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14 Fixes For Discord Mic Not Working

14 Fixes For Discord Mic Not Working

For a few years, Discord has been the most popular VOIP service among gamers. Its popularity has continued to rise, indicating how simple the program is to use. The Discord App development staff is fantastic. The program is often updated with bug patches.

In Discord App, there’s a microphone glitch where the user can hear the other channel members. They don’t hear his microphone audio. The “discord mic not working” problem appears to be related to the desktop version of Discord. Several users have claimed that their mics work well when using the web app.

An increasing number of gamers are abandoning other communication apps. For their gaming demands. The majority of them began to use Discord as their primary communication platform.

The application is simple to use and has few bugs. Discord’s development staff is usually quick to fix bugs that are reported. For months, they’ve been unable to solve the problem of “discord mic not working.”

Before You Start To Fix Discord Mic Not Working

You can take some essential things to remedy the problem before we go into any setup adjustments. These patches are for anyone who has already installed Discord but has had it stop working.

Methods To Fix “Discord Not Picking Up Mic”

1. Run Discord as Administrator

Discord uses UDP to communicate data to your friends. Discord software may not have the necessary permissions to send your voice over the internet. Try running Discord with the administrator. One of the first things Discord’s customer service suggests is this remedy.

2. Select Headset under Input Device

Here’s how to see what input device Discord is using:

3. Logging out of Discord

Usually, logging out and back in solves the “discord mic not working” problem. However, keep in mind that this is only a temporary solution.

4. Reset Voice Settings

You’re only having trouble with the Discord desktop app. It will most likely “reset voice settings” of the App for normal functionality. If the “discord mic not working” problem appears after you’ve replaced your old headset with a new one, follow the procedures below. 

Here’s how to reset Discord’s voice settings.

5. Ensure “Automatic Input Sensitivity” is Disabled 

When automatic input sensitivity is disabled, a “discord mic not working” problem can occur. The manual input sensitivity slider may be adjusted too far to the right in some cases. Your voice level is consistently below that, which means your Discord mic is never activated. Activate automated input sensitivity. Allow Discord to choose the best input sensitivity level for accurately capturing your voice.

6. Allow Discord to Use Your Microphone

This procedure guarantees that the correct Windows settings are enabled. It allows Discord to access your microphone. Here’s how to go about it:

7. Disabling Exclusive Mode in Windows

Some programs are set up to have complete control over the audio device driver. Allowing them to do so may cause Discord issues. If some Exclusive Mode options are enabled, the microphone in Discord will completely shut down with some headphones.

8. Changing the Input Mode to Push to Talk

Some users have discovered that changing the Input mode Settings on Discord from Voice Activity to Push to Talk provides a workaround for getting the microphone to work.

The primary flaw of this method is that it requires you to constantly touch a button when you wish to speak with someone.

9. Change Privacy Settings

With the new Microsoft update, all programs were automatically denied access to the microphone. It only applies to third-party applications, which includes Discord. It was caused by a change in the permissions policy that these applications were granted.

If you have a disabled microphone in Windows Privacy Settings resulting from this update, it may stop working in Discord. In that instance, allowing Discord access to your microphone may be the solution.

10. Disable QoS on Discord

Discord’s QoS setting could be interfering with several critical system functionalities. This “discord mic not working” error could be triggered. As a result, we’ll disable it entirely in this step.

11. Disabling Advanced Voice Activity

It’s also conceivable that your Discord has the “Advanced Voice Activity” function enabled. The old microphone may become unusable as a result of this. Follow the instructions below to turn off this feature.

12. Changing the Audio Jacks

Check for hardware damages. It’s possible that the audio jacks you’re using aren’t being appropriately detected by Discord. I recommend changing the ports on your microphone.

You can connect your mic to the backside of the computer. Also, try connecting to the front audio jacks. If they’re connected to the front audio jacks, try connecting them to the back audio jacks. 

You don’t have to take this step if your microphone works correctly in other programs, but it’s worth mentioning.

13. Update Microphone/Audio Device Driver

If the more straightforward methods failed to resolve your issue, your audio driver might be at fault. Mic input detection difficulties might be caused by an out-of-date driver or a corrupted file. 

You may manually or automatically upgrade your audio driver to get the most up-to-date version for your PC. It all depends on your preferences.

Update the audio driver manually

We can’t give you a step-by-step guide to all of the different types of audio drivers because there are so many. 

Update the audio driver automatically

If you’re not certain what kind of audio device you have, you can use driver updater software to update it automatically. These programs scan your system, detect all available devices, and then locate the most recent drivers for those devices.

14. Contact Discord Team

So, if you’ve tried everything on this page. Assume you are convinced that nothing works to solve your Discord mic not working. Now, the last resort is to send an email to Discord’s audio support staff. If everything else fails, this should help you out because they can fix any faults on their end.


We assume that this knowledge has assisted you in resolving the “discord mic not working” problem. All of the procedures listed above will undoubtedly solve Your issue. If a complete reinstall doesn’t work, get in touch with Discord, who will be pleased to help you further.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my mic not working on Discord?

Make sure your computer’s USB or 3.5mm input jack is securely connected. It’s also an excellent plan to test with different ports. Make sure your device does not have a hardware mute turned on. Ensure you have the newest drivers and software for your device.

Why can no one hear me on Discord?

Hardware compatibility is one of the most popular cures for not being able to hear people in Discord. Hardware components are sometimes incompatible with Discord’s most recent audio subsystem. This problem can be solved by reverting to the traditional audio subsystem.

How do I enable the microphone on Discord?

First, open the Settings in Discord. Click the cog symbol in the bottom left corner next to your name and avatar. Select “Voice & Video” on the left in the Settings menu. under “App Settings.” It will open a menu where you may adjust your microphone or headset’s settings.

Why is Discord not detecting audio?

Although it may seem to be an easy solution, it can sometimes be disabled or unplugged. It was causing Discord to fail to recognize them. Check to see if others receiving input in other apps after working in Windows Sound Settings, then reload Discord and try again.

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