Difference between seat and concurrent licenses

Seat license

  • Installed locally on machinewith desired product(QTP / ST / UFT).
  • Also referred to as a "stand-alone" or "local license".
  • Works on physical machines (not virtual)
  • There are trial/demo license
  • Not supported when connecting to Windows servers (2000, 2003) via Remote desktop. Not supported with Windows 2008 server machines.

Concurrent license

  • Installed on machine withLicense Serversoftware (no need to be same machine where products is)
  • Also known as "Floating license"
  • There are no trial/demo license
  • Allows multiple users to access a pool of available licenses.

    : The Concurrent License Server will regulate the number of copies of product that are allowed to run concurrently/in-parallel/same-time, by allowing to run the number of copies (licenses) of product purchased at one time. Is possible to increase number of copies of products to run concurrently by purchasing additional licenses from Hewlett-Packard and receiving a new license code.
  • Works with virtualized workstations with installed products (QTP / ST / UFT), such as Citrix or VMware can get licenses from the License Server (which is not virtualized)
  • Allows using products via Terminal Server on Windows Server with Remote Desktop.
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