How to Use Discord Spoiler Tags

What Are Spoiler Tags?

Emojis, GIFs, photos, and URLs can all be used in Discord messages. Some of those links, photographs, or text comments may include spoilers. Not everyone is interested in seeing.

Discord Spoiler tag

Spoiler tags are used in Discord to label messages, portions of messages, and attachments as spoilers. Communication tagged as another person sees a spoiler. They have the choice of clicking on it to expose the contents. They’ll only see a grey box over the confidential material if they choose to ignore it.

Spoiler tags are an excellent technique to warn someone. You’re about to provide something they may not be ready for. Add Spoiler tags to your Discord chat bar using your browser or the Discord client for Windows.

Methods To Add Discord Spoiler Tag

The people’s screams have been heard. Discord engineers have made it exceedingly easy to add spoiler tags. It prohibits whatever text the writer wishes to input.

In Discord, there are several different ways to add a spoiler tag. Take a look at both options below and choose the one that is most convenient for you.

  • Adding Spoiler Tags to Text Messages
  • Adding Spoiler Tags to Images or Attachments
  • How to Turn Off Spoiler Tags on Discord
  • Hiding Spoilers on Mobile Devices
  • Adding Text Effects With Markdown on Discord App.

1. Adding Spoiler Tags to Text Messages

Add a Spoiler tag message sent in a Discord server in a variety of ways. The tasks below can be completed on any platform. It includes mobile apps for Android, discord desktop app, iPhone, and iPad.

  • Type “/spoiler” at the beginning of a text message to add a spoiler tag. 
  • In a Discord server, send the command “/spoiler this is a spoiler message.” It will hide the message until the recipients want to view it.
  • You can also type two vertical bars at the beginning and end of your message. The || announcement ||,” mark as a spoiler.
add spoiler tags

2. Mark Images or Attachments

You can mark as spoiler any photographs and other attachments that you send in server chat. Unfortunately, using /spoiler or enclosing them in bars will not work in this case.

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You can’t identify your attachments as spoilers on mobile, which is another constraint. You’ll have to rely on the Discord website or the desktop software instead.

Follow the steps below to hide an attachment in a Discord chat.

  • On your PC or via your browser, launch the Discord app.
  • Select the plus icon adjacent to the left side of the message box in a Discord discussion.
upload a file
  • Choose the file you wish to add and then click Open. You can also simply drag and drop your file into the Discord chat.
  • You can leave a comment or use an emoji in the preview box for your attachment. Hide the attachment in the chat. Select Spoilers Mark in the lower-left corner.
mark as spoiler
  • Select the Upload.

Your image will mark as spoilers as grey images. It will be labeled Spoilers once it’s been posted. Before the file is revealed, the recipients will have to click on it. Discord will display the file typically after the spoiler tag is removed.

3. How to Turn Off Spoiler Tags on Discord

You may not want people to utilize spoiler tags in your Discord channel as helpful as they are. You might even want to disable all spoilers, so you don’t see them all over the app.

You can disable the spoilers tag option in Discord. 

  • To do so, go to User Settings > Text & Images in the Discord program on your computer or your web browser. 
text and images
  • Then you have the option of selecting one of the following options.
    • On servers, I moderate: Turn off spoilers on all servers where you have Manage Messages enabled.
    • On click: This is the default setting, which allows you to use spoilers.
    • Always: Disables all spoilers at all times.
On servers, I moderate
On click

4. Hiding Spoilers on Mobile Device

On mobile apps, the Discord mobile spoiler tag works the same way. The procedure is nearly identical.

  • Fill in the spoilers quotation with your own words.
  • At the start and end of the text, you want to hide, use the ‘||’ (two straight bars) symbols.
  • When you press the send button, your spoiler message will be hidden.
use || for spoiler message
  • Your spoiler message is only visible to those who are inquisitive.
  • Using the same method, you may flag included links as spoilers. However, this does not apply to links to Discord servers. Additionally, the mobile app does not allow you to use spoilers tags for pictures, movies, or other assets.
  • You can select and highlight the text you want to hide on iOS. To hide the text, open the context menu and select ‘Mark as Spoiler.’
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5. Adding Text Effects With Markdown on Discord App.

Check out these other Markdown tags available on the Discord platform. It will assist you in formatting your content with a spoiler tag in Discord.

  • For Italics: *text*
italics text
  • Bold: **text**
image 43
  • Bold Italics: ***text***
image 44
  • Underline: __text__ (two underscore)
image 45
  • Underline Italics: _*text*_
Underline Italics text
  • Underline Bold: _**text**_
Underline Bold text
  • Underline Bold Italics: _***text***_
Underline Bold Italics text
  • Strikethrough: ~~text~~
Strikethrough text

If you don’t want to employ Markdown effects but still want to use symbols in your text, start the text with a backslash. You can use asterisks and other Markdown symbols without having to add effects this way. This backslash feature, however, does not work in texts with modifications or underscores. 

Check out our Discord Text Formatting – A complete guide to formatting text to know more about Text Formatting in Discord.


Now you can browse your Discord chats without being afraid to see something you’re not ready for. Start using spoiler tag yourself to make sure other people don’t catch any spoilers through the content you’re sharing on Discord. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do spoiler tags on discord?

Type “/spoiler” at the beginning of a text message to add spoiler tags. In a Discord server, sending the command “/spoiler this is a spoiler message” will hide the message until the recipients want to view it. You can also type two vertical bars at the beginning and end of your message.

How do I hide text in discord?

By inserting a set of pipe characters on either side of the spoiler text, you can hide text behind the spoiler overlay. If you don’t have a pipe key on your keyboard, you can still mark text as a spoiler. Highlight it before sending the message. Click the eye symbol on the right of the popup bar.

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What are spoilers Tags?

Spoiler enables you to write the text that some users may not want to see and then hide it until the reader decides to see it. Spoilers tags work in the same way as modifying HTML in a comment does. Know the spoiler text on a mobile device. Tap the spoiler text whether you’re viewing the comment in the thread or a notice. Spoilers tags display.

What is NSFW and spoiler?

A moderator has access to a wide range of options when it comes to posting on the site. Besides the content management activities, you can also lock postings, flag them as NSFW (Not Safe for Work), and classify them as spoilers or original content (in new Reddit).