6 Fixes: Diablo 3 Error 1016

diablo 3 error 1016

Are you getting an Error Message 1016 on Diablo? There are a couple of reasons behind this error. But don’t you worry. This is the guide that will tell you everything about it. 

Diablo 3 has become a popular game since its release in May 2012. It is one of the most thrilling hack-and-slash games. But it’s been over a decade since its release. So, it is natural to fall into a couple of problems.

Let’s start with the first question that pops up in everyone’s mind:

What Is Error Code 1016 In Diablo 3?

What Is Error Code 1016 In Diablo 3

Error Code 1016 is a connection issue. It is related to network problems. So, when you run into Error Code 1016, it is one of the generic problems. 

There can be many reasons behind the connection issue. Sometimes, it has been related to the failure to connect to the server. A Diablo server could be down for you to play the game. Let’s check out all the reasons for this error:

Reasons For Error Code 1016 Diablo 3 Keep Crashing

There can be many reasons for the Diablo 3 error 1016. Here is the list of all the probabilities: 

1. The Use Of IPv6

The Use Of IPv6

The Diablo 3 game was released in May 2012. The Internet Protocol Version 6 started to become popular in June 2012. During these years, until 2015, IPV6 wasn’t that much in use. As for Diablo 3, it doesn’t use IPv6.

This could lead to problems as the extra layer of security is not something the game is prepared for. As a result, it might not even understand the IP Address. This leads to issues. 

2. Error With IP Address 

 Error With IP Address

Another related issue is with the IP address itself. This could happen even if you don’t use or have disabled IPv6. The IP Address for the internet connection might not work for Diablo 3. So, you might have to change around to see what would work for it. 

This is the same as the previous error and causes similar issues with connectivity. 

3. Problem Connecting To The Server

Problem Connecting To The Server

Network Devices and connectivity isn’t the only problem. The server issue could also be a reason. Diablo 3 is an old game, and the server can lose game connectivity. There could be very few options available, fewer servers, and such. 

Diablo 3 is a popular game, but not as much as it used to be. So, there could be server downtime. 

4. Antivirus Blocking The Game

Antivirus Blocking The Game

The problem could be interference from a third-party app. Primarily, it could be from a third-party antivirus. If you use any premium antivirus, you might have to make Diablo 3 an exception. 

Antivirus could block Diablo 3 as a foreign object. This is quite a common issue, especially in the latest Windows versions. So, make sure to check that out. It could also be your Windows Defender, so check that out. 

5. Firewall Blocking The Connection

Firewall Blocking The Connection

A firewall is another security feature related to the internet connection. It can allow a connection from an app or deny it. The probability of a Firewall blocking Diablo 3 is the same as the antivirus doing it. 

It could be treated as a foreign object. So, it is a good idea to check out Firewall settings and see if Diablo 3 can be allowed. 

6. Corrupted Files Or Installation

Corrupted Files Or Installation

Not all issues are related to protocols de internet (Internet protocol) or dirección IP  (IP Address). Sometimes, it is related to installation. The files could have been corrupted, leading to the conexión (connection) issue. 

So, if you’re facing this problem (Problema), it is about time to reinstall Diablo 3. Often, reinstalling it can help you fix all the issues. So, it is worth a try. You could also check the game file integrity.

Checklist Before You Begin

Before you begin with the solutions (Solutions) below, it is better to try a couple of these out. Think of this as an archive (achieve) for steps or diagnoses to follow. This will help you mitigate any serious issues. If you still get the error, you could move to the solutions.

  • Check your internet connection status and speed. Make sure that it provides an apt speed for the gameplay.
Checklist Before You Begin
  • If you use an ethernet connection, ensure the cables are working fine.
  • Restart your router if you have to. Reconnect the network services. You may even reset the network devices.
Checklist Before You Begin
  • Check for driver updates and operating system updates (Windows or macOS).
  • Close any third-party applications, browsers, and anything similar. Check for any service that could be interfering with the game.
  • Check the official news on Diablo 3 to ensure it is up and running. Check the server status, too.

How To Fix Diablo 3 Error 1016? 

  1. Try A VPN Connection
  2. Use The Compatibility Mode 
  3. Reset The IP Address And Flush DNS
  4. Disable The IPV6 Protocol For Game
  5. Add Diablo To Antivirus’ Exceptions List 
  6. Disable The Antivirus Software 

1. Try A VPN Connection

Try A VPN Connection

The server issue is quite common in older games like Diablo 3. If you are having problems connecting to the server, a VPN is worth trying.

You can find many free and premium VPNs. As a general rule, you should always use a premium VPN. Most premium VPNs come with free trials and value-added subscriptions.

Either way, if you don’t use a VPN, first get a trial and see if it is worth investing in. If not, you can always get more VPNs for trial.

These are the steps to follow: 

  • Download and Install a VPN
  • Then find out which region has an active Diablo 3 server.
Try A VPN Connection
  • Connect to the VPN Server of that region.
  • Then launch the Diablo 3 game and connect to that server.
  • See if this solves the issue.

2. Use The Compatibility Mode 

Use The Compatibility Mode

Windows 10 and 11 are the latest additions, and Diablo 3 might not be configured for them. Even though Windows 10 comes with backward compatibility, not all the games work.

So, this step is worth checking out. After all, Windows 10 and 11 have a brilliant compatibility mode feature.

The compatibility mode allows you to use apps, games, and software for the previous OS. These are the tools that aren’t available for the latest Windows OS. So, it is worth a try:

  • First, trace the Diablo 3 shortcut on your Desktop. If you don’t have it on your Desktop, visit the directory wherever you store it.
  • Next, right-click on it; if it is a shortcut, you will see ‘Open File Location.’ Select it.
Use The Compatibility Mode
  • This should lead you to the Diablo3.exe file or something similar.
  • Right-click on the file and select Properties. This will open a new window. You will be in the General Tab.
  • Change the Tab to Compatibility Tab.
  • You will find plenty of options there. Find the one that says, ‘Run this program in compatibility mode.’ Check it on and select Windows 7 from the open drop-down menu.
Use The Compatibility Mode
  • Click on Apply and then OK.
  • Run and see if Diablo 3 error fixes. If not, it is a good idea to visit the Compatibility Tab again.
  • This time, click on ‘Run this program as an administrator.’
  • Once again, apply and save changes and see if that solves the issue.

3. Reset The IP Address And Flush DNS

Reset The IP Address And Flush DNS

As you can guess with the issues, the Diablo 3 error is related to network connectivity. More precisely, the IP Address. So, trying and refresh or reset your IP Address is natural.

This step could help solve the issue faster. All you need to do is:

  • Launch the Run utility. You can press the Key with Windows Icon and R together (Windows Key + R Key). This will launch the Run utility.
  • Next, type ‘cmd’ in the Run Dialog box and hit CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER.
Reset The IP Address And Flush DNS
  • This will launch the Command Prompt with Admin Permission. You will need it for the commands.
  • Now type the following commands, and remember, you have to press Enter after each command without space. After hitting enter, type the next command and follow through:
Ipconfig / flushdns
Ipconfig / release
Ipconfig / release6
Ipconfig / renew
Reset The IP Address And Flush DNS
  • After these commands, you may type.’Exit‘ and hit enter. This will close the command prompt.

4. Disable The IPV6 Protocol For Game

Disable The IPV6 Protocol For Game

Many older games are not compatible with IPv6. Your Diablo 3 game is one of these games, too.

So, it is better to disable IPv6 if you plan on playing Diablo 3 and other older games.

  • First, you will have to open the Control Panel. There are different methods available for it. The best one is to Search for the Control Panel in the Search Bar at the bottom-left corner (Start Menu).
  • In the Control Panel Window, find and select the Network And Internet from the list.
  • You will trace ‘Network And Sharing Center’ in the list. Select and open it.
Disable The IPV6 Protocol For Game
  • You will see the currently active connection. In the left section of the options, you will see ‘Change Adapter Settings.’ Click on it. This will lead you to Network Adapter Settings.
  • This will open a list of all the connections. Right-click on the one that you use to play games. Then go to the Properties.
  • In the Networking Tab of the new window, you will see various settings. Check ‘The connection uses the list of the following items.
  • You will see Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) in the list. Uncheck it. If it is already unchecked, let it be.
  • Make sure to click OK to save changes.
Disable The IPV6 Protocol For Game

See if this solves the issue. The connection should work fine. Don’t uncheck TCP/IPV4 by mistake. Keep that on. Make sure not to make changes to anything else.

5. Add Diablo To Antivirus’ Exceptions List 

Add Diablo To Antivirus' Exceptions List

Your Antivirus software could be posing a couple of problems. It could be blocking the game from initiating or building a connection.

Each Antivirus will have different instructions to add the game to the Exception list. Here we will list down quick steps for some popular Antivirus Software:

  • For Windows Defender: Start Menu > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security > Virus & Threat Protection. From there, go to Manage Settings > Exclusions > Add Or Remove > Add.
Add Diablo To Antivirus' Exceptions List
  • For AVG Antivirus: Home Interface > Settings > Components > Web shield > Exceptions.
  • For Kaspersky Internet Security: Home Interface > Settings > Additional > Threats And Exclusions > Exclusions > Specify Trusted Applications > Add.
  • For Avast Antivirus: Home > Settings > General > Exclusions.
Add Diablo To Antivirus' Exceptions List

Afterward, go to the Folder Directory and add Diablo3.exe to the list. You could also add the entire folder to prevent future issues. 

6. Disable The Antivirus Software 

Disable The Antivirus Software

If Adding to the exception list doesn’t work, or if your Antivirus doesn’t have one, you can disable it. We don’t advise doing this if you use a premium security tool.

But, you may choose to disable the Antivirus for the duration you play the game. After that, you may reactivate it and scan the system for any potential danger.

Each Antivirus will have a different method to disable or close. So, you may have to check that out.

Conclusion – Fix Diablo 3 Error 1016

If, somehow, none of the solutions work, you may choose to reinstall Diablo 3. Often, the error is related to corrupted or incomplete game files. This is the last resort.

If you use Battle.Net, Steam, or any other engine, you could also check the integrity of game files.

You could also check the Firewall, just in case, and use the steps to allow Diablo 3 through it.

But we hope that these steps help you out. This was the list of the complete solutions. So, we hope you found what you were looking for.

FAQs –

Why Does My Diablo 3 Keep Crashing?

Diablo 3 games could crash if you have improper installation. It could also be related to interrupted or unstable internet connections. So, diagnose these issues and see if you can solve them. 

Is Diablo 3 Free For PC, Switch, And Other Consoles?

Diablo 3 is available for Switch now. There are rumors that it could be available for Android and iPhone in the future, but that is highly unlikely. For now, we have Diablo Immortal for smartphones. Either way, only Diablo Immortal is free, not Diablo 3. 

Can My PC Handle Diablo 3?

Most modern PCs and laptops can easily run Diablo 3. It requires 4 GB Ram, Windows 7 or latest, and Intel Core 2 or above processor. For graphics, you need NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT, Intel HD Graphics 4,000, or anything similar. With stable high-speed internet connectivity, you may run Diablo 3 smoothly. 

Can Diablo Run On Windows 10 With Wi-Fi? 

Diablo 3 won’t have any issues running on Windows 10 with Wi-Fi. You might have to choose the Compatibility option to ensure it works best. Apart from that, you could try and run older versions, but you might need some gear. Windows 10 is quite a versatile operating system.