Top 10 Best Data Center Providers

The centralized repositories of data are the Data centers, which involve server farms and networking tools that help in storing, processing, and distributing large volumes of information or data to the customers.

Data centers offer services such as warehousing, data storage, data insights, and more. Datacenter companies provide data center rent space to large organizations and customers. In this article, we are mentioning the top data center providers that you can consider for your businesses. 

Reason for choosing Data Center Companies

The only reason to opt for a data center provider is that running a data center is expensive for companies. Therefore, to keep the costs to a minimum, the organizations resort to data center providers. Even organizations that work on a private cloud, public cloud, or multi-cloud prefer to contract with data center service providers to rent out space on an annual basis. Moreover, data centers are important to service providers for the IT infrastructure. 

How to choose a Data Center for your needs

Before you select from a huge list of data service vendors, here are some things that you need to consider.

  • Location: You need to consider the location of the data center that you are selecting. The closer the location, the better you can get the most of your data center services if it is located near your company or organization. Moreover, make sure that your data center is located in areas not prone to natural disasters. Therefore, make sure you select after considering the location.
  • Reliability: Reliability is another factor that you should consider before selecting for your business. It is important to ensure whether your data center takes proper actions in case of emergencies or inclement weather. Your business will likely suffer if the data center you choose does not have an emergency action or disaster recovery plan. Therefore, you must consider the disaster recovery actions provided by different platforms. 
  • Security: Check whether the data center takes care of all the security protocols as your company’s entire data is stored with a data center. You can imagine the loss in case of a cyber attack. 
  • Network service capacity: Check if the data center provides good network services capacity as every data service center has a limited capacity. 
  • Flexibility: If you have a dynamic business with changes now and then, you must consider a flexible data service center that could keep up with your company’s demands. 
  • Reputation: Lastly, do your research before you select a data service provider. You can browse the internet for reviews by other companies and check the reputation. 
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Top 10 Data Center Providers

We are listing down some of the best data center providers that you can choose for your businesses. 

1. Equinix 

Equinix Data Center provider

Equinix is one of the largest data center providers and is located in California, USA. It provides its services in about 24 countries, including the USA and UK. Equinix has about 202 data centers worldwide. The businesses may be moving towards the cloud service providers, but mega-large organizations still choose data center providers to manage their business. 

Key Features:

  • This data service center provides managed services that allow customers to integrate the data and applications. 
  • You can find colocation solutions to IT challenges from the Equinix marketplace. It includes about 9800 members in 52 markets. Moreover, the Equinix marketplace involves both buyers and sellers. 
  • Since Equinix is a virtual network service, you get instant deployment of programs and updates. 
  • You can improve the data protection in the cloud with the help of the cryptography service that this data center provides. 
  • The primary customers of Equinix are Electronic Arts (EA), GitHub, BBC News, Gartner. 

Price- You can check the pricing for Equinix here or you can even get in touch with them to know about the pricing. 

2. NTT Communications 

NTT communications is another great data center provider that is located in Tokyo, Japan. This company has about 48 data centers in about 17 countries in the world. 

NTT communications is a Data Center provider

Key Features

  • NTT communications provide VPN services, CNS services, and leased line services. 
  • You get voice and video communications services, which involve SIP trunking, conferencing UCaaS, and international call services. 
  • NTT communications include cloud management; IT managed services, and service desk. 
  • You get colocation services and the establishment of processing facilities and storage. 
  • The main customers of NTT communications are Alibaba Group, the NFL, Cisco, UNIQLO. 

Price- You can contact NTT communication to know about the pricing details. 

3. Cyxtera Technologies

Cyxtera technologies are the leading data center company on our list. It is headquartered in Florida, USA. Cyxtera technologies have about 60 data centers around the world. 

Cyxtera is a Data Center provider

Key Features

  • It provides colocation services to the customers that involve shared facilities, which can be operated on-site. 
  • Cyxtera offers all sorts of connectivity options, which include cloud data and connectivity. 
  • It offers cloud management, hybrid-ready security and analytics products. 
  • The primary customers of this data service center provider are Staples, Charles Schwab, and Logitech. 

Price- You may contact Cyxtera technologies to know about their pricing details. 

4. Digital Realty 

Digital realty is headquartered in California, USA, and the company has about 1530 employees. This data center service provider has 214 data centers and is active in 14 countries worldwide. Moreover, this data center service provider is operating the centers in thirty different markets with bulk operations in the USA. 

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Digital Realty is a Data Center provider

Key Features

  • Digital realty offers scheduled services such as on-site support for maintenance windows, equipment inventory, deployment of equipment and cabling, scheduled tape swaps, and more. 
  • This data service provider’s on-demand services include equipment assistance, repair services, upgrades, and hard or soft reboots. 
  • The customers get 24/7 rapid response support from the team at digital realty. 

Price- To know about the pricing details for the services provided by digital reality, you can contact them here.  

5. China Telecom 

One of the largest data service provider companies in the world is the China telecom data center services. It is headquartered in Beijing and has about 456 data centers. Currently, it offers its services in 10 countries. China Telecom offers business consulting to several companies and even the government. 

China Telecom is a Data Center provider

Key Features

  • It offers unified communication services such as cloud conferencing, global voice services, and IP connectivity between service providers and clients. 
  • This data center company offers business solutions and consulting to different companies and the government. 
  • For improved connectivity, china telecom offers low latency networks, international privately leased lines, and VPNs. 
  • China Telecom is one of the cloud service providers as well; you get storage options, Virtual private clouds, private mail servers, and colocation services. 

Price- You may contact China Telecom to know about their pricing details. 

6. Coresite

One of the data center providers is located in Colorado, USA. Coresite has about 454 employees and owns 22 data center facilities in 8 countries at the moment. Coresite provides top data center facility, cloud, and interconnection solutions to clients. This data service company has Amazon web services, Azure, Google cloud, and oracle cloud as its partner for its multi-cloud approach. The data center market profile of the coresite is publicly traded on the NYS. 

Coresite is a Data Center provider

Key Features

  • You get colocation services such as shared facilities that you can operate on-site with assistance from the core-site. These services involve upgrades, scheduled updates, emergency protocols, maintenance, and more. 
  • Coresite allows interconnection solutions for internet connectivity. These involve using hardwired cables for high performance and resilient connections. 
  • You get cloud services such as storage, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud implementations, data processing, and more. 
  • You can opt for a core site for getting insights into tech-based solutions. 

Price- You can contact Coresite if you want to know the pricing details. 

7. Verizon

One of the good data center companies is Verizon, which is located in New Jersey, USA. Verizon has about 139,400 employees. This company offers cloud services such as secure cloud interconnect to protect your data and keep your applications secure. 

Verizon is a Data Center provider

Key Features

  • You can easily use this data center provider for monitoring your business transactions and your applications smoothly. 
  • You get a secure cloud to interconnect for protecting your sensitive data and keep your apps secure to avoid cyber attacks. 
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Price- To know about the pricing for the services provided by Verizon, you may contact them. 

8. China Unicorn

China Unicorn is located in Beijing and has about 250,000 employees with 550 data centers. This data center company is operating in two major data center markets like China and Hong Kong. China Unicorn offers numerous data center services such as cloud interconnection, video streaming services, customized services, multi-cloud services, and more. 

China unicorn is a Data Center provider

Key Features

  • You get cloud bond services that allow you to connect with your multi-cloud problems with the best cloud services. 
  • You have the option of customizing your services offered by China Unicorn. 
  • You get colocation services such as shared facilities that you can operate on-site.

Price- You can contact China Unicorn if you want to know the pricing details. 

9. Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web services are located in Washington, USA, North America. AWS has about 25000 employees with 115 data centers worldwide. This service provider provides cloud services to various companies and organizations. 

AWS is a Data Center provider

Key Features

  • You get services like data analytics, blockchain, application integration, developer tools, and more for managing your business.  
  • You have the option of a pay-as-you-go model for paying for the services by AWS. 

Price- Contact Amazon web services to know about their pricing details. 

10. QTS

QTS is a Data Center provider

QTS is one of the leading providers of secure data centers that offer managed and hybrid cloud services. The main focus of this company is on the data center market in North America. Moreover, QTS has two facilities in the Netherlands.

Key Features

  • QTS provides its services to the US federal government. 
  • You get quality services for managing your business. 
  • VMware and Intelisys have partnered with QTS. 

Price- You may contact QTS to know about their pricing details. 


We hope you liked our list of top data center providers. You can easily choose anyone from the list. There are a lot more data center companies that are currently available but we have mentioned some of the top leaders in the market that are currently used by the top companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a data center company?

The centralized repositories of information are data centers as they have server farms and networking tools for storing, processing, and distributing huge data for the customers. Moreover, data centers offer services such as data storage, data insights, data warehousing, and more. 

Which data center provider is the largest?

Equinix is the largest data center provider with about 11 percent of the $54 billion markets from among the list mentioned above. Equinix is serving about 24 countries in the world, including the UK and USA. 

Which companies own the most data?

Some of the companies that own the most data are as follows:
General Electric

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