7 Easy Ways To Delete Voicemail On Android Phone

So, you’re looking to delete voicemail on Android for your phone number. Given below are the instructions and some guidelines. These will help you delete the voicemail. But, we also listed some methods to set up or alternatives.

This isn’t limited to the built-in option but the multiple voicemails available today. For instance, you will find an option to access through the phone’s dial pad and visual apps. So, let’s begin shuffling and find that first voicemail message to delete:

How To Delete Voicemail Messages On Android Smartphones?

  1. Make Sure That You Have A Voice Mail Service
  2. Using Your Mobile Carrier Voicemail 
  3. Using The Built-In Phone App
  4. Using A Third-Party Voicemail
  5. For The Visual Voicemail 
  6. Delete The MMS / SMS 
  7. Contact The Support Team 

1. Make Sure That You Have A Voice Mail Service

Make Sure That You Have A Voice Mail Service

The first step for you will be to confirm if you have the voicemail active. For this, there are a couple of methods for you to try:

  • Check with your service provider. See if you have the voicemail service accessible.
  • See if you have Setup voice mail on your mobile phone.
  • Of course, you have the service if you use a voicemail app.
iPhone or Android
  • You could also get busy on a call and dial another phone number. See if call forwarding or a voicemail is connecting it.

2. Using Your Mobile Carrier Voicemail

Once you’ve confirmed that you have voicemail, move to the following:

  • First, tap on your Android phone icon to launch the app.
Using Your Mobile Carrier Voicemail
  • Next, you will have to find the speed dial for your voicemail (according to the carrier).
  • Each carrier has a different option to reach the voicemail tab. For example, AT&T will need you to press 1 or use the voicemail option. Verizon has a separate app for the setup.
voicemail tab
  • Pressing the quick dial on your phone’s dial pad should lead you to voicemail service. You might have to provide a password to enter. It is usually a 4-digit code. 
  • You set up this code when you enable voice mail.
  • Either way, you can press different keys for functions. For instance, usually, Pressing 1 will play the latest voice mail. 7 on the number pad is to delete them. 
  • It could ask you to choose the voicemail to delete or delete all. 
  • You can repeat the process to delete the voicemails as you hear them.
  • Deleting voicemails right after listening to them is a great way to conserve space.
  • You will never run out of voicemail storage if you use this method.

3. Using The Built-In Phone App

Your smartphone comes with a built-in app for voicemail. It becomes available once you activate the Voicemail service. But, it is possible that your model might not have this option.

That’s a common missing feature in countries where people don’t use voicemail. But your phone will have it if you’re from the area that uses voice mail.

Some people also use third-party voicemail apps, like Google Voice. More on that in the next step. Let’s focus on the built-in app for this one:

  • From the Home Screen, press the Phone icon and then tap on voicemail.
  • If the voicemail option isn’t available on the phone’s dial pad, open the Menu (top of the screen, the three dots). You will find voicemail in the options.
Using The Built-In Phone App
  • You can then access and listen to all the available voice mails.
voicemail settings
  • Go ahead and delete the ones you want. It should have a delete option or the trash can icon for you. So tap delete to remove them from your device. 
voicemail number

Remember, this option only works if you have a phone app that supports voicemail. 

4. Using A Third-Party Voicemail App

Now, this step is for those who are using a third-party voicemail app. For instance, there is Sprint or Google Voice. It could be another visual voicemail app. What do you do?

  • First, track and launch the App.
google voice
  • You probably have a passcode to provide that.
  • Once you’re in, each app will have a different interface.
  • You can listen to them and choose to delete them.
  • You can continue using a Force Stop method if there isn’t any such option.
  • Exit the app, and track the Icon once again. Long-press on it to open the information. If not, you can go to Settings > Apps and find the App there.
Using A Third-Party Voicemail App
  • Either way, press Force Stop to stop it. Then there will be the Clear Data and Clear Cache options.
  • First, see if Force Stop did the job. If not, then clear the cache. Even if that doesn’t help, then Delete Data.
all greatings
  • If none of the options worked, you could do the same for your built-in Phone app.

Generally, people ask you to factory reset and such. We find that illogical, so that we won’t suggest anything like that.

5. For The Visual Voicemail

Visual Voicemail

Some people have a visual voicemail available as an app. Before you try the above steps, you could also try this solution.

  • First, track the visual voicemail app. It could be almost anywhere. The latest interface might have it in alphabetical order (Android 12 and above).
track the visual voicemail app
  • The Visual  Voicemail looks like two circles joined by an underline.
  • Once you find it, tap on it to open it. It will show you everything, like voicemail history, a method to achieve it, and more.
  • You can easily play and listen to any voice mail. Remember that voicemails have commands to play, pause, and shuffle. So you can do that.
easily play and listen to any voice mail
  • Once you find the voicemail, you wish to delete, press and hold it. It will show you a trash can icon. Go ahead and tap on it to delete it.
  • Repeat the process for all the voicemails.
  • You can select multiple voicemails at a time.

6. Delete The MMS / SMS 

A few service providers don’t have any dedicated voicemail service or mailbox. It is combined into the SMS or MMS box. So, you might want to try the SMS or the MMS inbox to be sure.

Of course, if your phone doesn’t support the MMS inbox, you might not have received a voicemail. Still:

  • Find and open the SMS app.
  • Use the search bar to type for voicemail notification.
  • If you can’t find it like that, use the categorization like Personal and such.
  • You will find MMS and SMS. All you need to do is long-press it and then delete it.
Delete The MMS / SMS
  • You can listen to it before you delete it.
Select Yes

7. Contact Customer Service Of The Service Provider 

Did none of the steps work for you? You have hit all the right checkboxes, but still no results. Don’t worry. There’s always a last resort.

You can quickly call the Support Team for your service provider. Each cellular network has its dedicated customer support. It could be:

  • An app with built-in customer support options.
  • A number to dial and contact customer support.
Contact Customer Service Of The Service Provider
  • Automated support.

These options usually come with features to access voicemail. You can easily listen to them or delete them from there.

So, if none of the above-given options worked for you, give this one a try.

Alternatives To A Voice Mail Service On An Android Device

Did you know that some countries and people don’t use voicemail? While some might have it as a habit, others prefer more advanced methods. Here are a few alternatives to the voicemail:

Alternatives To A Voice Mail Service On An Android Device
  • WhatsApp, Google Chat, iMessage, and such tools often come with voice message options. You can record and send it. This includes Snapchat nowadays.

The only drawback to these is that people could have the notifications off. But that goes for almost any service.

Even voicemail requires you to access it actively and check for anything new. So, it would help if you had a habit.

Call Forwarding Feature 

The call forwarding feature allows people to contact a second number in case you’re busy on the first. You can also add the call forwarding number to the voicemail for people to reach it directly. Use the following instructions:

  • Open the Phone app and go to Settings.
  • In Settings, you will find the call forwarding option.
Call Forwarding Feature
  • If it isn’t there, your provider might not offer it.
  • You could also go and check the Network & SIM services option. See if call forwarding is available there.
Always Forward
  • If it is, set it up as per your requirements, which should do the job.

Setup Or Remove Voicemail Number

Setup Or Remove Voicemail Number

When you launch the Voicemail setup, it will automatically ask you to provide the number and such. To set up voicemail and the passcode: 

  • Once again, locate the Phone App on your device.
  • Tap to open it; in the top-right corner, you will see three dots.
  • Tap on them and then select Settings.
  • This will open all the Call-related settings. Scroll and find the Voicemail in the options.
Voicemail Number
  • There will be Notifications and Advanced Settings. Select the Advanced Settings.
  • Then you will have two more options. You can select the service to change where or which company will offer you this service.
  • If you select Setup, it will lead you to set up a Voicemail passcode and activate the service.
  • Before you activate the service, learn about any extra costs from the provider.
  • Once you set it up, you will have it ready to go.
Setup Voicemail Number
  • You can use the same method to remove the voicemail. All you need to do is delete the passcode.
  • Once you delete the voicemail passcode, the voicemail most likely deletes itself.
  • If that doesn’t work, remove the number from the service you’re using for voicemail. That should do the job. 

Disable The Voicemail Notification On Android Phone

Disable The Voicemail Notification On Android Phone

If you don’t want to delete the voicemail but just looking for ways to disable notifications:

  • First, locate the app that you’re using for voicemail. If it is the Phone App, you will have to go there.
  • You can open the Phone’s settings and go to App Management.
Go to installed apps
  • There, locate the Voicemail app and select it.
  • There, you will have various settings. See the Notifications option.
  • In the notification option, you can customize what you want to do with the app.
  • You can disable all the notifications or customize them to work with DND.
can disable all the notifications or customize them to work with DND
  • Once you make changes, that’s all.
  • Remember that if you disable the Phone’s notifications, that could backfire. You won’t receive notifications for any incoming calls.

Conclusion – Delete Voicemail On Android

Now you know everything on how to delete voicemail on Android. You can edit the notification bar or delete the voicemail. Remember that each service provider might have a slightly different approach. But these work for the majority.

So, go ahead and disable, enable, set up, or delete the voicemail. Read all the terms and conditions or any VAS charges.

Voicemail is still quite a popular service. It won’t be wrong for you to keep storage empty for important messages. We hope that you found some valuable guidelines and insight into it.


Can You Force Stop The App To Delete Voicemail?

There are some cases where Force Stopping an app could delete voicemails. But, nowadays, the android is too secure and well-functional.
A forced stop might not work, so you might want to clear the cache and delete or clear data. This will ensure that the voicemail in that specific app is deleted once and for all. 

How To Archive Voicemail On Samsung Galaxy?

First, you will have to open the voicemail app on Samsung Galaxy. The built-in app will be available on the dial pad or phone. Once you’re there, visit the voicemail and select the one you want to archive.
Long-hold it or long-press it for the options to appear. It will have delete and archive among the options. So select achieve. 

How To Change Your Voicemail Password?

Each voicemail service has a different way to change the voicemail password. Generally, you will have to go to the Phone App’s settings, find the VoiceMail, and then go to Setup. There you will find the passcode. You can remove it and then change it. 

Is There Any Need For Voicemail Service Like Sprint Anymore?

Many people still prefer to use Voicemail despite the advent of the latest options. If you’re from America, Australia, and other similar nations, you will find voicemail in use.
This is especially true for the professional field. So, make sure to use them if your social circle, or workplace, uses the service.