7 Solutions to Delete a Page in Google Docs

When using Google Docs, you will occasionally come across blank pages in a document. You may have hit ‘Ctrl + Enter’ by accident when typing, or you may have copied anything from somewhere with drastically different formatting. Documents with unnecessary blank pages can appear unprofessional in either case.

It is a prevalent problem with Google Docs documents, as well as many other writing tools. Everyone despises it when their manuscript is ruined by a blank page that pops out of nowhere.

Fortunately, removing the blank pages in a Google Docs document is an easy process. Here is a solution to “how to delete a page in Google Docs.” Also, some other valuable Google Docs tips.

Google Docs has several tools that might help you with your work. These features are essential for learning if you use Google Docs as your primary word processor.

What is a Google Docs Extra Page?

Random blank pages can emerge out of nowhere when you’re working on a large manuscript. It is not a cause for alarm, even if you don’t recall entering a blank page. It does not mean that there is a problem with Google Docs. It also doesn’t mean that it’s adding pages you don’t want.

Most likely, you added an extra page by accident. You may simply hit and hold the Enter key for a few seconds longer than usual. On the other hand, you added a page break or a section break by accident. As a result, it’s critical to check over the document again before sending it to your coworkers or business acquaintances.

Multiple Ways to “How Delete a Page In Google Docs”? 

For anyone who wants to use Google Docs for business or school, knowing how to delete a page is crucial. The good thing is that you can do it in a few ways. It all depends on whether the page is blank or has any text.

1. Use the Backspace Button to Clear Content

In Google Docs, the simplest way to erase unwanted pages is to delete the page content with the backspace key. Google Docs will immediately erase the unwanted page once you have cleared everything on it.

  • Open your document with Google Docs.
  • Place your cursor at the unwanted page end and select all of the text. (Perhaps you created some undesirable hidden spaces.) 
clear unwanted space by backspace key
  • Keep hitting the Backspace key.
  • Your selected page will be erased from your Doc in a matter of seconds. 

However, be careful just to pick the words you want to erase. Also, don’t keep the Backspace key down for too long, as this will destroy all of your content in a matter of seconds.

2. Using Delete Key For Unwanted Page In Google Docs 

If you are using a Backspace key, but it didn’t work. It simply took you back to the previous page. Yes, both Google Docs and MS Word function in this manner. You probably haven’t tried deleting anything yet. The erase option will easily remove that undesired blank page in this case. 

  • Place the mouse cursor at the bottom of the previous page and hit delete.
  • If the above method fails, try highlighting the blank page and pressing the Delete button again.
delete unwanted page using Delete key
  • In the vast majority of circumstances, the preceding approach will suffice, which is why you should always try it first before looking into alternative solutions. However, the blank page does appear on occasion.

3. Check Custom Spacing Value To Delete Unwanted Page

For many new authors, formatting is a nightmare. Because Google Docs allows you a lot of customization in terms of how your document is formatted, mistakes are possible.

If your document’s custom spacing is too huge, Google Docs may create a new page for you when you complete typing. Here’s how to avoid this problem by adjusting your spacing.

  • Open Google Docs and navigate to the document that contains the page you want to remove.
  • Select Custom spacing from the Format menu bar by hovering over Line spacing. It will bring up a menu option.
line spacing settings
  • After a paragraph, you must change the space. If the value is more than 0, Google Docs may create an empty page due to this setting. Change the value to 0 in this scenario.
custom spacing set to zero
  • Check to see if the undesirable page has vanished by pressing the Apply button.

Before making any changes, make a note of your default settings. Additionally, you must ensure that adding a custom value to your material does not make it more difficult to understand.

4. Adjust Page Breaks And Section Breaks

When you have a blank page in an important document that you can’t type on, it is one of the most frustrating situations. It typically implies you’ve accidentally introduced an unwanted page break, which has now taken up the entire page. Don’t be concerned. It’s effortless to get rid of a page break.

  • After the blank space, place the cursor.
  • Hold the Backspace button for a few seconds. (Another option is to use the Delete key.)
  • The unwelcome page should vanish.

Again, caution is required because a single lapse in judgment could delete everything. Keep an eye on the file while using the Backspace button. Remove your finger as soon as the extra page has been erased.

Remove the page break by pressing Backspace or Delete. Your manuscript should immediately revert to the correct number of pages.

5. Fix Unwanted Page By Changing The Margins

Page margins are the problem if you don’t want to eliminate material from your document. They’re presumably set at a considerable size. So you may change the page setup in Google Docs to get rid of an undesired page.

  • To correct this, follow these steps:
  • At the top of the document, select “File.” Select “Page setup” from the drop-down menu. 
open page setup from file tab
  • Set all of your margins to whatever size you choose when a popup appears. (A smaller number indicates a smaller margin.) 
manage page margins
  • In most circumstances, eliminating the unneeded page in Google Docs will solve your problem. 

However, you will have a lesser profit margin. If the problem were that your left or right margins were too wide, this would help you repair it. Also, before making any changes, make a note of your default margin value.

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6. Deleting Blank Pages in Google Docs(Android)

For many people, utilizing Android with Google Docs has become the de facto standard. Both android and google docs are Google products. Although the processes are pretty similar to those listed above, here’s a quick walkthrough of how to do it.

  • By clicking on the Google Docs widget, you can access the app.
  • Now, open your file and tap the Edit icon, which looks like a pencil, to delete the unwanted blank pages.
  • Then, in the overflow menu, tap the three vertical dots.
  • Then tap Print style to get rid of any blank pages.

Remove an unwanted page by following the instructions.

  • Go to Google Docs and create a new document.
  • Now on file, if you want to delete pages, click More or the three vertical dots.
  • After that, tap Remove to get rid of it.

7. Deleting  Unwanted Blank Pages in Google Docs (ChromeBook)

If you want to eliminate a blank page in Google Docs documents on your Chromebook, follow the steps. Here’s a short overview of how to do it, similar to the methods outlined above.

  • Open the page in the Google Docs application.
  • Now press Backspace or Remove on the blank page you want to delete. If the blank page is after a document, move your cursor to the top of the page until the Remove option appears, then click it.

Can The Solutions To Delete A Page in Google Docs Also Apply To Removing Duplicates in Google Sheets?

When it comes to Google Sheets, knowing how to remove duplicates can streamline your data management. While the solutions to delete a page in Google Docs may not directly apply, the process of identifying and eliminating unnecessary elements can be equally beneficial in both applications.


Google Docs appears to be an essential web-based tool, but it has many formatting options, which might mess up the arrangement and spacing of your pages. With adequate Google Docs formatting knowledge, you can figure out “How to Delete a Page in Google Docs.” In just a few clicks, you should be able to remove an undesirable page in Google Docs using one of the ways listed above.