Diagnostics and SiteScope integration

What port does the Diagnostics/SiteScope integration use? You point SiteScope to a Diagnostics MEDIATOR on the standard 2006 port. For example you’d set Receiver URL to: http://meditor.customer.com:2006/metricdata/siteScopeData.

And once I tag an existing SiteScope monitor with this Diagnostics integration will I need to do any restarts or touch my files? No there is no need to bounce any servers or touch any files.

When you first try to view SiteScope data in the Diagnostics External Monitors view, by default the monitor’s status is gray and no data is graphed. To see a status (red, yellow, green), you must first set a threshold on a metric (in the details pane). To see data in the graph, you must first select a metric to be charted (in the details pane).

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  1. Hi,

    I tried open url http://:2006/metricdata/siteScopeData in SiteScope Server.
    and has error message in browser can’t integrate.

    “HTTP ERROR: 500 Invalid+request+type%3A+GET+to+post+metrics+data%2E+Request+Sent+From+172%2E32%2E6%2E239

    You know that problem?



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