8 Fixes: Dev Error 6634 In Call Of Duty Warzone

dev error 6634

Do you commonly face an issue named Dev error 6634 while playing the game “warzone”? Many players around the globe have encountered this issue while playing Warzone and not only Warzone but other games, including Call of Duty Modern Warfare

This problem was reportedly faced in the latter mentioned game by users of PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S/ Xbox Series X. This problem may occur due to an issue in the installation of the multiplayer pack on consoles or a bad cache of the game on PC.

Warzone game screen displaying DEV Error 6634

This article will discuss fixing Dev Error 6068, mainly Warzone Dev error 6634. 

As we previously discussed Dev Error 6086 was faced mainly by users of particular systems while playing Modern Warfare; similarly, this issue is faced commonly by the users of Windows OS.

The reasons are corrupted game files, internal glitches in the game, outdated graphics drivers, and many more. 

What causes Warzone Dev error 6634?

It may be quite annoying for players to get interrupted by this code while playing the game, it can be discouraging to start the game all over again, and it also ruins the whole experience for the player.

Several underlying conditions may result in the 6634 after reviewing several user reports and attempting to simulate the problem firsthand. The following is a list of possible offenders:

  1. Watch Item Bug- When a gamer wears the Stitch controller and any Cold War wristwatch, a well-known flaw frequently results in deadly game failures. The problem has still not been fixed as of the publication of this article. The only way to get around this issue is to take the watch item out of service to stop the error that causes the issue. The issue usually arose with Multiplayer Pack 2 & 3 controllers. To resolve this glitch on your gaming device, you will have to install the Multiplayer 2 & 3 packs properly.
  2. Improper Shader Installation– On the PC, a poorly maintained shader package is another pretty frequent perpetrator that may cause this developer error. If you recently upgraded your Graphics, this is a likely occurrence.  To fix this issue, you must reload the application shaders from the COD game’s Settings menu.
  3. COD Bundle issue – If this technical issue affects Warzone, there’s a good possibility that the issue is based on a conflict between files from several game modes like Zombie Mode, Single Player, or Multiplayer. After removing their COD package and downloading the standalone version of Warzone, several customers who were experiencing this issue reported that the issue was resolved in their situation.

Solutions To Fix Warzone Dev Error 6634

  1.  Check System Requirements to Run Warzone
  2.   Repair The Game Files
  3.   Free Up the VRAM & RAM
  4.   Update The Graphics Driver
  5.   Install All Windows Updates
  6.    Reinstall All the Shaders
  7.   Change Your Skins, Loadouts, and Operators
  8.   Change To Another Account

 1. Check System Requirements to Run Warzone

The following systems are required to run the game “warzone” without complications.

  • Operating System: Windows 10/11 64-bit
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 / GeForce GTX 1650 or Radeon HD 7950
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-4340 or AMD FX-6300
  • Memory Storage: 175 GB

2. Repair The Game Files

We first suspect some in-game corruption files whenever such an encounter is faced. To take care of this issue, you can either reinstall or do the scan and repair procedure. 

First, we will check out how to scan and repair. Procedure for scan and repair:

  1. Launch Battle.net.
  2. Go to the left menu and choose Call of Duty: MW from the PARTNER GAMES section.
  3. Click on options and next choose scan and repair.
  4. Click on Begin Scan, and wait patiently for the process to end.
  5. After completion, try restarting the game; if you face the same issue, you can try reinstalling or checking out the other fixes mentioned below.
Warzone game interface with highlighted options
A dialogue box in Warzone confirming the Scan for corrupt files

3. Free Up the VRAM & RAM

The warzone game starts frequently hanging when you keep running for some time as it faces memory leakage, implying it will use up more of your RAM or VRAM as it keeps running.

To get past this, you can either restart your game which will reset the game’s memory usage, or use programs like MSI Afterburn that will detect when your system is facing a problem and prevent restarting the game.

4. Update The Graphics Driver

Warzone Dev Error 6634 may also occur due to problems arising from outdated or broken graphic drivers and will cause compatibility issues. 

To take care of this problem, it is highly insisted to keep your graphic drivers up to date as it will not only prevent compatibility issues but also prevent the game from lagging/crashing.

There are two ways through which you can update your graphic drivers.

a) Manual method:

Device manager dialogue box with highlighted steps for fixing DEV Error 6634

Visit the GPU manufacturer’s website

  • Intel
  • AMD 

Next, locate your currently used GPU model. Then install the latest driver installer that is the most compatible with your system OS. After installing, open the driver installer and proceed with the on-screen instructions to update.

b) Automatic method:

If you don’t know how to update drivers manually, you can use the Diver Easy Tool to update them automatically. The Driver Easy Tool will match the right driver according to your windows version and graphics card; then, it’ll download them correctly.

After the update finishes, restart your PC to check for the error, In case the problem persists, try the next fix.

5. Install All Windows Updates

You would’ve noticed pop-up on your screens, showing the latest updates for Microsoft Windows, which include the latest security patches. 

Make sure you update your system frequently to avoid countering such issueWindowsave listed some steps below through which you can manually check for updates.

  • Press the Windows logo key on your keyboard, or click on windows on the bottom left of the screen. Next, click on the gear icon to open the settings tab.
  • Locate and tap on the Update and Security option.
  • Next, tap on the windows update.
  • Choose the “Check for Updates” options.
  • After the update finishes. Restart your PC.
  • Open warzone, Check if the problem continues.
Windows Updates tab with highlighted option to update the windows
Windows Update and Security tab with the option to check for updates

6. Reinstall All the Shaders

 Shaders are a program that assists in rendering different pixels. Some players reported that the error was fixed when they reinstalled shaders. Follow the given steps to reinstall shaders.

  • Run the Modern Warfare and then go to options.
  • Go to the Graphics tab and choose “Restart Shaders Installation.”
  • Hit the Restart option to proceed further.
  • Wait patiently until the process completes and after completion, open the game and check for errors.
in-game graphics settings on Warzone with option to restart Shaders installer

7. Change Your Skins, Loadouts, and Operators

The problem may occur due to a glitch in the game and not necessarily in the device; games are quite commonly known to have bugs. 

To solve this change in In-game elements, like switching the operators and load-outs from Black Ops Cold War to Modern Warfare. Also, remove all the skins. Following the mentioned steps might prevent your game from crashing anymore.

Warzone screen with different in-game skins

8. Change To Another Account

Try changing accounts and running the game; this might fix the problem. If the problem gets fixed, analyze the differences between the two accounts.

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Wrapping Up

Hopefully, we have provided you with enough information on ways to fix Warzone Dev Error 6634. We hope any of the given solutions did fix your problems and helped you continue your gaming experience with ease.