Difference Between PS4 And PS5 (An Honest Comparison)

Given that the PS4 was improved and surpassed by the PS4 Pro only a few years ago, fans may be skeptical about how great the gap between the two generations is.

With the advent of the PS5 on the horizon, you may wonder whether upgrading to the next-gen is worthwhile, especially when many PS4 games are still being launched. You will get an understanding of the difference between PS4 and PS5.

Should I purchase a PS4 or PS5?

If you haven’t purchased a PlayStation before, I suggest getting your hands on a PS5 as soon as possible. You can acquire a system with all improved hardware and a whole backlog of PS4 titles for a few hundred dollars extra.

Even if you want to play PS4 games, getting a PS5 is beneficial. There may be PS5 games that are released in the future that you want. In addition, several PS4 games will be enhanced for the PS5 through a free download.

And if you can’t or don’t want to pay an extra $100, you can put off buying the PS5. The price of a console usually drops a few years after its first release. Then you may be able to pay the same amount as you would for a PS4 Pro.

It’s also worth mentioning that the advent of the PS5 caused the prices of the PS4 and PS4 Pro to fall somewhat. This is especially true for older models, which will be plentiful as people update.  You have another alternative if you don’t intend to buy a PS5 until later.

Whatever system you choose will undoubtedly provide you with numerous hours of gaming delight. You must, however, decide which is more important to you: saving money or improving your gaming experience. Examine the major differences between the consoles to choose which route you want to take.

Should I Upgrade To The PS5 If I Already Have A PS4 Or PS4 Pro?

PS5 is certainly worth the upgrade. It is costly, but if you own a PS4 or a PS4 Pro, you may sell it to help cover the cost of the PS5. The latest version of PS5 is way more performance-packed than the earlier version.

If you do not want to spend the money, you may continue to use your current PS4 or PS4 Pro and wait for a PS5 price reduction. In addition, you will avoid some of the unpleasant inconveniences associated with console launch issues.

Most games will be accessible on both PS4 and PS5 early on. We don’t know how long Sony will distribute titles for both platforms, but the first few should be on both. You may retain your PS4 until a PS5 game is a must-have. Then sell your old console and upgrade.

We compare the PS5 and PS4 strengths and weaknesses in our reviews. The PS4 Pro isn’t obsolete, even though Sony’s PS5 is the newest and most advanced console.

difference between pS4 and pS5 (Specifications)

It should be no surprise that the PS5 outperforms the PS4 Pro and the PS4. Sony’s next-generation system not only features faster CPUs and GPUs but also boasts a faster SSD. 

PS5 smokes its predecessor, as seen in the table below:

  • Storage And Memory
  • The popularity of PS4 and PS5
  • Lightning Fast Load Times
  • CPU And GPU
  • Video Resolution
  • Sound
  • PS4’s Dualshock Vs. PS5’s Dualsense Controller
  • Pricing Comparison
  • Comparison Of Design
  • Backward Compatibility
  • PlayStation 4 Vs. PlayStation 5 Video Game Matches
Launch price$499.90 / £449.99 / AU$ 749.95$399 / £379 / AU$ 574  
ControllersDual shock 4 Dual sense 
Memory bandwidth448GB/s176GB/s
Video resolution4K at 120HZ or 8K1080p
CPU Architecture8-core, 16 thread, up to 3.5Ghz (variable frequency) processor8 Jaguar Cores, 1.6GHz
GPU36 CUs at 2.23GHz, 10.3 TFLOPs (variable frequency)18 CUs at 800MHz, 1.84 TFLOPS
Optical driveUltra HD Blu-rayBlu-ray
Loading time5 GB per second1 GB per 20 seconds
Internal storageCustom 825 GB SSD500 GB or 1 TB HDD
External storageNVMe SSD slot or USB HDD2.5-inch HDD or USB HDD
Weight9.9 lbs7.3 lbs

Consider the following points so that you can gain a deeper understanding and reap the benefit:

Storage And Memory

The PS5 will have 16 gigabytes of GDDR6 RAM, allowing the system to display your game on the screen more effectively than the PS4 and PS4 Pro, which both had 8 gigabytes of GDDR5 RAM.

The PlayStation 5 will use a solid-state drive with a capacity of 825GB, instead of the 500 GB HDD in the PS4 and the 1 TB HDD in the PS4 Pro.

The new SSD will speed up game loading times and give developers more display choices. Game files can be read and given to the system in milliseconds since the PS5’s storage is so rapid. This opens up more display choices.

The popularity of PS4 and PS5

PS5 had a full box-office style release as compared to PS4. However, due to chip shortages, the release of new graphic cards by AMD, and decreased demand, interest has waned over time. Here is a graph comparing sales of both consoles.

Graph showing comparison of PS4 and PS5

Lightning Fast Load Times

Additionally, the PS5 has the perk of quick load times. The PlayStation 5 can access game data at a rate of 5 gigabytes per second. In contrast, it took the PS4 twenty seconds to load 1 gigabyte of data.


A combination of CPU and GPU powers the finest games. They determine power and performance. The GPU renders display visuals while the CPU keeps everything running. Bigger numbers mean faster, more reliable processing.

The PS4 and PS5’s CPU and GPU vary in the following ways:

  • In terms of processing power, the PS5’s GPU boasts more CU’s and TFLOPs than the PS4’s.
  • A GPU’s teraflop rating indicates its ability to calculate one trillion floating-point operations per second. PS5’s GPU can perform 10.3 trillion FPS.
  • The PS5 has a variable frequency; processing speed might reduce if the GPU requires less power. Power efficiency boosts PS5 graphics.
  • In a word, PS5 is nearly eight times more powerful than PS4.

Although the PS4 Pro is more powerful than the original PS4, the PS5 is in a league of its own compared to other gaming systems.

Video Resolution

When you first switch on the PlayStation 5, you can tell that you’re using a machine from a new age. 4K HDR UI, 4K/60Hz (and 120Hz) games, and seamless 4K/60Hz gameplay are just some of its features.

On the PS5, we were pleased by the image’s richness, solidity, and 3D quality while watching 4K Blu-rays.

While many people are currently working on upgrading their setup from 1080p to 4K, 8K is gaining favor in business. Until 8K becomes more prevalent and developers enable it, users may play the PS5 with a 4K output.

8K isn’t a consumer-ready or feasible technology for the PS5. However, it features an HDMI 2.1 port. Backward-compatible HDMI 2.0 connections may be used till then. Regardless of how long it takes to get full PS5 resolution, its 4K output is fantastic.

Despite PS4 lacking these capabilities, the PS4 does support HDR. The PlayStation 4 version is still a viable option if you have an HDR display.


When playing on the PlayStation 5, expect a wide, open, and encompassing soundscape. Realistic depth perception and precise effects positioning can be achieved thanks to Sony’s 3D audio technology. Ray tracing will improve the visual and acoustic quality of PS5 games compared to PS4 version games.

PS4’s Dualshock Vs. PS5’s Dualsense Controller

The release of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) has also resulted in a new invention being introduced into the realm of gaming controllers. The following is a list of the differences it has:

  • Switching from Dual Shock 4 to Dual Sense controllers is a big change. Its look is unique, but it improves the PS4 controller in key ways.
  • Sony expanded Dual Shock to accommodate Dual Sense’s new technologies. The haptic feedback and rumble of the PlayStation 5 controller add to the in-game experience.
  • This new controller has a microphone, unlike the PS4’s. The Dual Sense controller’s Create button takes the place of the Dual shock 4’s Share button. In addition to these new features, there are many more.

Console Varieties

There are two distinct versions of the PlayStation 5 available for purchase:

  • One that has a disc reader
  • Another will be known as the PS5 Digital Edition and will only be able to play digital versions of games and not discs.

The PlayStation 4 launched with one model. Later in the PlayStation 4’s lifecycle, the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim were introduced. PS4 has improved, but PS5 is still technically superior.

Pricing Comparison

Price is always a factor to consider, even when comparing the  PS5 with the PS5 Digital.

There is no difference between the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition and the PlayStation 5, except for the lack of a disc drive on the PS5 Digital Edition, which runs at $399.99 / £349.90 / AU$599.95 as opposed to the PlayStation 5 at $499.90 / £449.99 / AU$749.95.

A video game system is an investment. You don’t buy a new machine for hundreds of dollars only to play one game on it. You buy a console that will last you years. Will a $100-200 price difference matter if you purchase a console for the next 3-5 years, or perhaps longer?

In essence, it is recommended that even if you feel that PS5 is costly, you amass money until you can afford it because it is worth its price.

Comparison Of Design

When the PS5’s design was originally shown, it sparked outrage. The Xbox Series X and PS5 both deviated greatly from their predecessors’ designs:

  • In contrast to the all-black look of the PS4 and PS3, the PS5 has a two-tone black and white design with a curved futuristic appearance.
  • Furthermore, the PS5 is bigger than the PS4, which should assist in keeping the system cool and reduce the stress on its fans.
  •  Moreover, Sony has released a range of PS5 covers in a rainbow of colors.

Backward Compatibility

Is PS5 compatible with PS4? If you’re considering buying a PlayStation 5, you’ve probably thought about this, especially if you also intend to get rid of older systems like the PlayStation 4. You wouldn’t need to preserve the older systems if you could utilize more contemporary hardware to run the games from them, would you?

If you’re looking to sell your PS4 console, you’ll be happy to know that the PS5 is completely compatible with PS4 games. Most games from Sony’s previous-generation hardware are compatible with PS5 and can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store or played from disc if you already own them.

Cross-generation games like Horizon Forbidden West and Death Stranding are free on PS4. Sony’s first-party cross-generation games require a small fee to upgrade to PS5 if you buy them on PS4. It’s controversial but an option worth considering if you jump to PS5.

Several PS4 games got free PS5 performance enhancements, so you won’t have to pay to play them with current-gen flair. God of War, The Last of Us 2, Days Gone, and Ghost of Tsushima are examples.

The PS5’s backward compatibility is a wonderful feature. You’ll soon be able to play PlayStation 5 games and most PlayStation 4 titles. You may continue to play PS4 games after upgrading to a PS5 console. If you’re buying your first PlayStation, you can add PS4 games to your library and play them on better hardware.

PlayStation 4 Vs. PlayStation 5 Video Game Matches

Available PS4 games include fan favorites such as God of War and Horizon: Zero Dawn. These games are PS4 and PS4 Pro compatible. Certain PS5 launch games may initially be playable on PS4 and PS4 Pro, but they will ultimately be PS5-exclusive.

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales, Resident Evil 8, and more are all PS5 exclusives.

Sony doesn’t want to alienate PS4/PS4 Pro fans who can’t upgrade to the PS5. However, Sony’s ultimate purpose is to make a profit. And the most efficient way for them to do so is to provide you with an incentive; in other words, if you want to play this fantastic-looking game, you must get our new system.

All In All

The PS5 is a marked improvement over the PS4. It is a no-brainer considering that it has superior hardware and can run every PS4 game. If you are looking to replace your PS4, consider purchasing the PS5 Digital Edition, even if the price of the PS4 drops significantly. Despite its superiority to the PS4 in terms of quality, it still costs the same.

The PS4 and PS4 Pro aren’t bad systems, but the PS5 is just a little step ahead. Ray Tracing, the Dual Sense controller’s haptic feedback, and other features will be available for an even more immersive gaming experience. If you have the financial ability, my recommendation is the PS5.