6 Fixes For DS4Windows Not Detecting Controller

Are you getting DS4Windows not detecting controller PS5 option? Then check if there are updates. Either way, this is your up to find all the answers to DS4windows not detecting controller.

This guide has almost all the solutions you will ever need. These are all hand-picked and go from simple solutions to the most extreme solutions. So brace yourself and get into the cause, and fix the issue immediately!

DS4Windows control panel for Windows 7 and Windows 10

A Little Overview On DS4Windows 

DS4 is one of the best tools, or emulators, out there for your PC. It allows you to use the entire Dual Shock 4 Controller by Sony on your PC. It works by treating the Dual Shock 4 controller as an Xbox Controller.

By default, Windows 10 systems work with Xbox controllers. Thus, you don’t have to invest in a separate controller.

Still, some people prefer Dual Shock 4 over the Xbox controller. This can be for various reasons, like playing a Play Station game on the PC. For this, you would need the Dual Shock controller and get a holistic experience.

So, Dual Shock 4 can be used as an Xbox Controller on a PC. This fluidity has made DS4 Windows a popular tool for many games.

Unfortunately, the Windows 10 updates are consistently working on reinforcing the security. DS4 isn’t a patented emulator by Sony, Xbox, or Microsoft.

Therefore, it is bound to get restricted. Many other apps also get the problem. So, if you are experiencing issues with DS4 Windows due to the latest update, you need to fix it.

The first error you might get is that your controller cannot connect to the PC or Laptop. You might even get the infamous ‘No Controllers Connected (Max 4)’ error.

Even if you try reconnecting the controller, there won’t be any solution. You can try restarting the PC and such. It still won’t work.

DS4 windows updated best DS4 tool for PC controller

Reasons For Why DS4Windows Not Detecting Controller

As mentioned earlier, the leading cause for the error is the latest Windows 10 update. So, if you recently updated Windows 10, it could be the culprit. Unfortunately, you can’t roll Windows Updates back. That could lead to potential exposure to various threats. Thus, you will have to find other solutions.

Another reason for DS4Windows Not Detecting Controller could be the malfunctioning driver. Finally, it could be that the driver is either outdated or updated to support other controllers. You can try various solutions for the driver below.

The third reason could be the built-in settings. Sometimes, users unknowingly disable a controller. At that point, the DS4Windows will stop scanning or using a specific controller. As a result, you will get the same error.

Solutions For DS4Windows Not Detecting Controller Wireless, Windows 7, Windows 10

  1. Reinstall The DS4 Controller Device Driver
  2. Disable And Enable The DS4 Controller
  3. Try Remote Play And Driver Solution
  4. Uninstall The Updates For Windows
  5. Try DS4Windows Updates
  6. Try To Edit DualShock 4 Controller Registry

Fix DS4Windows Not Detecting Controller Windows 7, Windows 10

1. Reinstall The DS4 Controller Device Driver

image 17

Often, this solution is the ‘go-to’ option for people. You can go ahead and try the reinstallation process. Make sure to disconnect the connection (remove USB cable) from the PC before attempting this step:

  • First, open the Control Panel option. For this, you can use the Run (Windows + R) or go to the Search bar.
  • Go to the Hardware And Sound option. This will show you all the devices that are connected to your PC.
  • Now, reconnect the controller, and there will be a new popup in the Hardware and Sound option. This should be the one with a game controller icon.
  • Right-click on it and select Properties. There, go to the Hardware tab.
  • Find the “HID-Compliant Game Controller” option and double-click on it.
  • This will open the section similar to the driver manager or device manager. Go to the Driver Tab and select Uninstall Device.
  • Once you uninstall the driver. Launch DS4Windows.
  • Reconnect the controller and see if the controller pops up in the DS4 Window options.

If it doesn’t automatically install the driver, click on ‘Scan For Hardware Changes.’ You will find this option in the Device Manager. You can also go ahead and restart the PC to be sure about it.

2. Disable And Enable The DS4 Controller

find DS4controller driver in device manager

This is another one of the driver settings. If restarting the PC and reconnecting didn’t work, you can give this one a try.

Sometimes, the drivers get disabled by default or due to an internal error. This could lead to the DS4 Window not detecting the controller error. So, it is worth giving a try:

  • Open the Device Manager. For this, you can press Windows + R Keys and type ‘devmgmt.msc’, and hit enter. You can also go to the Search Bar at the Taskbar, and type Device Manager, then click on it to open it. To be safe, it is better to launch Device manager as an Admin.
  • Now, find the ‘Human Interface Devices’ option and click on it to expand it. If you find ‘HID-Compliant Game Controller’ there, then great. Otherwise, you can expand the ‘Sound, Video, And Game Controllers’ section.
  • Either way, right-click on it and see if you get ‘Disable’ or ‘Enable’ from the options. If you get disable option, then don’t click on it. But, if there is an ‘enable’ option, click on it. This will enable the driver again.

Now, restart the DS4 Windows and see if it is working.

3. Try The Remote Play And Driver Solution

Hide the DS4 controller. DS4Windows Settings

Some users have reported that installing Remote Play works for them somehow. Sony’s remote play is downloadable if you visit this link. But, it is more like Stadia and Xbox Live deals.

It doesn’t help your PC scan the controller as much. But, sometimes, it just works. Mostly, users use it to play Play Station games and access them from PC.

If this doesn’t work. There’s always an option to reinstall the drivers. But, this time, it is the different drivers:

  • Go to the Device Manager again and find Lib32 Wireless Driver. You can check different driver expansions, but it should be in the Controller section.
  • Right-click on it and see if you can find the Uninstall button. If not, then double-click on it, go to the driver’s tab and click Uninstall.
  • Now, reconnect the controller and see if Windows installs the driver. \
  • Recheck the Remote play app and see if it is working now. Even if it still isn’t working, you might want to reinstall DS4 for Windows.

First, go to Control Panel. Find the Programs option, and check if DS4Windows is on the list. Uninstall it and restart the PC. Make sure to delete any leftover folders and files.

Once you reconnect the controller, there should be a ‘Swipe touchpad to change profile’ option. Uncheck it. Then, check on ‘Hide DS4’ and see if the settings work now.

4. Uninstall The Updates For Windows

view update history for DS4Windows fix in Windows 10

This should be the last resort if nothing else works. If you prefer your controller works over the new updates, you can give this a try. But, it is strongly advised for you to keep the Windows updated.

Still, you can check the update list. See if you downloaded some non-essential updates that are causing the problem. Either way, follow these steps:

  • Press Windows + I key. This will launch the settings window. From the Window, select the ‘Update & Security’ option.
  • Now, find the Windows Updates from the options. In the new window, find and select ‘View Installed Update History.’
  • There, you will see the list of almost all the currently installed updates. You can now go ahead and uninstall them.
  • There is an option to Uninstall them right alongside them. Make sure to note the time or try to guess the time you started having a problem. Then, if there was any update from that time, uninstall it.

Once you uninstall, check again and see if DS4 Windows can work with Windows 10. See if you can detect the controller. Restart the PC if you have to. But, make sure to install the Updates again if this wasn’t the cause for the problem.

5. Try DS4 Windows Update

DS4Windows home screen why use DS4

Did you download the DS4 Window Controller? If so, during installation, there are two files DS4 has. There is DS4Windows and DS4Updater app file.

Once you install, the DS4Windows is used to launch the controller. Meanwhile, DS4Updater is to get any new updates from the official sources. You can try this step or just redownload DS4 Window whenever it updates.

There’s a possibility that you either have an outdated DS4 controller or a buggy update. Either way, you can fix it by following these steps:

  • Open the File Explorer and go to the location where you have installed or saved the DS4Windows.
  • Now, in the extracted location, see if you can find the DS4Updater. But, first, launch it as the Admin. For that, right-click on it and select ‘Run As Administrator.’
  • Now, allow it to scan for any latest update. It will automatically download the essential updates. Close it once the update finishes.
  • Launch the DS4 Windows. If this works, then great. Otherwise, uninstall and reinstall the DS4 WIndows.

Make sure to go to the Controller tab and see if the device is visible and detected.

6. Try To Edit DualShock 4 Controller Registry

registry editor for DS4windows solution

This should be the last resort. If none of the other fixes worked, you could give this a try. This comes into play if you have consistently failed. Remember, messing with the registry can cause other system problems.

So, make sure to make a backup, a restore point, and such to ensure that you won’t mess too much when you get through this fix. Tough, you shouldn’t be afraid to try this step. It is easy as long as you follow the instructions exactly as they are:

First, backup some essential information for the controller.

  • Plug in the controller to the PC and close the DS4 Windows on your PC.
  • Go to the Search option and find the Control Panel. Then open it and go to Hardware And Sound Option.
  • Select Devices And Printers.
  • Right-click on the Wireless controller and go to the properties from the Devices.
  • Click on the Hardware tab. Find the ‘HID-Compliant Game controller’ in the option.
  • Find the ‘Details’ tab in the new window that will pop up.
  • See if you find any Property option or field. If there is, select ‘Hardware ids’ from the options.
  • Now, you will have to find the ‘Value’ section in the Hardware ids. Select the first three entries and copy them (use right-click, not CTRL+C)
  • Save these entries in case this solution doesn’t work. Then, use Windows Notepad or anything else that you’re happy with.

Now, you will have to launch the Regedit.

  • Press Windows + R to launch the Run Utility. Type ‘Regedit’ and hit Shift + Enter to run it as Administrator.
  • Follow through with this directory: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > System > CurrentControlSet > Services> HidGuardian> Parameters.
  • On the left side of the panel, find the Affected Devices file and double-click it to open it.
  • Now, use the values you saved in the notepad. Paste them here. Click Apply, OK, and whatever else.
  • Then restart the PC

Now reload the DS4 Windows and connect the controller. See if this has solved the problem for you.

Conclusion – DS4windows Not Detecting Controller

Now you have all the fixes for ds4 windows not detecting controller windows 7, windows 10, and other additions. Remember that there isn’t a way to fix ds4windows not detecting controller wireless or ds4windows not detecting controller Bluetooth.

You need to connect ds4windows to the controller by using the USB. If that still doesn’t work, we have listed the solutions for ds4windows not detecting controller via USB.

So, go ahead and solve the problem. Don’t let anything stop you from enjoying your favorite games. Now with the latest PS5 consoles, you might run into DS4windows not detecting controller ps5 issues.

But, don’t you worry! Once there are DS4Windows updates or DS5Windows, you can use them.