6 Best Fixes: Discord Stuck in Fullscreen Mode on Windows

Discord has become an increasingly popular communication application for users, but its exclusivity among gamers makes it a force to reckon with. Gamers worldwide use the Discord app to communicate with their friends who play the same game, engage through interactive messages in the chat app and have a rich vocal conversation through Discord’s superior noise cancellation voice channel.

Fix Discord Stuck in Fullscreen mode

Apart from the positivities of Discord, users of the Discord desktop program have reported issues with the Discord exclusive fullscreen mode. Have you ever faced a situation where you are using Discord in its immersive fullscreen mode, and you are not able to get out from it? Well, you are in luck because we have gathered possible solutions from the gaming community regarding the “Discord stuck in fullscreen” problem. Read on to know more.

What is the Full-Screen Mode in Discord?

  • The Discord app that is installed on your computer comes with a full-screen exclusive mode, that maximizes the window throughout your whole display screen, and it offers distraction-free interaction with the Discord app.
  • When you are in the fullscreen mode, notifications from another application in Windows get muted automatically and help you focus more on the conversation.
  • Gamers use the Discord fullscreen mode on a secondary monitor to interact with their peers or fans on a gaming server while playing a game on the primary monitor.
  • The small Discord window can be converted to a fullscreen window through a keyboard shortcut. Follow up on the next section for more info.
  • The fullscreen mode on Discord is available for Windows and macOS platforms (both standalone and web app versions) and also works on Discord Canary.

How to Enable the Fullscreen Exclusive Mode on Discord?

After getting some idea regarding the Discord full screen mode, we will show how to enable it on both Windows and Mac.

Enter Discord Full Screen Mode on Windows

  • If you are using the Discord app in Windows OS, then you can enter the fullscreen mode through the following steps.
Discord fullscreen mode shortcut keys windows
  • Open the Discord app on your computer, and press Ctrl + Shift + F on your keyboard.
  • Discord will switch to fullscreen within a moment.

Enter Discord Full Screen Mode in MacOS

  • When it comes to Discord users in Mac OS, they must press the following keyboard shortcut combination: Command + Shift + F
Discord fullscreen mode shortcut keys mac
  • Perform the keyboard shortcut while Discord is running on the desktop, and it will immediately transform into a fullscreen window.

Methods to Fix Discord Stuck in Fullscreen Mode on a Windows Computer

While it is easy for users to enter the discord full screen mode, getting Discord stuck in Fullscreen is equally realistic. When Discord gets stuck in Fullscreen, it becomes impossible to shift to another window or simply exit from the Discord app.

There might be numerous reasons for Discord stuck in Fullscreen problems, such as the Discord app not responding at all in the memory, some internal conflict with system files, or Discord not recognizing the shortcuts from your keyboard.

There might be numerous reasons for the “Discord stuck in Fullscreen” problem, and we are here to provide you with these 6 fully-working solutions to fix Discord window and help you get out of the Discord fullscreen mode.

  1. Use the Discord Shortcuts on your Keyboard
  2. Perform Normal Interactions with Discord Window
  3. Force close Discord from Task Manager and Open Discord App again
  4. Use Windows Shortcuts while in the fullscreen mode
  5. Reinstall the Discord Windows App in the right way
  6. Switch to the Browser App to launch Discord

Method 1: Use the Discord Shortcuts on your Keyboard

  • As you might have observed from the previous sections, it is possible to get Discord into the fullscreen mode by pressing the shortcut key combination Ctrl + Shift + F on Windows and Command + Shift + F on macOS.
  • If you accidentally pressed this combination without realizing its actual purpose, you might feel that Discord is stuck in fullscreen and won’t return to its standard size.
  • We are here to inform you that it is possible to fix Discord stuck in fullscreen by pressing the Discord shortcut key combination again on your keyboard.
  • When Discord is in the fullscreen mode, press Ctrl + Shift + F (Windows 10/11) or Command + Shift + F (macOS) to get out of the full screen.
  • If Discord responds to the shortcut and is functioning properly, it will shrink to its original sized window.

Method 2: Perform Normal Interactions with Discord Window

If the shortcuts discussed in the previous method didn’t successfully help you in getting back Discord from fullscreen mode, you might try interacting with the Discord fullscreen window using basic navigation functions as shown below:

  • Open Discord and make sure it is running in fullscreen mode.
Fix Discord fullscreen issue min max button
  • Double click on the title bar just five pixels below the top of the screen. When you double-click on the depicted location, the fullscreen feature will return to the normal window.
  • You can also try dragging the fullscreen discord window across the display screen, and it might shrink back to its normal size.
  • Lastly, after the window comes back to its original form, you can interact with it through the minimize and maximize buttons at the top-right corner of the desktop window.

Method 3: Force close Discord from Task Manager and Open Discord App again

If you cannot interact with the Discord app fullscreen or the Discord shortcuts fail to work on your computer, it might feel disheartening to see Discord stuck in Fullscreen. Well, we are here to push you to go a little further and achieve something from the Discord app through the following steps:

  • If your Discord app is not doing anything despite the repeated clicks and keyboard presses, it is time to relaunch Discord.
Open Run Window for Task Manager photo
  • To close the Discordapp from the system memory, open Run using Win + R key combination, type taskmgr in the Run bar, and press Enter to open the Task Manager.
  • Find the Discord process running among other instances.
  • Perform a single click on one of the Discord processes running.
Exit Discord from task manager to fix error
  • After that, press the End Task button at the bottom right corner. End Task will exit the Discord app forcefully from memory.
Open Discord app again after closing
  • Launch Discord again, and it will start in its default Windowed mode. The fullscreen function will perform normally.

Method 4: Use Windows Shortcuts while in the fullscreen mode

Windows keyboard shortcuts (esp shortcuts that help manipulate and control all windows running on the desktop) can serve as an essential tool if Discord is stuck in fullscreen and you want to troubleshoot the issue by snapping out the app. Given below are some of the shortcuts that might work for you:

  • The Windows + Up arrow key combination transforms the existing Window into a fullscreen maximized version.
  • The Windows + Down arrow key shortcut resizes the fullscreen window into a shortened version. Try this out in Discord to see if the fullscreen exclusive mode returns to normal.
  • Press Windows and left or right arrow keys to adjust the fullscreen Discord window into the left half or the right half of the desktop screen, respectively.

Method 5: Reinstall the Discord Windows App in the right way

If the above methods given in this article fail to work for you, it is time to reinstall the Discord application again on your Windows platform. It will reset the basic Discord settings and restore the communication app to its former glory. Follow the steps below to relaunch Discord the right way:

  • Firstly, we need to uninstall Discord from your computer. You can use any uninstaller software installed on your computer, or you can follow the default uninstallation technique.
Uninstall Discord from Start Menu
  • Click on the Windows icon on the taskbar, and type Discord on the keyboard. When the Discord app is displayed on the list, click on the arrow beside the app and press Uninstall, as shown below.
Uninstall Discord app from the Control Panel
  • You will get redirected toward the Uninstallation page of the Control panel. Make sure Discord is selected, and press Uninstall.
  • The uninstallation process will commence, and after a few seconds, Discord will be removed from your computer.
Download Discord from official website for microsoft Windows
  • Head over to the Discord download page given here, and download the official Discord application for Windows.
  • Install the Discordapp after the download completes.
  • Discord will launch after it finishes checking for updates, and you can proceed further by logging in with your account info.

Method 6: Switch to the Browser App to launch Discord

If the issue with Discord being stuck in fullscreen mode only arises on the Windows program, you should try using the web version of the application. The web application has all of the functionality included in the Windows application. Apart from that, it allows you to customize the browser window while using Discord.

Discord browser app
Login In Discord browser app
  • You can either enter your account username info in the bar, or click on Login on the top left corner.
  • You can use the Discord web browser app similar to the Windows app.

Method 7: Restart your Computer

Restarting your computer works wonders if you cannot find a solution to the problem, which is the “Discord stuck in fullscreen issue”.

Restart your computer to fix Discord error
  • Click on the Power button icon from the Start menu (press the Windows key).
  • Click on Restart from the power options listed there.
  • Launch Discord after Windows starts, and it will return to its normal-sized window.


Why Is My Discord Stuck On Fullscreen?

Discord is stuck on fullscreen because
– Discord is not getting any signal to get out of the fullscreen mode
– Discord is not responding anymore (the app has hung)
– Due to some error with the system files of Discord

How Do I Get Rid Of Full Screen Discord?

You can get rid of the fullscreen mode on Discord by following the methods given in this article and looking at these short suggestions:
– Exit from the fullscreen mode by pressing Ctrl + Shift + F together
– Use Windows + Down key to exit Discord fullscreen
– Pressing Alt + F4 to exit Discord and restart

Why Does Discord Hang On Startup?

Discord might hang on startup because some of its internal cache files might get into conflict with other running processes. Clear out the Discord cache files from the following location: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\discord\Cache

Is There Something I Can Do To Stop Discord From Running Its Full-Screen Mode?

Try avoiding the shortcut keys to ensure that Discord does not run in the fullscreen mode. If you accidentally press them, press the shortcut keys again to unfullscreen them.