3 Best ways To Disable Bubble Notification on Android

Bubbles is quite a useful feature introduced in Android 11 phones that gives you notifications similar to the Chat Heads used by Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other messaging apps. So, whenever you get a new message, the chat can come up on your phone screen as a pop-up window overlaying your current activity.

A lot of users might not feel much comfortable with that or perhaps, won’t want Bubble notifications for every conversation or every app. Moreover, the random bubbles popping up now and then could be quite annoying too. In that case, you need to know that you can opt-out of using Bubbles although they are enabled on your phone by default. 

This article will teach you how to disable the notification “Bubble” on your Android phone, either for a specific app, chat, or entirely. Generally, when a certain app presents a bubble notification, you have the opportunity of turning it off. Keep reading to find out!

how to disable notification bubbles on android

Disable Bubble Notification on Android for Specific Apps

Step 1. Grab your phone or tab (Android) and swipe down from the top of the screen once or twice.

Step 2. Tap on the Settings icon to open your device’s Settings menu.

click on gear icon to open settings

Step 3. Now, scroll down until you find “Apps and Notifications.” Tap on it.

Step 4. Tap the message that says “See all X apps.” You will find icons of three apps installed on your device on top of the phone screen and this message under it. And ‘X’ is basically, the total number of apps you have on your device.

Step 5. From the list of apps, select the app for which you don’t want to use Bubbles.

Step 6. Then, in the app window, tap “Notifications” and then, select “Bubbles.” 

Step 7. Next, tap on the button that says “Nothing can bubble.”

This will stop sending you a Bubble for every message you receive in that app.

Disable Bubbles for Specific Conversations On Android Phone

Perhaps you don’t have a problem with Bubbles but don’t want to receive Bubble notifications for some particular conversations in specific apps. That too is possible if the specific messaging app supports Bubbles. Just, go through the following steps to know how to do the same:

Step 1. If an app supports Bubbles, you’ll find a little icon located at the bottom right corner of the notifications you get from that app. So, first swipe that notification downwards slightly to expand it. Then, tap on that little dot with a square icon to open a floating window.

swipe the bubble notification downwards slightly
click on the little icon square

Step 2. Now, the floating window will have a “Manage” option at its bottom. Click on it.

click on manage

Step 3. A context menu containing various options for the app will open up. Select “Don’t bubble conversation” from this context menu to disable all future Bubbles for this specific conversation.

Disable Notification Bubbles On Android Phone Entirely

You can also disable Bubbles notifications for all apps on your device. 

Step 1. Swipe down from the top of your phone screen. You might need to swipe the screen once or twice based on your device type.

Step 2. Hit the gear icon (grey colored) that will open the “Settings” menu.

Step 3. Click on “Apps and Notifications.”

click on apps and notifications

Step 4. Now, select “Notifications.”

click on notifications

Step 5. Select “Bubbles” from the top section

Step 6. Lastly, toggle the switch for “Allow apps to show bubbles” to entirely turn off Bubble notifications for all apps.

toggle the switch to turn off notification bubbles on android

With that, no apps will any longer send you notification Bubbles on Android. If you change your mind and want to use Bubbles again, you can come back to this section and toggle it again to re-enable Bubble notifications.


Facebook Messenger’s chat heads feature is quite helpful and functional. It allows you to read a message without having to leave your current screen. The bubble notification is a similar kind of feature introduced in Android 11. It provides you with a pop-up window for chats every time you receive a new message. And it can be used with all your messaging apps. 

However, you might want to know how to disable the “Bubble” notification feature so that you don’t receive notification bubbles anymore for all apps or all chats. Keep in mind that the Bubbles feature is an opt-out feature and although it stays enabled by default, you have the freedom to disable it. 

The above article gives you step-by-step instructions on how to disable Bubbles entirely, for specific apps, or a specific bubble conversation. We hope you have been able to successfully turn off Bubbles as per your needs on your smartphone.