10 Best Fixes For Discord You Are Being Rate Limited Error

Attempting to enter channels that require mobile verification has resulted in a “You are being rate limited” error. This notice appears during the text verification procedure and stops the user from entering it again as a security measure.

10 Best Fix Discord You Are Being Rate Limited Error

Each user’s rate limitation error lasts a different amount of time. If you’ve made many unsuccessful phone verification attempts, the error may persist.

Using an incognito browser or a VPN are two options for getting around this. These methods, however, may not always work.

What Are Rate Limits?

Prevent the abuse and overload of our services; discord’s API rate limits requests. Except for a global rate limit that applies to the entire API, rate limitations are enforced per route and account performing the request.

Because not every endpoint has a perimeter rate limit, the global rate limit is applied to those endpoints. By “per-route,” we imply that the path you’re using on our API has its own set of rate constraints.

It means that if the route is the same, different HTTP methods may have the same rate limit. Furthermore, rate limits take into account the URL’s significant characteristics.

What Causes The You Are Being Rate Limited Discord Error?

You might be curious about what drove the Discord application’s rate limit issue. Here are a few of the factors to consider.

  • Discord may believe you’re attempting to do something that risks the account’s security.
  • When using Discord while utilizing a VPN or a banned IP address.
  • When your router’s DNS isn’t working correctly.
  • Discord API is triggered by several SMS verification attempts, which place a rate limit on your discord account.
  • When you repeatedly enter the wrong OTP, the error message “you are being rated limited” appears in Discord.
  • Because of security concerns, Discord stops you and displays the message “you are being rate limited.”

Solutions For “You Are Being Rate Limited” On Discord Server

  1. Restart Your Router
  2. Use Different Network Connection
  3. Use Incognito Mode
  4. Reset Router With Reset Button
  5. Just Wait For a While
  6. Use In Different Browser (Firefox)
  7. Use A VPN
  8. Contact Discord Support
  9. Power Cycle Router
  10. Use Mobile Hotspot

1. Restart Your Router

Restart Your Router

If the error “you are being rate limited” persists after waiting, you have most certainly been granted an IP ban.

Most ISPs do not provide their clients with a static IP address. As a result, rebooting your router will assign you a new IP address.

  • Hold the power button for 20-30 seconds to reset the router.
  • After a few minutes, unplug the power cord and plug it back in afterward.
  • Restart the router if necessary. You may need to enter the default password as the router resets (usually mentioned on the router).
  • A new IP address will be allocated to you.
  • Now check if the “You Are Being Rate Limited” issue is resolved or not.

2. Use Different Network Connection

Use Different Network Connection

If you’re still seeing the “You Are Being Rate Limited” message on your internet connection, you might try connecting to a different network to see if it solves the problem. 

Alternatively, you can use Mobile Data to connect via the ‘Mobile Hotspot.’

3. Use Incognito Mode

Using an Incognito browser is the first step in resolving the rate limitation problem on Discord.

Use Incognito Mode
  • To open Chrome in incognito mode, click “New incognito window.
  • Next, open a browser and navigate to the Discord website.
  • Finally, to open Discord in Incognito Chrome, click “Open Discord in your browser.
  • Now check if the “You Are Being Rate Limited” issue is resolved or not.

4. Reset Router With Reset Button

Reset Router With Reset Button

The majority of current routers contain a separate reset button that can reset the router. It’s hidden behind a small pinhole opening on the router’s underside.

  • Disconnect the router from all of your linked devices.
  • Insert a pin into the pinhole behind the router with your router. The router will be reset as a result of this action. An LED will indicate it on the side of the reset button.
  • Connect your devices by unplugging and replugging your router. To connect, you’ll need to enter the default password, which you can change later.
  • Your IP address will change as soon as you reset your router, and you will be able to access Discord without encountering the issue.
  • Now check if the “You Are Being Rate Limited” issue is resolved or not.

5. Just Wait For a While

The most typical and effective method for resolving this problem is to wait a few minutes before repeating the action. Before allowing you to do that activity again, Discord usually puts a time limit of 10-12 minutes.

  • Discord will ask you to log out.
  • Close the Discord tab as well as your browser.
  • Allow at least 15 minutes to pass.
  • Visit Discord.com after restarting your browser.
  • Login with the credentials and try to complete the activity you just completed.
  • Now check if the “You Are Being Rate Limited” issue is resolved or not.

6. Use In Different Browser (Firefox)

If you’re having trouble with rate limits in Discord while using a web client, your browser is to blame. Because of your browser, Discord may impose a rate limit on you.

Changing or switching to a new browser can help you with your discord limit issue. You can also try clearing your browser’s data. Some of the best browsers are Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Opera.

7. Use A VPN

Some players claim that utilizing a VPN helped them eliminate the “You Are Being Rate Limited” issue. Although both free and paid VPN services are available, you can choose the one that best meets your needs.

  • Select Settings from the context menu when you right-click the Start button.
  • Select VPN from the list of connections after clicking Network & Internet.
Network & Internet.
  • Select Add a VPN Connection from the menu.
Add a VPN Connection
  • Select the option that says Windows from the menu under VPN provider (built-in).
  • Fill in the Connection name field with the name you want to give this connection.
Add a VPN Connection
  • Type the server’s actual address you’re connecting to in the Server name or address area.
  • Choose how you’ll sign in to your new VPN connection from the Type of sign-in info selection.
  • Save work by pressing the Save button. Now that you’ve built your VPN profile, all you have to do is connect to it.
  • Now check if the “You Are Being Rate Limited” issue is resolved or not.

8. Contact Discord Support

If your problem persists after trying all of the fixes, you should contact the Discord support staff and report it. This is your last resort in discord for resolving the “you are being rate limited” issue.

  • Select assistance and support from the list of options on the Discord support page.
  • Now, describe your issue and the issue you’re having. In your Discord account, create a new topic with the subject “you are being rate limited.”
  • Then send in your request. They will help with the steps necessary to correct the rate limit error in Discord.

9. Power Cycle Router

An IP ban is used to prevent users from inputting the verification code. Most internet service providers do not provide a static IP address.

It signifies that the limit will be lifted if the IP address is changed. Restarting a PC and completely resetting the wifi router by power cycling it.

  • Unplug the internet router’s power supply.
  • For at least 30 seconds, hold the router’s “Power” button.
  • Turn on the router by plugging it into a wall socket.
  • Check whether the problem persists after restarting the computer and connecting to the internet.

10. Use Mobile Hotspot

To see if it works, you can use a mobile hotspot. To get beyond your router’s limits, you’ll need to activate mobile data. Discord will think you’re connecting from a different IP address and won’t throttle you.

  • First and foremost, restart the computer and mobile device.
  • Disconnect both devices from the Internet.
  • Open your phone, connect to mobile data, and turn on the hotspot option.
  • Turn on the computer and connect to the hotspot your phone has created.
  • Check to determine whether the problem still exists. You could reconnect to your WiFi if you could log in successfully.


I hope this aids you in resolving the issue “You Are Being Rate Limited.” Always use features in moderation, and you’ll never have to deal with bans or errors like these. Spamming can result in an error, therefore don’t spam in the Discord app.


Discord You Are Being Rate Limited?

If you’ve been rate limited on an activity, it means you’ve attempted it too many times in a short period. You’ll have to wait until the rate limit period runs out before you can attempt again.

Discord You Are Being Rate Limited Fix?

Your rate is limited if you get Error 1015, which signifies your connection is limited. Unplug your router, then press and hold the power button for 30 seconds before plugging it back in. If the router doesn’t have a power button, unplug it for 30 seconds before plugging it back in.

How Long Does Discord API Ban Last?

The user is barred from using Discord’s API because they routinely exceed their rate constraints, such as spamming reactions. These restrictions typically last an hour, but they can sometimes last longer.

Are Discord Bots Rate Limited?

Our API allows all bots to perform up to 50 requests per second. It is independent of any route-specific rate limits. Keeping the request rate below 50 times per second during regular operations may be impossible.