5 Methods To Use Discord Quote Feature On Any Device

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If you are new to it and are not quite sure how to use the Discord quote feature, read along. Discord was massively used as a communication platform for playing multiplayer video games.

For that purpose, its features were enough for the gamers as you can voice call other members. But, now Discord is also used as a business tool by many freelancers and entrepreneurs. 

Thus, not having the quoting feature was a major lacking factor for Discord.

Upon noticing it, the creators have introduced new features that support quoting messages. You will find all the details on the quoting feature of discord that might come to your use ahead in this article. 

Understanding Discord Quotes Feature For Messages

Quoting messages on Discord works as a boon for huge channels. It’s obvious that in huge channels, there are quite a handful of members. And communicating with them can become confusing and stressful.

Quoting a message makes it easier to emphasize the information that you want to give. Here are some of the pointers that can help you in understanding the Discord quote feature in a better way:

  • Quoting can help in highlighting the essential piece of information.
  • You can put across your viewpoints without confusing the receivers.
  • If you want to respond to a specific text, you can do so by quoting it. It helps in eliminating any sort of misunderstanding among the receivers.
  • While typing a message, you can quote the main pointers that you want to bring to the attention of the readers.

Methods To Use Discord Quote Feature

  1. To Add Single-line Discord Quote On Mobile
  2. To Add Multi-line Discord Quote
  3. Use The Code Blocks Feature To Add Quote
  4. Reply To A Message Using Quote
  5. Add Quotes Using Third-party Quote Bot

1. To Add Single-line Discord Quote On Mobile

Using the single-line command on Discord Mobile app

A single-line method is for times when you want to type a few words in one line. It usually comes in handy when you are not keen on adding a series of paragraphs or line breaks. To use the single-line discord quote method, follow these instructions:

  • Open Discord on your mobile device.
  • Navigate to the conversation in which you want to quote.
  • In the type box, type “>” and then press the spacebar on your keyboard.
  • Type the words that you want to quote; once you have typed everything, press the send button. Doing this will send your message in a quoted format. 

You should know that the single-line quote method doesn’t work if you want to add several lines. To do that, you need to use the multi-line discord quote method.

2. To Add Multi-line Discord Quote

A test for multi-line quotes in Discord app

This method comes in use when you want to quote several paragraphs in one reply. Thus, it’s obvious that you should use this method when you want to type a series of lines while quoting. There are two methods of quoting several lines. 

The first one is that you can type “>” in front of each line. In doing so will quote all the lines or paragraphs. But, it can be hectic for you. For an easier way, you can follow the given steps:

  • Launch Discord on your system.
  • Go to the conversation in which you want to quote a reply.
  • In the type box, type “>>>” and then press the spacebar.
  • Now, you can type several lines and then hit the send button; each line will appear quoted. Or you can press the enter button on your keyboard to send the quoted message.

You should know that on the desktop version, both “>” and “>>>” work the same. It means that both symbols will work as a multi-line quote method. Thus, when you want to quote a single line on the desktop version, perform these steps:

  • Press “Return.”
  • Now to go back to the normal text, press backspace.

Doing so will help you quote s single-line message.

To exit the quote or remove the quoting, you will need to send the existing message and type a new one. Or you can backspace everything that you have typed in. If you do not wish to remove the typed text but want to remove the quoting, then erase the “>” or “>>>” symbols from the text.

3. Use The Code Blocks Feature To Add a Quote

Using the code blocks feature in Discord

Discord has introduced a new feature called Code Blocks that helps you to highlight a text. You can quote the texts by using this method. If you don’t already know how to use it, then follow these instructions:

  • For a single line, discord quote type `  in the starting and at the end of the sentence. For instance, before typing the message, type ` this symbol and finish it off with this ` symbol at the end. And then, hit the send button to send your quoted message. 

The above method works when you want to quote only one line. But if you wish to type several lines or paragraphs, you need to follow this step:

  • To add multiple lines, you only have to exchange the single ` with triple “`. Type these triple backtick-like symbols at the beginning and at the end of the sentence, and then hit send.

Once you use these steps, your message will appear quoted. If you do not want to quote your messages, you can remove the (`) or   (“`)  symbols from the typed text. Your messages will no longer appear as quoted.

4. Reply To A Message Using Quote

Replying to a discord text in a discord quote

Quoting is suitable to provide context to your reply. For instance, there is a large message with several paragraphs. And you only want to respond to a specific part. In that case, you can quote that part and type your response. To quote a specific part of a message:

  • Copy and paste the sentence into your type box.
  • If it’s a single line, then add > at the beginning and at the end of the sentence. But, if there are multiple lines, then use >>> instead of >.
  • Under the quoted message, you can type your response without > or >>> symbols. Then, hit the send button.

Sometimes, quoting is not necessary when you only want to reply to a single message of a specific person. To reply to a specific person:

  • Locate the message in the chat to which you want to reply.
  • Once you find the message, tap on it and hold it down for a few seconds.
  • Release your finger after a small context menu appears. Tap on the Reply option from the context menu.
  • Type your response and then press the Send button.

Executing these steps will tag that person and their message along with your reply.

5. Add Quotes Using Third-party Quote Bot

Konata bot channel in Discord

Discord is a popular platform among the masses. Thus, it has several third-party applications to support or enhance its existing features. These come works best when the in-built feature on discord seems difficult to you. 

Likewise, quoting on discord using the syntax method might be hectic for you. Some quote bots are so straightforward that you can add quotes only with a simple tap. The most common discord quote bots available are:


Discord is one such platform that, in actuality, listens to its users. Over recent time, it has implemented a handful of features to its interface. Discord users can submit their feedback and a possible idea in the feedback forum. 

They can also upvote their ideas. Any request with the most upvotes gets implemented as a feature in Discord. It’s the reason why Discord has become one of the most successful messaging platforms.

Nonetheless, now that you know how to use Discord quote features, you can go on and execute them. But, make sure to use the single syntax (>) or (`) for a single line. And triple syntax (>>>) or (“`) for several paragraphs or lines.

FAQs – Discord Quote Message

How To Quote Someone Individually On Discord Server?

You can quote an individual by tagging them in your message, then using (`) at the beginning and end of the text. If you want to type several lines, then type triple (“`) in the beginning and at the end of your message. To tag an individual in your message, type “@” and then the username of the person. 

Can You Reply To A Specific Text On A Discord Server?

Yes, you can reply to a specific text by long pressing on it and tapping on the Reply option. You will be navigated to the type box along with the marked message.
Type in your response and press the send button or hit the enter key to send your reply. Your reply will appear along with the message to which you have replied. Also, the person to whom you have replied will get tagged in your response.

Can You Use The Command Chat Or Code Block On Mobile App?

Using the command chat or chat block feature on the mobile version of discord is the same as the desktop version. You can use single ` at the starting and at the end of the text to insert a single-quoted line to your message. Or, you can use triple “` to insert several quoted lines into your message.

Why The Quotation Marks Are Not Working On Discord?

The main reason behind the quotation marks not working could be the wrong use of symbols. Make sure that you are typing the correct symbols. Also, if this symbol (`) is confusing to you, then use (>) instead of that. If it doesn’t make the error go away, then restart your discord as there might be some technical bug.