7 Fixes For Discord Picking Up Game Audio

Is your Discord picking up game audio? As we all know, Discord is a popular VOIP application that people, especially gamers, admire. There could be many reasons as to why Discord is picking up the computer or game audio.

But, you can fix this problem. There’s no need for you to have extensive knowledge about sound drivers, either. 

This is the complete guide that will help you fix Discord picking up game audio problems once and for all. There are various options, from accessing user settings to stereo mix settings. You will also weed out why Discord is picking up sound, video, and game audio. 

Let’s begin: 

Solutions For Discord Picking Up Game Audio

  1. Check Audio Input And Output Devices On Discord
  2. Try Different Audio Jacks
  3. Disable Stereo Mix
  4. Change Microphone Settings 
  5. Update Driver Software For Sound Drivers
  6. Disable An Audio Driver
  7. Try To Reinstall Discord 

Fix Discord Picking Up Game Audio

1. Check Audio Input And Output Devices On Discord

The first step would be to check the default input and output audio devices. This option is available on your Discord. So, follow these steps:

  • Launch Discord. You will see your account details and a gear icon on the bottom left panel. Click on the Gear icon (Settings).
Discord click on the user settings icon game sound related settings
  • This will open the complete list of settings available on Discord. Now, find the ‘App Settings’ section.
  • Select Voice & Video from the list. Make sure that your Input Device and Output device are set to default.
discord voice and video settings select the sounds advanced tab make sure
  • You can also try to select different devices for it.

If you scroll down, you will see other features like Push To Talk. If your peers can hear your gaming sound, you can activate it. Push To Talk allows you to communicate only when you push a specific shortcut key.

There is also an input sensitivity option. It will automatically set and capture audio accordingly. You can also increase or decrease volumes. It is worth checking different settings here.

2. Try Different Audio Jacks

sound drivers click on the volume listen to this device related settings audio jack

There are modern keyboards, especially for gamers. These allow you to connect a USB to the keyboard and work as an extension. Unfortunately, they don’t work well and could cause an audio overlap problem.

It is worth trying if you get Discord picking up the game audio problem. Remove the USB or audio jack from the keyboard. Plug it into other jacks you have on your CPU or Laptop.

Try different jacks or USB ports to find the best solution and result.

3. Disable Stereo Mix

The Stereo Mix is often the most common reason for Discord picking up game audio. The Stereo Mix allows you to get the computer’s input sound as an output.

This can lead to problems, like Discord picking up computer audio. It is an irrelevant option if you are using Discord or playing games. Thus, you can disable it:

  • Go to the Taskbar in the bottom right corner and find the Audio Icon (Speaker Icon).
recording tab right click on the volume icon
  • Right-click on it and select ‘Open Sound Settings’ from the options.
  • In the options, check the right-side. If there is ‘Sound Control Panel’ in the options, click on it. Otherwise, scroll down and find the option.
user settings sound control panel device box click on the listen tab
  • It will open a new window for you. On the window, go to the ‘Recording’ tab. See if you can find Stereo Mix in the options. If you can’t find it, then it is already disabled or unavailable.
  • If you find Stereo Mix in the option, right-click and select Disable from the options.
  • Apply changes and click OK to save.
  • Now resume to Discord’s Audio settings option from the first step. Find the default input and change it to the Microphone you’re using.

4. Change Microphone Settings

Accessing microphone settings can help you solve many problems with sound settings. It can fix Discord picking up game audio problems. Follow these steps: 

  • Once again, open the Sound Control Panel option by following the above-given steps. Then go to the Sound tab and find Recording devices.
  • Select the Microphone that you’re not using and right-click on it. Go to Properties.
  • Find the ‘Listen’ option and uncheck the ‘Listen To This Device’ field.
drop down menu sound driver microphone properties discord picking up game solution
  • After that,  click on the Advanced Tab and find Exclusive options. Check all of them.
discord picking up computer sound settings disable stereo mix
  • Then click on Apply and OK to save changes.
  • Launch Discord and see if this solves the problem.
  • If not, repeat the step for other Microphones, including the one you are using.

5. Update Driver Software For Sound

You can try the audio drivers if you still hear the game sound. For this, you will have to follow these steps: 

  • Open Device Manager. You can do this by searching for it in the Start Menu. You can also press Windows + R, type ‘devmgmt.msc’, and press Enter. This will launch the Device Manager Window.
  • Find ‘Sound, Video And Game Controllers’ sections. Click on the little arrow next to them to expand it.
sound video and game controllers sound driver audio drivers
  • Now, go to the audio device that is in use. You can do this for all audio devices, as well.
  • Right-click on it and click on ‘Update Driver.’ Then follow the on-screen instructions. Allow it to search automatically and update it like that. 
restart your PC device manager drivers option

Sometimes, you might not find any updates. You must visit the manufacturer’s website and download the driver manually. Then, you will have to update it.

Make sure to repeat this step for all the drivers. But, if this doesn’t fix the Discord picking up the game audio issue, you can try other steps:

  • Right-click on the Audio device and go to properties. Then go to the Drivers tab. You can do this for all audio devices in Device Manager.
  • There, you will find plenty of options. Try disabling the drivers, restarting the PC, and re-enabling them.
  • You can also try to uninstall the drivers and then install them freshly.

6. Disable An Audio Output Device / Driver

Disable An Audio Output Device / Driver
  • Once again, go to the Volume Icon and find Open Sound Settings.
  • Go to the Sound Control Panel. Then go to the sound tab. There, you will find the Playback tab.
  • Find the speaker that your device has been using. It should be Realtek, most likely. That is the default one. It could also be the NVIDIA High Definition option. Just check for any audio device that stands out.
  • Right-click on it and click disable. Repeat it for others. Apply changes and click OK.

7. Try To Reinstall Discord 

Try To Reinstall Discord 

If none of the above-given solutions worked for you, it’s time for you to take the last resort. You will have to uninstall and remove Discord from your PC.

Then download and install the latest version. Make sure to install it thoroughly. It should have default settings. Then, you can log in to your account.