29 Best Websites to Download Free Ebooks

Getting bored in your free time? Searching for options to download free ebooks? 

We have gathered a list of the 29 best websites for downloading free ebooks for your devices.

1.Google eBookstore

Google eBookstore has a vast collection of classic and contemporary bestsellers. It gives you access to free ebooks download which includes audiobooks, comics, and children’s books.

Google eBookStore download free ebooks

2. Amazon Free Kindle Books

Amazon Free Kindle Books is a customer-centric company that always has something best to offer for its customer. There are top collections of bestsellers in all languages for Kindle with free ebooks download options for users.

Amazon Kindle eBook download

3.Internet Archive

Internet Archive offers more than 20,000,000 freely downloadable books and textbooks. The Internet Archive also encourages the readers at large, to have their materials digitized and put online for the benefit of all. You can also contribute to the physical material.

Internet Archives download free ebooks

4. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg offers plenty of classic books which are available for free all year round. It has more than 57,000 free ebooks download from the public domain, which is open to read and redistribute. Though you can’t find bestsellers, there are no fees, and no custom apps required. 

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Project Gutenberg download free ebooks

5. Open Library

Open Library is an open library catalog where you can edit a web page for every book ever published. It is a non-profit internet archive.

Open Library download free ebooks

6. LibriVox

LibriVox is a library of audiobooks. It is a non-commercial, non-profit and ad-free project where you can choose the book to record.

LibriVox download free ebooks

7. FreeComputerBooks

FreeComputerBooks offers free ebook download categories such as Computer, Lecture Notes, Mathematics, Tutorials, Programming, and Technical books.

FreeComputerBooks download free ebooks

8. Baen

Baen is a site where you can download books in a zip file and unzip it through a particular application from their free ebook download sections. It has various categories, such as science fiction, and fantasy.

Baen download free ebooks

9. KnowFree

KnowFree is a collection of reports, magazines, research papers and ebooks for professionals.

KnowFree download free ebooks

10. LibGen/Library Genesis

LibGen is a search engine that helps to download articles and books related to science. This is one of the best websites to download free ebooks across different areas. 

LibGen download free ebooks

11. FreeBookSpot

FreeBookSpot offers free ebook download links in more than 90 categories. Become a member to add a new ebook and create your favorite list of books to download later.

FreeBookSpot download free ebooks

12. Free eBooks

Free eBooks feature some of the best categories, such as Fiction, Nonfiction, Romance, Sci-Fi, Self-help, and Business. It offers thousands of free ebooks download which can be used anywhere.

Free eBooks download free ebooks

13. Open Culture

Open Culture is a site that features different categories of nonfiction,fiction and poetry. It offers 800 free ebooks download to your Kindle, iPad/iPhone, computer, smartphone or e-reader.

Open Culture download free ebooks

14. GetFreeEBooks

GetFreeEbooks is a site that brings authors and readers into the world of free legal ebooks. It offers various collections of ebooks in most of the top categories like fiction, horror.

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GetFreeEBooks download free ebooks

15. OnlineProgrammingBooks

OnlineProgrammingBooks is a free site that offers various ebooks and online books on categories related to computer science programming, computer science, web design, software engineering, information technology, networking, and databases.

OnlineProgrammingBooks download free ebooks

16. Alive and Free

Alive and Free is A page of links to recent works which is free online from living authors.

Alive and Free download free ebooks

17. AvaxHome

AvaxHome features audiobooks and eBooks & eLearning sections among many other categories.

AvazHome download free ebooks

18. ManyBooks

ManyBooks has an extensive collection of ebooks from Project Gutenberg, most of it featuring classics. It has a vast library of books in digital format for free on the Internet. 

ManyBooks download free ebooks

19. BookBoon

BookBoon is the world’s largest publisher of ebooks democratizing learning by empowering students and professionals to succeed with high-quality business ebooks and free textbooks from industry experts. They offer more than 1000 ebooks for free download.

BookBoon download free ebooks

20. Wikibooks

Wikibooks provides an open-source content collection that can be edited by anyone. Provides books on various subjects like mathematics, computing, engineering, humanities.

Wikibooks download free ebooks

21. E-library.net

 E-library.net has a massive collection of more than 8000 ebooks, of which 500 ebooks are free.

E-library.net download free ebooks

22. BookYards

BookYards provides free reference material, education materials, information, documents and content that is free to anyone who has an internet connection.

BookYards download free ebooks

23. Planet ebook

Planet eBook is a collection of free classic literature. The latest version of the site, with its mobile-friendly design and multi-format eBooks, attempts to make the collection of eBooks available on all devices.

Planet eBook download free ebooks

24. FeedBooks

FeedBooks offers millions of ebooks for free to download in various categories like fiction, nonfiction in the public domain.

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Feedbooks download free ebooks

25. The Online Books Page

The Online Books Page has an extensive collection of 2 million free ebooks which can be downloaded by users.

The online books page download free ebooks

26. International Children’s Digital Library

 International Children’s Digital Library site offers children’s ebooks for free, which includes tales all over the Internet.

International Children's Digital Library download free ebooks

27. eBookLobby

eBookLobby has different categories, such as business, art, computing, and education.

eBookLobby download free ebooks

28. PDF Books World

With PDF Books World, you can download free PDF copies of books from the public domain.

PDFBooksWorld download free ebooks

29. O’Reilly

O’Reilly offers a free download of books, magazines, and tutorials.

O'Reilly download free ebooks


Are free ebooks safe?

It is never a good idea to use an ebook that has been downloaded illegally. Buying books and digital content from unofficial sources is always a bad idea. Some ebooks, unless purchased from a reputable store, may contain harmful software that can infect your computer with malware, spyware, and viruses. Only distribute e-books that have been authorized by the publisher or author.

Does PDF drive have viruses?

Viruses can be integrated with a code that allows papers to be signed and (slightly) edited in PDF format. Virus-infected Microsoft Word files have similar mechanisms. Infected PDF files contain harmful JavaScript code in addition to the virus that hides behind macro scripts.