13 Fixes For Discord Notifications Not Working

In the older version of Discord, you might not be able to see alerts. Furthermore, the issue under discussion may be caused by the incorrect configuration. It includes various settings on your system/phone.

Fix discord notifications not working

Methods To Fix Discord Notifications Not Working Issue

  1. Check Discord Status to Online
  2. Update and Install the Discord Application
  3. Check Discord Push Notifications
  4. Ensure to Enable Desktop Notifications
  5. Check Discord Server & Channel Notifications
  6. Check Mobile Notifications
  7. Logout From Your Account 
  8. Try Another Network
  9. Reinstall the Discord Application
  10. Clear Discord Cache and Data
  11. Disable Streamer Mode
  12. Disable Battery Optimization for the Discord Application
  13. Allow Permissions for Discord Application

1. Check Discord Status to Online

You can choose from four different online states in Discord:

  • Online
  • Do not disturb
  • Idle
  • Invisible

If you have your Discord status to “Do Not Disturb,” you will not get any discord notification. Also,  text message notifications will be absent.

As a result, please double-check that your status isn’t set to disturb. Whether this is the case, change the status back to “Online” and try again to see if the problem has been resolved.

  • Click on the user avatar in the Discord program (near the lower-left corner).
  • Change your status to Online in the status selector. Then verify that Discord is free of the issue.

2. Update and Install the Discord Application

The Discord software is updated regularly to keep up with ever-changing technology breakthroughs. If you’re using an old version of Discord, it won’t work. In this scenario, updating Discord to the most recent build may resolve the issue, and Fix discord notifications not working.

Updating Your Phone

  • Open your phone’s Settings app, then scroll down to “Software update” and hit it.
  • Now touch on “Download and Install,” and the update will be found. If there is an update available, install it.

Discord has been updated

  • You can now open the play store or app store after clearing the discord cache and data. Look for the Discord app and see whether the update option appears.
  • In this case, you should update and restart your phone.

3. Check Discord Push Notifications

Fix discord notifications not working. You must ensure that “System notifications,” “In-app notifications,” and “tweak notifications” are enabled on mobile.

  • Open the Discord application on your phone device. Tap on the profile image to access the user settings.
user settings
  • Tap Notifications settings in the settings box.
  • System notifications and In-app notifications can both be found here. Ensure both of these options are turned on. If they aren’t, turn them on with the toggle switch.
System push notification
  • Now tap on the Tweak notifications and double-check that all of the tweakable options are activated.
Tweak notifications
  • After that, restart Discord to see if the problem has been resolved.

4. Ensure to Enable Desktop Notifications

While you are using another program, desktop notifications in Discord remind you of all incoming calls and messages. You will not receive any notifications if this option is disabled. Fix discord notifications not working, follow the instructions below.

  • To access the user settings, launch the Discord desktop app and select the user settings cogwheel symbol.
user settings
  • From the left-hand side panel, choose the “Notifications” tab. Ensure that “Enable Desktop Notifications” is chosen as the first option.
System push notification

Turn on desktop app notifications: While using other apps, you will be notified of all alerts.

Turn on desktop notifications

Enable Unread Message Badge: This turns the discord icon red to signify that you have unread messages.

Enable Unread Message Badge

Enable Taskbar Flashing: When a notice is received, the program will flash in the taskbar.

image 2058

5. Check Discord Server & Channel Notifications

Discord gives you an option to turn on or off notifications for any channel or server. If you’ve found that discord notifications aren’t working for a particular server or channel, follow the steps below.

Discord Server Notifications: On the desktop program, you will see a bell symbol on the right-hand top when you open any discord server. This bell symbol is used to silence all server notifications until you are named temporarily.

bell icon

Check that the mute server option is not enabled by right-clicking on the server tab.

Now we’ll check the Server Notifications options. 

mute server settings

Choose Notifications settings from the server right-click menu. A new panel will open, showcasing all of the server notification preferences.

server notifications settings

Mute (Server Name) is located at the top of the page; make sure it is turned off.

server notifications settings

Make sure that All Messages is checked in the server notifications settings, which can be seen below. If only @mentions is selected, you will only receive mention notifications, and if nothing is selected, you will not receive any alerts.

enable push notifications

Discord Channel Notifications: Right-click the channel and make sure the Mute Server option is turned off. Also, look for the mute bell icon at the top.

6. Check Mobile Notifications

Keep in mind that you should also check your phone’s notification settings in addition to app notifications. If the device notification is turned off, discord notifications not working issue may appear.

  • Go to the phone’s settings and then to Notifications settings.
  • Launch Discord application. Now open notifications in the settings. You can discover it in the recently used app and then click on see everything there is to see.
  • Make sure Show Notifications is enabled in the Discord app by tapping it. Other categories can be seen below; make sure they’re all turned on.
  • On the phone, configure Discord.
  • The phone’s Discord settings
  • Restart your phone after that to see if the problem has been resolved.

7. Logout From Your Account 

For many Discord users, this approach works. If luck is on your side, a simple log out and log back in may be enough to resolve the issue.

  • So simply launch the Discord desktop software. 
  • Tap the App Settings gear icon at the bottom.
  • Scroll down the left panel, and you’ll notice a “Logout” button. 
log out from discord
  • Simply tap it and sign in again.

8. Try Another Network

ISPs utilize various strategies and protocols to manage web traffic. It protects its customers from online threats. They tend to block resources required for Discord’s operation in this process. In this situation, switching to a different network may solve the problem with notifications.

  • Close Discord by exiting it and forcing it to close
  • Remove your phone or system from the existing network. 
  • Connect the system/phone to a different network. 
  • Then check to see if the Discord app is free of the problem.

9. Reinstall the Discord Application

If your Discord installation is faulty, you may not receive notifications. Reinstalling the Discord application may resolve the issue in this case. Keep the credentials secure. You may need to re-login the application.

  • Go to your Android phone’s Settings and select Apps or Application Manager.
  • After that, choose Discord and press the Uninstall button.
  • After that, confirm that you want to delete Discord and restart your phone.
  • Reinstall Discord after restarting and verify that the Discord notifications are operating correctly.


  • Exit Discord and check the Task Manager on your computer for any Discord-related processes.
  • Select the Gear/Settings icon from the menu that appears after right-clicking on the Windows button.
windows settings
  • After that, go to Apps and expand Discord.
windows apps
  • To uninstall Discord, click the Uninstall button and then follow the directions on your screen.
uninstall discord
  • Now restart your computer and open your system’s File Explorer.
  • Open the run window.
    • %appdata%
%appdata% delete discord files
  • After that, delete the Discord folder and go to the following path:
    • %localappdata%
%localappdata% delete discord files
  • Now remove the Discord folder from your recycle bin and empty it.
  • After that, restart your computer and reinstall Discord.

10. Clear Discord Cache and Data

The Discord program, like many others, uses a cache to improve the user experience and efficiency. If the cache of Discord is faulty, you could get this error. 

Removing the cache and files of the Discord application may cure the discord notifications not working problem in this case. 

We’ll look at clearing the cache and data in the Android version of the Discord app as an example. Keep the credentials secure. In case you need to re-login the application.

  • Select Application Manager/Apps from your Android phone’s Settings menu.
  • After that, pick Discord and press the Force Close button.
  • Then indicate that you want to close the app and go to the Storage option.
  • Now press the Clear Cache and Clear Data buttons to clear the cache and data.
  • After that, indicate that you want to erase the data and restart your phone.
  • Check if the Discord application is free of the error after restarting.

11. Disable Streamer Mode

When you enable discord streamer mode, all discord notifications will be disabled. Also,  channel join and notification alerts. Discord notifications not working may also be caused due to this.

With the simple procedures below, you may disable the streamer mode in Discord.

  • To access the user settings, open the Discord app and select the settings cog symbol.
  • Now go down to the bottom of the app settings to find “Streamer mode” and click it. 
streamer mode
  • The first option you’ll see in the streamer mode section is “Enable Streamer Mode,” which should be deactivated.
disable streamer mode
  • If you don’t want to disable streamer mode, keep it turned on and scroll down to turn off “disable notifications.”

12. Disable Battery Optimization for the Discord Application

Battery optimization is a valuable tool for improving the life of your phone’s battery. If battery optimization closes the Discord application, the alerts may not operate. It’s possible to exclude Discord from your phone’s battery optimization. It will Fix discord notifications not working problems.

  • Select Battery from your Android phone’s Settings menu.
  • Then, in Battery Optimization, go to Switch Display Content and press it.
  • After that, go to All Apps and then Discord.
  • Select Don’t Optimize and restart your phone after that.
  • Check if Discord is free of the error after restarting.

13. Allow Permissions for Discord Application

If the permissions necessary by Discord are not enabled, the app may not display notifications. In this case, allowing the discord to the application’s required permissions may solve the issue. It will fix discord notifications not working issues.

  • Discord should be forced closed.
  • Now go to your Android phone’s Settings and open the Application Manager.
apps and notifications
  • Then go to Permissions and pick Discord.
  • Now activate all of the permissions and see if the problem has been fixed.
  • If not, go to your Android phone’s Settings and select “Notifications and Control Center.”
enable notifications
  • Then tap on Discord under Notice Management.
  • Disable the Block All and Show Silently options now (which will enable notifications for Discord).
  • Then start Discord and see whether it works properly.

If the problem persists, consider using a different platform for the Discord app until the problem is fixed. You can also roll back to a prior Discord version. If the problem persists, try muting/unmuting the offending channel or blocking/unblocking a Discord contact.

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These solutions for discord notifications not functioning on mobile and PC are the most effective. It will undoubtedly cure the issue. 

Many new defects can cause such issues from time to time, so if any of our users discover a unique solution, please let us know in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I not getting notifications from discord?

The user settings can be accessed by opening the Discord app on your phone and tapping on the profile image. In the settings box, select Notifications from the drop-down menu. Both system notifications and in-app notifications may be accessed in this section of the menu. Double-check to see that both of these choices are enabled, and if they aren’t, activate them using the toggle switch.

Why am I not getting my notifications?

If restarting your phone didn’t solve the problem, one of the most common causes of notifications not appearing on Android is a setting that needs to be changed or updated. So, when you’re looking through the app’s settings, double-check that you haven’t accidentally hit any buttons that would turn off that feature.

Why are my notifications late?

New messages will be picked up and you will be notified of them. It is necessary for your Android phone to be connected to the internet. If you do not have a reliable internet connection, your alerts will be delayed. Alternatively, if your phone is configured to turn off WiFi when it goes to sleep, you may have this problem.

How do you reset notifications on discord?

Navigate to the channels configuration page. Move the option to reset notification settings to the notification settings page from the notification settings page. The button to reset notification settings has been relocated to the channel settings submenu of the channel settings menu. Having to adjust notification settings for a specific channel is cumbersome when you need to do so.

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