14 Fixes For Discord Stops Working in Game Error

Users have claimed that numerous Discord features suddenly stop working after entering a game. Discord Overlay, Audio, Microphone, and other vital functions are included.

After exiting the game, users may re-enter the conversation or reconnect a channel, and the difficulties should go away. However, difficulties persist when relaunching the game.

Users proposed various techniques to address the problem, and almost all of them were effective in keeping Discord running even after launching the game. Please take a look at the solutions we’ve provided below.

What Makes Discord to Fail in-Game

Several different factors can cause this problem. Deducing the exact reason can help you fix your problem quickly and put you in the right direction. Check out the whole list we’ve compiled below:

Inadequate microphone permissions

It’s likely your Microphone is refusing Discord access, in which case you should allow the Discord program to use the Microphone under Settings/Control Panel.

Inadequate administrator permissions

In some circumstances, admin rights are necessary to access sound devices effectively. Make sure the Discord executable has admin permissions.

Outdated drivers 

Old drivers for your sound devices may be the source of this issue, which you should address by installing the most recent ones.

Solutions to Fix discord stops working in game issue in Microsoft Windows

  1. Examine the Discord Settings
  2. Steps to Give Microphone Permissions to Apps
  3. Reset Voice Settings
  4. Delete Discord Cache Files
  5. Enable/Disable Hardware Acceleration
  6. Deactivate Discord Overlay option
  7. Terminate Unnecessary Processes
  8. Run Discord with Administrator Privileges
  9. Update Device Audio Driver
  10. Alter Your Power Settings
  11. Update Discord
  12. Allowing Browser Access
  13. Temporarily deactivate third-party antivirus software.
  14. Discord Log Out and System Restart

1. Examine the Discord Settings

You need to ensure that Discord is set up correctly to use the audio output/input device.

  • On Discord, go to User Settings. Click the cog symbol to the right of your username. Bullets points
user settings discord stops working in game
  • Check that Input and Output devices are both set to the one you have installed.
  • Continue scrolling below. Under Voice Processing, you may toggle Advanced Voice Activity on and off. 
voice settings
  • This is optional, although it might assist if your Microphone’s normal sensitivity settings don’t pick up your voice.

2. Give Microphone Permissions to Apps

Another possibility is that Windows is restricting other programs from utilizing your Microphone. To see if this is the case, enter the Windows menu and do the following steps:

On Windows 10, you can:

windows settings
  • On your Taskbar, click the Start button.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Privacy.
  • Scroll to the bottom towards App Permissions and select Microphone from the selection on the left.
  • Check that the Allow applications to use your microphone option is enabled.
mic access

Earlier versions of Windows: 

  • Right-click just on the volume icon on the Taskbar and choose Sounds. If this symbol does not appear on your Taskbar, you may find Sound settings by launching Control Panel, changing the view to Category, and choosing Hardware and Sound >> Sound.
  • Check the Recording tab to verify that your Microphone is turned on. Toggle towards this tab, simply clicking just at the top of the window, and then locate the Microphone you’re using. It should be at the very top and chosen.
  • Once you’ve clicked it, go to the window’s lower right corner and select the Properties button. Check under Device utilisation and select the option for Using this device, then apply the changes in the Properties box that opens.
  • In the same properties window, go to the Advanced tab and tick the box next to Exclusive mode.
  • Untick the boxes next to “Allow apps to assume full control of this device” and “Give precedence to exclusive mode applications.” Before closing these windows, apply these adjustments and repeat the procedure for your Speaker device under the Playback tab. Revisit Discord, then check to see whether the error has been resolved.

Even if you have Windows 10, you should attempt the second set of instructions since they have fixed the issue for those Windows 10 users when the first set has failed.

3. Reset Voice Settings

If Discord can access your Microphone and still has the wrong voice settings, it might create serious issues with the Discord program. Resetting Discord’s voice settings is the easiest method to resolve the issue.

  • Start Discord.
  • Towards the bottom of the left side panel, click on the Setting cog.
  • Select Voice & Video from the options just on the left side panel.
  • You’ll see a button titled Reset Voice Settings just at the bottom of the screen. Simply click on it.
reset voice
  • You will then get a caution notice; click okay.
  • Restart Discord and check to see if you’re still experiencing in-game difficulties.

4. Discord Cache Files Should Be Removed

Being trapped in the past might make it difficult to perform efficiently in the present. The same is true for programs. Files in Discord’s caches can accumulate to the point where they cause slowness or freezing. So, if your Discord stops operating in the middle of a game, this may be the cause.

  • Clearing Discord’s Cache Files Manually
  • Check to ensure Discord is closed.
  • Launch the Run dialogue box (Win + R).
  • Enter %APPDATA% /Discord/Cache into the open dialogue area and press enter.
cache dialog
  • Select all files with the Ctrl + A keyboard shortcut, then hit the Delete key.
  • Restart Discord to see whether the problem has been addressed.

5. Hardware Acceleration can be enabled/disabled

Hardware acceleration can cause Discord to fail to function properly, especially on older systems. If you don’t have the necessary hardware, you shouldn’t use apps that need hardware acceleration. On the other hand, hardware acceleration can help programs operate more smoothly if your machine has adequate capacity to handle it.

  • Start Discord.
  • Click the advance option at the bottom of the left side panel.
  • Hardware Acceleration may be found in the Advanced section. If it’s turned on, turn it off, and vice versa.
hardware acceleration
  • Click the okay button.
  • Relaunch Discord.

6. Turn off the Discord Overlay Option

Unfortunately, Discord Overlay is a source of various gaming-related issues, and deactivating it totally is a smart idea if you have this issue when using Discord. Many people have reported that just turning off Discord Overlay solved their problem.

  • Launch Discord via double its desktop shortcut or by searching for that in the Start menu, then click the result.
  • Browse activity settings in the left menu and click on activity status.
activity status
  • Now, select the Overlay tab just below activity status.
  • Drag the slider towards the left in front of the Enable in-game overlay option. Apply your adjustments and test whether Discord now works once you open a game.
game overlay

7. Unnecessary processes should be eliminated

We already spoke on how big of a resource drain overlaying Discord can indeed be. Running too many unnecessary apps and programs in the background might create Discord difficulties and input slowness.

  • The first step is to quit your game and shut Discord. 
  • Close each window once you’ve clicked on each application on your Taskbar.
  • Examine your system tray about any unwanted applications.

8. Discord should be run as an administrator

If there are difficulties with sound or Microphones, executing Discord with administrator rights can address the issue since it will enable more accessibility to sound devices as well as the Discord program will be given precedence when asking for access to speakers and Microphone. 

Follow the instructions below to provide administrator rights to the Discord executable.

  • Find the Discord shortcut or.exe file type and access its own properties via right-clicking its entry on the Desktop, the Start menu, or perhaps the search results window, then selecting Properties from the context menu that appears.
  • In the Properties window, go to the Compatibility tab and tick the box beside the Run this program as an admin option before saving the modifications via clicking OK or Apply.
  • Make sure to confirm any alerts that may arise, which should urge you to accept the decision with admin rights, and Discord should run with admin credentials the next time you launch it.

9. Device Audio Drivers Should Be Updated

Upgrading the driver is an excellent approach for fixing a wide range of audio problems, including this one. When none of the procedures above worked, deleting the existing driver then installing it with a fresh one should. 

  • Click the Start button in the lower-left corner of the screen, then type in “Device Manager” and choose this from the range of suggested results by selecting the first one.
  • You may also open the Run dialogue box by using the Windows Key + R key combination. To execute it, type “devmgmt.msc” into the dialogue box and press okay.
run input
  • Expand the Sound, video, and game controllers section, yet you want to update the driver for your sound devices. Select Update driver from the menu that appears by right-clicking on every entry in the list.
Search for drivers
  • From the new window, select the Search automatically for updated driver software selection and wait to see whether the program can discover newer drivers. Repeat the procedure for each device.
  • Check to check if Discord begins to function correctly while in-game.

10. Modify Your Power Settings

Once again, it’s possible that the issue is not with the software itself. Instead, your hardware settings may be preventing Discord from working properly.

If you’re using Discord on a gaming laptop, then the computer’s power settings may interfere, causing it to slow or crash.

Your laptop may be in power-saving mode. Before proceeding with the procedures below, make sure your laptop is connected in with at least completely charged.

We must next confirm that it is not in power-saving mode. Windows will decrease your computer’s brightness, slow down your CPU, and reduce animations to save power.

These are some indications that your computer is in power-saving mode. Even if the computer was plugged in, it might be turned into such a power-saving mode by mistake. 

  • Launch the Run dialogue box (Win + R).
  • Enter control into the open text area and press the enter key.
  • Check that all of the control panel elements are shown as tiny or large icons.
  • Select Power Options.
power option working
  • Expand Show other plans by clicking it.
  • Then choose High Performance (if the option is available to you). If not, choose Balanced.
  • After completing the above procedures, you may shut the control panel then test Discord. If such a solution doesn’t work for you, proceed to the next one.

11. Discord should be updated

Running an out-of-date version of Discord might be the root of all your issues with it. Unless you specifically deactivate this functionality, the Discord program will usually hunt for and install updates automatically. However, Discord may not contact its update server due to the firewall or antivirus software.


  • Discord is being updated.
  • Launch the Run dialogue box (Win + R).
  • Enter %localappdata% into the empty text area and click Enter.
discord update
  • Locate and open the Discord folder.
  • Look for a program called Update.exe in the Discord folder. You may not see the ‘exe’ extension based on the folder and file settings.
  • Make sure to add an exception to the antivirus or firewall software. If you can’t upgrade Discord using the update program, you’ll have to install and update it manually.

12. Allowing Browser Access

If the issue isn’t with Discord or Windows, your browsers may block your Microphone access. 

You may test this by performing the following steps:

  • Click the three dots menu on the toolbar’s right side on Chrome.
  • Select Settings from the menu.
  • Select Privacy and Security from the left-hand menu.
  • Select Site Settings.
  • Select Microphone.
browser privacy
  • If Discord is in the Blocked list, click the trash symbol to delete it. You may also see if Chrome recognises your Microphone as its primary device.

13. Temporarily deactivate third-party antivirus software

Steps for Windows 10 users:

  • To open the search field, click the Windows Start button, start typing windows defender, and then pick Windows Defender Security Center from the search results.
  • In the left panel, click Virus & threat protection.
  • The top of the Virus & threat protection panel displays your default antivirus application.
  • Toggle to disable and vice versa to enable it afterward.

Steps for Windows 8 users:

  • On your keyboard, type Press the Windows and X keys simultaneously, then choose Control Panel from the menu that displays.
  • Select Review your computer’s status from the System and Security menu.
  • Expand the Security panel by clicking on it.
  • Under Virus protection, your default antivirus application is displayed, where you can disable it.

Steps for Windows 7 users:

  • Select Control Panel from the Windows Start menu.
  • Choose Review your computer’s status from the System and Security menu.
  • Expand the Security panel by clicking on it.
  • Under Virus protection, your default antivirus application shows where you can disable it.

14. Discord Log Out and System Restart

It may appear to some people to be a no-brainer, but it may be an ignored answer to everyone else. You’ve probably tried resetting your computer before reading this advice. But is it really a full system restart, and did you log out of Discord first?

  • Select User Settings. It should be the cog icon just at the bottom of the left panel.
  • Click the LogOut button.

Steps to Perform a Complete System Reboot in Windows 10

  • Launch the Run dialogue box (Win + R).
  • In the run dialogue, type CMD.
  • To run the following command as an administrator, use Ctrl + Shift + Enter on the computer keyboard.
cmd thumbnail
  • Just on the User Account Control dialogue, click the Yes button.
  • In the console window, write shutdown /r /f /t 0 and press enter.
  • After your machine restarts, log in to Windows and then again into Discord to see whether this method resolved your issue. In principle, this method should help with most Discord bugs and problems. It should always be the first option you consider.

Final Thoughts 

Discord has shown to be quite useful for both amateur and professional gamers looking to improve their gaming experience. Discord suddenly refusing to operate is inconvenient and detracts from the enjoyment. Follow all the solutions above to fix this issue.


How do I fix my Discord audio glitch?

Ensure that your internet service is steady, that your Microphone is operating properly, or that you have turned off Echo Cancellation.

Why Does My Mic Randomly Stop Working Discord?

Try unplugging and replugging the Microphone; also, check that you haven’t mistakenly set the microphone volume to zero.

How do I play Youtube while in Discord?

The feature “Watch Together” is a simple method for Discord members to begin a YouTube co-viewing experience.

Why is Discord picking up my game audio?

When the stereo mix feature is activated, the audio from the output (speakers) may merge with the audio from the input (microphone). Set the correct available Input and Output devices in the discord settings, if they’re set to ‘Default’ and you’re having audio problems when gaming that requires manually changing them.