How To Delete Bookmarks in Chrome, Edge, IE, Safari, and Firefox

We make bookmarks to easily access websites or pages of a website, with one click. Bookmarks are a great idea to visit frequently visiting websites even faster. Every web browser lets you create bookmarks. Do you know how to remove them? Well, this article will help you get rid of bookmarks that you no longer need on your browser.

Deleting Bookmarks on popular browsers

These are the most popular web browsers that people use all over the world, with billions of regular users.

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Microsoft Edge
  3. Internet Explorer
  4. Mozilla Firefox
  5. Safari

We will be discussing the different ways one can remove website and web page bookmarks from these browsers. This is a very simple task. The following information contains details on how to delete bookmarks from some of the most used browsers.

How to delete bookmarks on different web browsers?

1. Google Chrome (Windows & Mac)

If you use Google Chrome and have an important website to visit often, you will have noticed that the Chrome browser has a dedicated Bookmarks bar. It is quite simple to add and also remove bookmarks from this bar. There are four ways to get rid of a bookmark.

There are four ways to delete bookmarks from Google Chrome on computers and only one way to remove bookmarks in the Chrome App for mobile devices.

1. Bookmarks bar

When you open Chrome, the first page that you see is the home page. If you have made bookmarks before, you will be able to see a bookmarks bar under the address bar. 

The Bookmark bar under the address bar in Google Chrome

You just have to right-click on the bookmark that you want to delete and select Delete from the small pop-up menu.

Deleting a bookmark from the Bookmark bar

This will be deleted without any warning prompt. 

2. Bookmark Manager

The Bookmark Manager is a Google Chrome feature that is dedicated to adding, removing, and managing bookmarks in Google Chrome. You will be able to find all your bookmarks in the Bookmark Manager window. 

These are the steps to delete saved bookmarks through the Bookmark Manager:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Click on the three-dots menu on the top right corner of the window and select the Bookmarks option.
  3. This will further expand to a little sub-menu, from where you have to choose Bookmark Manager
Chrome menu > Bookmarks > Bookmark Manager options in the Chrome menu
  1. You can also use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + O) to open the Bookmark Manager. Another alternative is to type in “chrome://bookmarks” in the address bar and press Enter.
  2. You’ll see a list of all your bookmarks. Click on the three-dots button on the right side of the bookmark that you want to delete and select Delete
Bookmark Manager in Google Chrome

The bookmark will be deleted. You can undo it within 5 seconds, on the small notification that appears temporarily on the lower left part of the window.

3. Bookmark List

You find a list of saved bookmarks in the Chrome menu. These bookmarks can be deleted here.

  1. Click on the three-dots menu and click on the Bookmarks settings. 
  2. You’ll notice a few options, under which your bookmarks are present. 
  3. Right-click on the unwanted bookmark and select Delete.
Bookmark List in Chrome menu

4. Bookmarked Page

You can remove a bookmark from the bookmarked website itself.

  1. Enter the URL of the website and open the bookmark website. 
  2. Click on the Star icon on the right-most end of the address bar and select Edit Bookmark.
  3. From the small dialog box, select Remove to remove the bookmark.
The Edit bookmark dialog box in Chrome

2. Google Chrome (Android & iOS devices)

  1. Launch the Chrome browser app on your mobile.
  2. Touch the menu button and choose the Bookmarks option in the menu.
  3. Touch the three dots menu on the right side of the bookmark that you want to remove and select Delete to get rid of it.
The Mobile bookmarks screen in Google Chrome for Android

3. Microsoft Edge

The Edge browser, developed by Microsoft, has two ways to get rid of unwanted bookmarks.

1. Direct Method

  1. Launch the Microsoft Edge browser.
  2. Open the menu, by clicking on the three-dots icon on the upper right part of the window.
  3. Select Favorites in the dropdown menu and then, click on the More Options button, at the top.
  4. In the Favourites window, click on the bookmark that you want to get rid of and then, select Delete.
Favorites bar in Microsoft Edge browser

This will remove the bookmark from the favorites menu.

2. Shortcut 

The easiest way to remove watermarks from the Microsoft Edge browser is by using a shortcut. 

These are the ways to remove saved bookmarks from Microsoft Edge:

  1. Go to the website, which you added to your favorites. 
  2. You’ll see a star icon on the right part of the address bar. Click on it and select Remove.
The Edit favorite dialog box in Microsoft Edge

You will not be able to see the bookmark unless you add it again.

4. Internet Explorer

 There are three ways to remove bookmarks from Internet explorer.

1. The easiest way to delete bookmarks in Internet Explorer is to open the Favorites menu, right-click on a bookmark, and select Delete

2. You can delete bookmarks in the Favourites Manager. Open the Favorites menu, click on the downward-facing arrow and choose Organize Favorites. You can add, move, rename or delete bookmarks here.

The Organize Favorites dialog box in the Internet Explorer

3. Another way to remove bookmarks from the Internet Explorer web browser is by deleting the Favourites folder in C:\Users\username\Favorites of the Windows File Explorer.

The Favorites folder in Windows File Explorer

5. Mozilla Firefox

The Firefox web browser has three methods to get rid of unwanted bookmarks.

1. Click on the books icon to the immediate right of the address bar and select Bookmarks. Right-click on the bookmark you want to remove from your browser and select Delete.

The Favorites segment in Internet Explorer

2. Open the hamburger menu on the top-right corner and go to Libraries > Bookmarks. Then, right-click on the bookmark and select Delete from the pop-up menu.

3. The easiest way to remove a bookmark on Firefox is to right-click on the bookmark from the bookmarks bar and select Remove Bookmark to delete it.

4. The final technique to remove your bookmarks is to click on the hamburger menu > Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks > Bookmarks Toolbar and then, right-click on the bookmark and choose Remove Bookmark.

6. Safari

1. Press the Command + Option + B keys to open the Bookmarks Manager. 

2. Hold the control panel, choose the bookmark you want to remove and choose Delete from the little dialog box.

Delete bookmark in Apple Safari

You can use the same method to delete multiple bookmarks and the bookmarks in the Favorites bar.

7. Safari (iOS devices) 

  1. Tap the book icon at the bottom of the iPhone or iPad screen. This is the Bookmarks menu.
  2. Go into the Bookmarks tab. There is no name present on the tab and instead, you’ll see the same icon as the Bookmarks menu.
  3. You’ll see a list of all the bookmarks you have on your iOS device. Here, choose Edit to manage the saved bookmarks.
  4. Touch the minus icon (-) to remove it.
  5. In the prompt screen, press Delete to get rid of it. 

These are the various methods that can be used to delete the saved bookmarks from the browsers on your Windows & macOS computers and Android & iOS devices.