Disable Incognito Mode On Android: 3 Best Ways

You can surf the Internet using Incognito Mode without leaving any traces on the device. In simple terms, your browser will not record the browsing history, cookies, cache, etc., when Disable Incognito Mode On Android.

This feature may be a boon to some. But if you’re a parent and can’t keep track of your child’s online activities, it may be best for you to learn ‘How to disable Incognito mode on Android?

disable incognito mode on android

This article will discuss how to disable Incognito browsing on Android devices(smartphones or tablets), prevent your child’s access to ‘Incognito Mode,’ etc. Let’s look at how you can disable or ban ‘Incognito Mode’ on Android.

How To Disable Incognito Mode On Android?

There aren’t many ways to disable Incognito Mode on Android, and it is easy to bypass the restrictions. Let’s look at some methods you can use to disable the Incognito Mode on Android.

  1. How To Close The Incognito Tabs On Android?
  2. Using Google’s Family Link App.
  3. Using a third-party app to block private browsing mode.

1. How To Close The Incognito Tabs On Android?

You can close the active Incognito tabs from the Android notification panel. Swipe down your phone’s screen, tap ‘Close all Incognito Tabs’ to close Chrome Incognito tabs and ‘Close all In Private Tab’ to close Edge screened windows.

Alternatively, you can open your web or internet browser and manually close the incognito tab(s).

  • Open the Chrome internet browser.
  • On the top-right corner of the screen, tap Switch Tabs
  • Tap on the Incognito icon.
  • In the section, you can see all of the active Incognito tabs. 
  • Tap on the cross icon to manually close the tabs.
Enable Incognito Mode On Android

2. Use Google Family Link App To Set Up Parental Controls

With the Google Family Link app, you can be aware of your ward’s online activities. And you can also set restrictions on some unsuitable activities. In this case, it is to open incognito tabs on Android.

You can use the Google Family Link if your child’s age is less than 13(the age requirements vary depending on the country you reside in).

Download & install the Google Family Link app on your Android.
  • Download & install the Google Family Link app (from Google Play Store) on your Android.
  • Login using your Google account. 
  • Enter your child’s Google account.
  • You must also install the Family Link app on your child’s Android phone to link both accounts.
  • Once the accounts(parent & child) are linked, you can set ground rules using the Google Family Link app.

Below is a list of restrictions you can impose on your child’s Android phone using Google Family Link.

  • Block or Unblock apps on Android.
  • You can block the installation of new apps or set approval ‘Ask first’ when your child wants to install a new app.
  • Choose permission for a specific app.
  • Keep a tab of your child’s activities.
  • Manage your child’s screen time.
  • Setting time limits for individual apps.
  • Lock or unlock your child’s Android.
  • Track the real-time location of your child’s phone.

3. Use A Third-Party App To Disable Google Chrome Browser’s Incognito Tabs

You can also choose to download & install a third-party app and disable access to Incognito mode on Android. Suppose the Incognito Mode is locked using a third-party app. In that case, it will be blocked whenever your child wants to open a new incognito window and ask for the password.


Unlike disabling Incognito Mode on Desktop/Laptop, it is not helpful to disable the private browsing mode on Android. They are many ways to bypass the restrictions imposed on your child’s phone.

Nonetheless, you can try to keep a tab on your child’s online activities using the Google Family Link app. Or you can download & install a popular third-party app to ban access to Incognito mode.