6 Fixes For Destiny Weasel Error Code For Destiny 5

The Destiny Weasel error code is, without a doubt, one of the most well-known error codes. Users may experience this while playing Destiny. It happens due to a packet loss or a network disruption.

Usually between the user’s home network and the Bungie servers. ISP saturation or general internet congestion are common culprits. A malfunctioning WiFi or mobile hotspot setup can also cause the issue.

Destiny Weasel Error Code message

It is advised that you try to connect to the Internet via a wired connection. Play the game again to see if the problem persists.

What Is Error Code: Weasel?

Error Code Weasel is a problem with Cross-Save. It happens when “Attempts to log in to various platforms at the same time. If their account has Cross-Save enabled, they will receive a WEASEL error on whichever platform they logged in on first.”

Destiny 2’s servers detect multiple connections from the same account on different devices. Every device associated with this account will be returned to the title screen. It shows a Weasel error message.

Methods To Fix Destiny Weasel Error Code 

  1. Create A New PSN Account
  2. Unlink Destiny App
  3. Clan Invites
  4. Clear Xbox One Cache
  5. Replace Your Coax Cables And Splitter
  6. PowerCycling Consoles

1. Create A New PSN Account

Users from all across the world appear to have benefited from creating a new PSN account. While playing Destiny, it fixed their Weasel-related error code. The entire procedure of getting the game to work may appear to be far too straightforward. Until Bungie fixes the problem, it seems to be one of the only methods to play the game usually.

  • Create a new PSN account to connect a local user to a PlayStation Network (PSN) account.
  • Start your PS4 and go to the PlayStation Log-in screen and select “New User,” then “Create a User” or “Play as a Guest.”
PlayStation login screen with create new user and login options
  • It will make a local user on the PS4 rather than a PSN account.
  • “Next” is followed by “New to PlayStation Network?” “Sign Up Now” after “Create an Account.”
PlayStation sign in page
  • If you pick Skip, you can immediately choose an avatar and a name for your local user and play offline.
  • To sign up for PSN later, go to your avatar on the PS4 home screen.
Select country or region option
  • On the PS4 home screen, go to User 1’s Profile. On each screen, enter your information and preferences, then press Next.
  • You’ll establish a local user for offline play if you’re under the age of 18 when you input your birthday. Later, you’ll need to have an adult approve the account.
  • You’ll need to validate the email address you enter to ensure you have access to it.
  • Fill in your first and last names to create an Online ID. Your Online ID is the name that other PSN users will see when they log in.
Texts slots to enter name and ID
  • Check your mail for a verification link and click it. Check your spam and garbage folders if you haven’t received an account verification email.
  • If you still can’t find it, go to Help and modify your email address or request that the email be resent.
  • To link your PSN and Facebook accounts, select Log in with Facebook or Do This Later.
  • Now that you have a new PSN account, you can try out the game.
  • Examine your PC to see if the Weasel error code is still present.

2. Unlink Destiny App

For many people, unlinking the Destiny app from their account works. The app is a smartphone companion app. It can be helpful in various situations, but it looks that deleting or unlinking it is the best method to remedy the problem.

  • Sign in to Bungie.net using the login method that will NOT be removed in the following stages.
  • Go to the Settings page and select “Accounts & Linking” from the drop-down menu.
  • To remove the app authentication mechanism from your account, click “Unlink” next to it.
  • You can also just uninstall it from your smartphone by holding down its symbol in the app list. If you’re using an Android, then drag it to the uninstall button.
  • Hold one of the applications from the menu where all apps are located on an iPhone, and they will start wiggling. On the majority of them, small “x” buttons will emerge. 
  • Locate the Destiny one and remove it by selecting it and hitting the “x” button.

3. Clan Invites

A malfunctioning clan invite mechanism caused the issue. Most folks who are having problems with the Weasel error code seem to be concerned about this. When someone invites you to a clan, you’ll likely make a mistake. To avoid obtaining this error notice, make sure you don’t have any pending clan invites.

  • To erase the invite and prevent the error message, have the clan admin knock you out of the clan you joined.
  • Checking Bungie.net  is another approach to avoid the problem. Check the Memberships tab to see if you’ve received a new clan invite. To avoid seeing the error warning, join the clan and then quit it as soon as possible.

4. Clear Xbox One Cache

Several individuals have reported that clearing the cache on Xbox One helped them resolve their Weasel problem. This procedure should be beneficial. Ensure that all of your games are synced and backed up online.

This method may delete them from your Xbox One’s local memory. On Xbox One, there are a few ways to clear the cache:

  • Press and hold the power switch on the Xbox console’s front until it completely turns down.
  • Remove the power brick from the Xbox’s back. Several times press and hold the Xbox’s power button. Assume there is no remaining power, and the cache will be cleaned.
Xbox One console with controller
  • Wait for the indicator light on the power brick to change color from white to orange after plugging it in.
  • Return the Xbox to its original state. When you start Destiny or Destiny 2, observe if the Weasel error code still appears.

Alternative Method 

  • Go to “Settings” on your Xbox One and select “Network,” then “Advanced Settings.”
  • Scroll down to the Alternate Mac Address section and select the Clear option.
  • Your console will be rebooted.

5. Replace Your Coax Cables And Splitter

People use poor coax connections and splitters for their Internet connection. Individuals used cable Internet to play the game. It was discovered that replacing these resolved the issue.

You have access to the Internet via cable. For more than a couple of years, you haven’t replaced any of your equipment. Then you should contact a cable provider specialist. Simply purchase and change the wires as well as the splitter on your own.

6. PowerCycling Consoles

The problem is caused by incorrect launch setups, which results in this error. To solve the problem, we’ll completely power-cycle our consoles in this stage. As a result:

  • Unplug your console and the internet router from the wall outlet.
  • For 20 seconds, press the power button on the back of the router and the front of the console.
  • To turn on the router and console, plug them back in and hit the power switch.
  • Wait for internet access to be given and see if the problem still exists.


Error Code Weasel is an annoying issue that many Destiny 2 players are experiencing. Here’s all you need to understand about Error Code: Weasel. Follow all the remedies provided above, and it will indeed resolve the issue.


How Do I Get Constant Error Code Weasel Destiny Code?

Code of Error Cross-Save is a problem with Weasel. It happens when “players attempt to log in to numerous platforms at the same time.” If their account has Cross-Save enabled, they will receive a WEASEL error on whichever platform they logged in on first.

Can’t Connect To 2 Destiny Servers?

During this time, it’s conceivable that too many users connect to the Destiny servers. You will be unable to communicate because the servers are overloaded. So you can put off playing the game for a bit and try again later.

What Does Error Code Bee Mean?

Code of Error Bee has been connected to network issues. It’s caused by the same kinds of problems that cause error codes like Fly and Lion. Due to disconnections between the internet paths, your traffic traverses to reach Bungie.

How To Fix Error Code Weasel Mean In Destiny 2 PC?

Bungie’s Error Code is an issue. It happens when Destiny 2 players try to log into several platforms at the same time. Cross-Save is enabled on their account is Error Code Weasel.