Does Smart TV Have Bluetooth? Read This To Know More

As many people might know, Intelligent TV, better known as Smart TV, has been ruling the TV market for some time. They have been solely designed as the central entertainment hub for your house.

But sometimes, getting access to many better options might mean introducing more cables from room to room. Having a bunch of cables from room to room can be an eyesore. Thanks to technology for bringing Bluetooth to prevent such a messy situation.

Bluetooth is a radio wave technology that is easily used wireless and can be used for short-range data exchanges. Nowadays, many smart TVs have the inbuilt Bluetooth feature.

Bluetooth has become the standard feature for many electronic devices, but it has not yet been so for Smart TVs. Almost all the existing companies have produced intelligent TVs with Bluetooth enabled within them by default. Does smart tv have Bluetooth?

In rare cases where intelligent TVs do not have Bluetooth enabled by default, you may still enable the Bluetooth mode for those TVs by using a Bluetooth Transmitter, or even better if you could download the TV manufacturer’s smartphone app.

Why have many companies not yet incorporated the Bluetooth feature in their TVs?

The reason can partly be because Bluetooth hasn’t yet become THE smart TV feature, and incorporating Bluetooth chips in every single, smart TV model is quite expensive. This is the reason why many manufacturers don’t bother anymore.

Manufacturers that include the smart TV Bluetooth connection feature in their models usually turn out to be more expensive.

flowchart showing different devices that can be connected using bluetooth

Down below is a list of smart TV models that come with the Bluetooth-enabled feature:

  1. Vizio Smart TVs— TVs manufactured by Vizio only support Bluetooth LE or Low Energy. This means that the Bluetooth connection for all the Vizio TVs is designed to handle and manage the Smart Cast application of the manufacturer and your smartphone to act as a remote control.
  2. LG—UN7300, UN7370, & UN8500 series, Nano class 81, 85, 90, & 99 series, BX, CX, GX, WX, & ZX series. The LG company is known for its proprietary Magic Remote, which enables users to have fewer remote control units for their devices and merge all the controls under one device. You should know that the Magic Remote is mostly sold separately and doesn’t come with the TV as a package.
  3. Sharp Smart TV— Not all smart TV models of Sharp have Bluetooth enabled. Only a selected line of them has the Bluetooth feature inbuilt in them.
  4. Samsung— 6, 7, 8, & 9 series, Frame, Serif, Sero and Terrace series, Q60T, Q70T, Q80T, Q90T, Q800T, & Q900TS series. Samsung has made Bluetooth the standard feature for most of its TVs. Their TVs also include the smart remote, which comes in a package with the TV. According to Korean companies, all of their Smart Remotes connect with their TV via Bluetooth; hence, Samsung, a Korean brand, has implemented it in its TV models too.
  5. Sony – Android and Google models were released after 2016. Not all TVs manufactured by SONY have Bluetooth features in them. The Bluetooth in the Sony Smart TVs is used to pair the device with your Bluetooth Speakers. You may try connecting your Sony TV with a Bluetooth transmitter to have your device paired with your Bluetooth speakers.
  6. Toshiba – Fire TV Editions
  7. Hisense – A6, A60, and A6G series, H55, H65, H8, H8G, H8G1, and H9 series, Laser TV, U6, U7, U8 & U9 series.

‘does smart tv have Bluetooth’ Down below is all the much-needed associated information:

  1. How to know if my smart TV has the Bluetooth feature?
  2. What can you connect with your Smart TV via Bluetooth?
  3. How to make a TV Short Range Wireless Technology

1. How to know if my smart TV has the Bluetooth feature?

  1. To check the Bluetooth capability of your Smart TV, you may guide yourself to the TV’s settings menu option and look for underconnectivity. If you notice any blue option, then there are chances that it supports Bluetooth. 
  2. But if your Smart TV needs a Bluetooth adapter, the Bluetooth option will not be highlighted and will appear in grey. This implies that you must plug in an adapter that supports your TV.
  3. You may also guide yourself to the Audio option in the Settings option of your TV. You may find the Bluetooth connection option in the Audio section under the Output option.
  4. The easiest solution to this can be simply checking the TV’s user manual and confirming whether or not your TV contains any feature of Bluetooth or anything about short-range Bluetooth technology.
  5. If you do not have the manual, you may goggle your TV’s name and model, followed by the term “manual.” Most of the manuals can be easily found online using this method. Then you may look for the page with “Bluetooth “ or anything about short-range wireless technology mentioned in it and see what it says.

2. What can you connect with your Smart TV via Bluetooth?

  1. Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones 
  2. Keyboard and Mouse
  3. Remote Control
  4. Smartphone or Tablet

1. Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones 

bluetooth headphone that can be connected with the TV

Linking or Pairing your wireless headsets, headphones, or Speakers to your Smart Bluetooth TV enhances and improves the entire sound output system of your Smart TV.

Having a home theatre sound setup in your house would be even better. It would be even better to connect them via Bluetooth for less clutter on your console.

To break it down, the stock speakers of android TVs are usually not the best, and they tend to border on providing average performance. They may sound good and pleasing with their built-in enhancements, like equalizing presets, but you can have an even better experience with your Bluetooth-enabled sound system.

If the TV is too loud for nighttime watching, you may take out and connect or pair your Bluetooth Headphones with your Smart TVs and enjoy without disturbing anyone’s sleep.

2. Keyboard and Mouse

bluetooth keyboard that can be connected to the tv

The keyboard and mouse you use with your laptop and tablets can perfectly match your Smart TV.

You may pair your Bluetooth pairing keyboard and mouse with your Smart TV by guiding yourself to the settings app of your Smart TV and then clicking on the pairing button. Then you may easily use your Smart TV as a desktop computer.

You may now type easily using your keyboard while searching for a film to watch or click without scrolling too much.

3. Remote Control

Many Smart TVs have remote controls connected to the Smart TV using Bluetooth.

bluetooth remote control that can be connected to the tv

Previously TV remote controls were connected to TVs via infrared, which meant pointing or directing the remote to a particular direction or area of the TV while pressing the buttons to let it accept and implement the command.

But now, Bluetooth has been integrated as a TV and remote control communication system. This has eliminated all the excess need to aim to execute any command.

This is one of the reasons why Smart TVs have their Bluetooth control turned on by default. Having the system set in by default lets the remote control pair automatically to the Smart TV without separately pairing it during the setup.

4. Smartphone or Tablet

Latest Smart TVs now have an app that can be downloaded from The Apple Store or The Google Play Store, enabling users to control all their Smart TV functions using their Tablets and Smart Phones.

smartphone that can be connected to the tv

All you need to do is turn on your Bluetooth, guide yourself to the designated app, and connect or pair your Smart TV with your device to turn on this function. This lets your smartphone or tablet function as a remote control for your Smart TV.

You must know that not all Smart TVs have the feature or function to connect their remote control apps via Bluetooth.

Some manufacturers have guidelines stating that you need to connect your phone to the same wireless network your Smart TV is connected to.

You may also listen to or stream music from your iPod or smartphone to your TV.

How to make a TV Short Range Wireless Technology 

There are three ways to make Smart TVs Bluetooth enabled if they originally do not come with Bluetooth. 

1. Enable Bluetooth via the TV’s secret menu

Every digital TV has a secret menu that allows users to get full access to some advanced menus or options, along with options that allow users to change or disable or enable many features you normally would not get access to.

You may also use specific codes or shortcut keys on your remote to access the menu bar.

There are several secret codes for different companies. You may also search on Google for codes of specific TV brands.

The codes might not work and might take several tries to implement.

The secret service menu also gives you information about your TV’s warranty.

2. Bluetooth Transmitter 

You may purchase a Bluetooth Transmitter if the short-range wireless technology is not enabled through the secret menu. It can easily be plugged into any non-Bluetooth-enabled device like your Smart TV and transformed into a functioning Bluetooth device.

bluetooth transmitter that can be connected to the tv

Its technology is so advanced that these devices have very low latency, meaning the sound will be almost real-time and without delay.

3. Smart Phone app

You may download the app on your smartphone from your TV manufacturer guide or official website and connect it to your Android TV via your smartphone’s Bluetooth.

Wrapping Up

Not all Smart TVs come with the inbuilt Bluetooth feature. To be precise, this feature was mainly reserved for flagship models only. As days went competition increased between brands and manufacturers, and they started to include these TV models in the lower tier models as leverage for more customers and sales.

Nevertheless, now you know how to use and benefit from all the Bluetooth features in your Smart TV.