-gen

Look at the dreaded list of gaming consoles supporting co-op play on Dying Light 2. Why have we regarded the list as dreaded? Look for yourself and judge!

PC and PS4No
PC and Xbox ONENo
PC and Nintendo SwitchNo
PS4 and Xbox ONENo
PS4 and PS5Yes
Xbox One and Xbox series X/SYes


So knowing Dying Light 2 does not offer cross-gen features, we would like to pay our deepest condolences. The game could achieve much more if equipped with the said capability.

However, you may as well find a horde of zombie games out there waiting for you to be played cross-gen. And for that, you may look forward to other articles related to gaming.