Top 10 Best Customer Help Desk Software

What is Help Desk Software?

Customer Help desk software is a single point of contact that offers centralized information and support management to handle externally submitted requests for an organization. Prioritization, categorization, automatic routing, service level control, and escalation capabilities help with this.

Help desk software provides information and support to customers about a company’s goods or services. Customer requests are commonly submitted through various outlets, such as email, phone, and social media.

Kinds of Help Desk Software

Enterprise Help Desk: The enterprise help desk goes beyond traditional helpdesk functionality to provide features that improve overall organizational performance in addition to answering customer requests at faster response speeds.

Web Help Desk: This applies to cloud-hosted or software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, in which small businesses can rent a solution on a subscription basis, saving money and making scaling up simpler.

Open Source Helpdesk: The creators of an open-source helpdesk do not need user licenses or permissions to access the source codes. This process decreases the number of dependencies and makes it easier to change and improve.

On-premise Helpdesk: in this type of help desk software, a corporation owns and hosts the device, has complete control over it, and is solely responsible for its upkeep and operation.

How to Choose the right Helpdesk software?

When comparing help desk software solutions, the organization must consider several factors.

  • Knowledge Management: A customer-centric organization’s knowledge management is one of its most valuable assets. It contains data on best practices as well as other organizational processes. It enables a precise and reliable message to be delivered across all engagement platforms.
  • Mobile Support: Mobile consumer engagement can be presented in various ways, including a mobile browser, mobile network, and mobile apps.
  • Integration: The ability to handle a growing number of endpoints, patterns, deployment models, and users is referred to as integration. Choosing the proper integration can be difficult because it is dependent on a variety of factors like business needs, developer expertise, budget, and integration capabilities, to name a few.
  • Digital Engagement Channels: Today’s most common customer communication platforms include email management, live chat, virtual customer assistants, conversational interfaces, and co-browsing. However, they are fruitful if they are implemented seamlessly to provide a consistent customer experience.
  • Case Management: From making a ticket to merging it and closing it, we’ve got you covered. All of these functions must be handled efficiently by a CEC help desk solution. To allow co-working but in a safe environment, the helpdesk solution must have security features such as data masking or locking.

Benefits of Help Desk Software

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Businesses want to run smoothly and without setbacks, with each variable contributing its fair share. A service desk improves the productivity of your company. It acts as a single point of contact with all customer service communications. A service desk is a customer service center that gathers all of the inbound operations into one location.
  • Seamless Experience: When customers interact with your company, they expect a smooth experience. Many consumers place a high value on customer service. For keeping clients, it’s essential to have a smooth and seamless customer service experience. When all of these aspects come closer, a seamless experience is created.
  • Boosted Productivity: Employees get the job done quicker and more efficiently by incorporating many of a service desk’s automation functions. Instead of sorting through data to figure out the most relevant tickets, a support desk would do it for you by using the task management function on a support desk to spend less time talking with the team about the task.
  • Problem Resolution: When an incident is reported to the help desk, it is registered and examined. When many people from a specific location or category arrive, it raises a red flag. The department’s or the critical manager’s management may decide to look at the matter further to connect between any of the incidents. Make this step easier. The support desk has built-in problem-solving features.

List of Top 10 Best Help Desk Software

Here is the top help desk software ideal for businesses of all sizes.

1. Zoho Desk

Zoho desk

The Zoho Desk is a cloud-based help desk software for businesses of all sizes. It brings together interactions from different media in one place. Customizable and scheduled reporting and analytics, happiness ratings, and a graphical dashboard for assessing customer service are all included in the solution. Workflow rules can automate tasks like ticket assignment, service escalations, notification rules, and time-based actions. 


  • Ticket Management features: Customer support can be tracked across channels, brands, products, departments, and other areas.
    • Multi-channel: Organize your help desk to represent the structure of your firm.
    • Telephony: Here are some classic phone conversations with a dash of context.
    • Multi-Channel Support: Always be available to your clients, regardless of how they prefer to communicate.
    • Multibrand Call Center: Make each brand’s customers their own self-service portal.
  • Self-Service features: 
    • Embeddable Self-service: Integrate customer self-service skills into your websites and mobile apps with the ASAP plugin.
    • Multi-brand Call Center: Make each brand’s customers their own self-service portal.
    • Community: Create and retain a client, prospect, and visitor community.
    • Knowledge Base: Make a database of answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Agent Productivity features: 
    • Ticketing Efficiency: Close more tickets faster with these small, convenient tools.
    • Work Modes: Software that organizes open tickets automatically to help agents be more productive.
    • Mobility: Even when you’re not at your desk, you can manage tickets.
    • CRM Integration: The most sophisticated customer service management systems are Zoho Desk and Zoho CRM.
  • Automation features: 
    • Essentials: Manage all of the tiny cogs and gears which comprise your help desk’s apparatus.
    • SLAs & Escalations: Maintain levels of service and periodically escalate breaches.
    • Ticket Assignment: Ensure that each ticket is allocated to the target image automatically.
  • Security features: 
    • Data Sharing: Control who has access to data within each module with data sharing.
    • Field Level Security: Control who has access to and can alter your help desk’s data at the field level.
    • GDPR: With Zoho Desk, you can get one step closer to GDPR compliance.
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  • Zoho Desk help desk software provides various plans and features.
    • Free: up to three agents
    • Standard: $12 /agent/month
    • Professional: $20 /agent/month
    • Enterprise: $35 /agent/month
  • For more information on ZohoDesk HelpDesk Software, visit ZohoDesk.

2. FreshDesk


Freshdesk is a customer service software that helps companies of all sizes provide excellent customer service. Freshdesk unifies ticket resolution across channels by converting requests received via email, web, phone, live chat, and social media into tickets. Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer service software with pre-installed features such as an AI-powered support chatbot, predictive support, and field service help desk management.


  • Issues Solving Features Include:
    • Team Huddle: Find the best solutions and discuss particular tickets with experts from across your business.
    • Support Tickets: Keep track of widespread problems and provide canned responses, link related tickets together.
  • Workforce Management Features Include: 
    • Mobile field service: Allow field technicians to pick up service duties on the fly, update information, and settle problems.
    • Time tracking: With the mobile app, you can keep track of time spent working in the field and log billable hours.
  • Self-Service Features Include: 
    • Freddy AI: Deliver instant and accurate answers to your customers’ questions with a live chat powered by Freddy AI for faster resolutions.
    • Feedback mechanism: Writers will be automatically informed of feedback on their articles to act on it.


  • Freshworks Help desk support software provides plans prices as follows.
    • Sprout: Free
    • Blossom: $15/agent/month
    • Garden: $35/agent/month
    • Estate: $49/agent/month
    • Forest: $99/agent/month
  • All the above plans are billed annually. Monthly billing prices may vary.
  • For more information on billing and other features, contact FreshDesk.

3. Zendesk 


Zendesk help desk solutions are a customer-centric CRM company that develops support, marketing, and relationship management software to improve customer relationships.

We believe that robust and creative customer satisfaction should be within reach for every company, regardless of size, industry, or ambition, from large corporations to startups.

Zendesk has over 160,000 clients in a wide range of sectors. Zendesk support help desk solution is suitable for businesses of all sizes. 


  • Email Tracking: All of your lead and customer emails are automatically logged and recorded in Sell.
  • Email Notifications: Get real-time push notifications and alerts so you can reach out at the right time.
  • Mobile CRM: From everywhere, the Sell native mobile marketing app makes it simple to access and track email, phone communication.
  • Email Automation: Create and save an infinite number of email templates, and you can use merge tags like “name” and “company” to add a personal touch.
  • Routing and Intelligence: Use the built-in routing and intelligence to gather important information and minimize data entry. Additionally, escalate problems to the live chat agent who is best suited to assist.
  • Agent Efficiency: Collaboration tools that effectively communicate with internal and external partners save agents time.


  • Zendesk support help desk software provides plans for both teams and enterprises. 
    • Team plans:
      • Suite Team: $49 per agent/month
      • Suite Growth: $79 per agent/month
      • Suite Professional: $99 per agent/month
    • Enterprise plans: 
      • Suite Enterprise: $150 per agent/month
      • Enterprise-ready: $215 per agent/month 
  • To know more about Zendesk support or its pricing policy, visit Zendesk.

4. Freshservice 


Freshservice is a cloud-based IT Help Desk and service management platform that helps small businesses streamline their IT operations. A ticketing system, self-service platform, and knowledge base are among the features included in the solution.

IT administrators can also service requests remotely using the solution’s mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android. Asset Management aids companies in maintaining the leverage of their IT properties.

Asset visibility and recognition can be ensured by adding, tagging, tracking, and delinking software/hardware properties.


  • Incident Management: To enhance service desk performance, monitor, prioritize, delegate, and automate resolution processes.
  • SLA Management: Automate escalation rules to communicate about SLA breaches and efficiently fix tickets based on priorities.
  • Knowledge Management: Create solutions for your accidents, convert them to knowledge base articles automatically, and boost productivity.
  • Automation: To manage all of your manual efforts, set up essential automation functions and use the built-in capabilities.
  • Self-service Portal: Users can use the self-service platform to look up suggestions in the knowledge base before submitting tickets for their problems, and they can submit requests directly from the help portal.
  • Team Huddle: With a simple live chat-like UI, you can highlight ticket stats, tag a coworker, or respond to a post.
  • Orchestration Center: With the orchestration center’s easy workflows, you can easily integrate and automate activities with third-party applications.
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  • Freshservice help desk support software provides four types of plans. 
    • Starter: $19/agent/month
    • Growth: $49 /agent/month
    • Pro: $89 /agent/month
    • Enterprise:  $109 /agent/month
  • All the above prices are billed annually, and monthly prices may vary. 
  • To know more about Freshservice Helpdesk software or any other feature, visit the official website Freshservice

5. OneDesk 


OneDesk blends Help Desk Management and Project management into a single, highly customizable, and practical application. Unlike many other helpdesk software and project management, one desk allows your team members to handle everything from one central location.


  • Help Desk & Ticketing Software: A fully functional ticketing system will help you provide a customer service platform and support.
  • Email integration: Email tickets and chats to yourself. Capture and thread reply automatically. Get informed if there are new comments or updates.
  • Customer Support web portal: Create a client portal on your website to connect with your clients. Allow them to monitor, report on, and discuss their problems.
  • Knowledgebase: Improve customer satisfaction by encouraging them to help themselves with a knowledge base or self-service portal.
  • Live Chat: You can chat with your clients and capture tickets with a single click. If they go offline, send an email to follow up.
  • Automate everything: Auto-responses is a type of automated response. Grooming, routing, assignment, and property updates are all automated. Notifications and field types can be customized.


  • OneDesk HelpDesk software plans include:
    • 5-Service Desk Software: $11 /user/month 
    • 10-Service Desk Software: $9.60 /user/month
    • 20-Service Desk Software: $9/user/month
    • 50-Service Desk Software: $8.40 /user/month
    • 100-ServiceDesk Software: $7.80 /user/month
  • For more information about OneDesk help desk support software, contact OneDesk

6. Gladly


Gladly is a help desk software that is extremely personalized. Gladly enables some of the most forward-thinking consumer brands, such as JetBlue, JOANN, and TUMI, to provide excellent customer support and transform it into a competitive advantage. Gladly transforms support teams into revenue generators and clients into supporters. 


  • Customer Support Details: All of a customer’s information is available in one place, including their lifetime value, previous purchases, and even individual interests.
  • Conversation Timeline: Each talk has its communication thread, so agents don’t have to switch platforms depending on how their customer contacts them.
  • Intelligent Routing: Customers should be routed based on their status and current moods, such as a VIP or an angry customer who may need exceptional customer satisfaction.
  • Knowledge Base: Authors only have to respond once and then publish across all channels, boosting efficiency and improving version control.
  • Payments: Agents are given the authority to drive sales, make personalized recommendations, convert returns into exchanges, and help consumers complete purchases.
  • Task Management: Resolve client issues with teammates or set reminders for yourself, keeping all customer interactions under one communication thread.
  • Integrations: Create customized, one-of-a-kind customer experiences for your company. Integrations make it simple to collaborate with the apps that your team already uses.


  •  Gladly help desk software provides three plans 
    • Admin & Reporting Users: Free
    • Task-Based Users: $38/ month /user
    • Customer-Facing Users: $150/ month /user
  • To know more about gladly help desk software and its other features and aspects contact Gladly.

7. ServiceDesk Plus

ServiceDesk Plus

The ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is a help desk software. ServiceDesk Plus is an ITSM suite with built-in IT Asset Management (ITAM) and Configuration Management Database (CMDB) capabilities. ServiceDesk Plus lets IT support teams offer world-class service to end users at lower costs thanks to advanced ITSM functions, efficient automation, innovative customizations, and easy-to-use capabilities.


  • Incident Management: Reduce outages, boost agent efficiency, satisfy SLAs, and keep track of your IT tickets during their entire lifecycle.
  • Problem Management: Sort problems, analyze them and bring them to a conclusion. Reduce repeat events in your IT by analyzing the root cause.
  • Change Management: Using automated workflows, you can streamline planning, approval, and implementation. Make sure there are no more illegal or unsuccessful modifications.
  • Service Catalog: Create a service catalog with a customer service level agreement and multi-stage approvals, then publish it.
  • CMDB: All configuration items should be tracked and managed, with their relationships and dependencies mapped out.
  • IT Project Management: Create projects, track progress, and oversee resources. To fine-tune overall IT service delivery, integrate IT projects with requests and modifications.
  • Reports: Using real-time and customizable dashboards, keep track of the wellbeing of your IT help desk.
  • Integrations: With software that monitors and manages your networks, applications, desktops, and active directory, you can enjoy tight integration.
  • Asset Management: All of your IT hardware and software assets can be found, tracked, and managed in one place. Ensure license compliance while optimizing asset utilization and avoiding vulnerabilities.


  • ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus, the help desk software, provides plans for cloud-based and on-premise help desk solutions.
  • Prices are available on request.
  • To know more about ManageEngine Servicedesk Plus or to get a pricing quote contact ServiceDesk.

8. Jira Service Desk

 Jira Service Desk

Jira service desk support teams provide excellent customer service and ensure that your employees and customers receive prompt assistance. Jira Service Management is a high-velocity team-unlocking IT service management solution.


  • Request Management: Manage work across teams with a single platform, ensuring that your employees and clients promptly receive the assistance they need.
  • Incident Management: Bring your growth and IT operations teams together to respond to, resolve, and learn from incidents as quickly as possible.
  • Change Management: Provide richer contextual information about changes from software development tools to your IT operations teams.
  • Asset Management: Assets can be stored in Insight to help you maintain inventory, track ownership, and life cycles, and cut costs.
  • Configuration Management: Get a better understanding of the infrastructure that underpins critical applications and services.
  • Knowledge Management: Confluence should be used to take an open approach to knowledge management. Encourage cross-practice cooperation among ITSM teams.
  • Problem Management: To reduce the impact of incidents, group incidents into issues, expedite root cause analysis, and document workarounds.
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  • Jira service desk software provides four types of plans; prices are for five agents.
    • Free: $0 Always free for three agents
    • Standard: $20 per agent 
    • Premium: $40 per agent
    • Enterprise: Contact Jira service desk 
  • To know more about Jira help desk solutions and its plans, visit Jira.  

9. RichPanel 


RichPanel help desk software is easy-to-use help desk software and CRM for e-commerce stores. Manage all customer service platforms in one place with features such as email, phone calls, social media, live chat, etc. Perform order actions and view history from the same GUI.


  • Multi-Channel Support: Customers can be contacted via Live Chat, Email, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp from a single location.
  • Conversation filters: Richpanel offers Filter conversations by channels, user styles, and tags with ease. Sort conversations by priority and length of time spent waiting.
  • Notes & mentions: To quickly communicate within or through teams, use private messages and comments.
  • Conversation filters: Create as many users and teams as you want, each with their support positions and business functions.
  • Provide full context: Provide the collaborators with the whole meaning of the discussion to make an educated decision.
  • Manage channel management: From a single location, respond to customers faster via email, social media like Live Chat, Facebook, and Instagram. Without having to switch between different tools, you can see your purchase history and take order actions.
  • Surface Critical Issues: Richpanel examines thousands of tickets and groups them into easy-to-understand buckets, so you can see which ones need your attention.


  • Richpanel help desk solutions offer plans based on self-service and agent helpdesk.
  • Agent HelpDesk:
    • Starter: $100 /month
    • Regular: $350 /month
    • Pro: $800 /month
  • Self-Service Portal:
    • Less than $3M annual sales: $1,000 /month 
    • More than $3M annual sales: $2,000 /month 
  • For more information regarding the Richpanel Help Desk solution, contact RichPanel.

10. ProProfs HelpDesk 

ProProfs HelpDesk 

ProProfs Help Desk is one of the best help desk software options available. ProProfs help desk feature-rich platform not only allows an online company to monitor all customer complaints, queries, and bugs, but it also allows the better customer service teams to fix them in a short amount of time quickly.

Other essential features of ProProfs Help Desk Software include child tickets, canned answers, integrations, and shared inboxes, which aid in ticket resolution and friendly customer support.


  • Shared Inbox: Combine all of your customer support inboxes in one place and empower your agents to work together to resolve tickets more quickly.
  • IT Help Desk: To build a delightful employee and customer service experience, manage, monitor, prioritize, and resolve all of your IT tickets.
  • Issue Tracker: With our intuitive and simple-to-use issue monitoring app, you can keep track of customer support or request in real-time.
  • Track and Support Tickets: With the best IT service desk tech, you’ll never lose a ticket ever, and you’ll always know who’s working on what.
  • Prioritize Tickets: Using our IT support helpdesk app, make sure the most critical tickets are addressed first.
  • Solve Tickets: Using help desk apps for IT, canned answers, and a knowledge base makes it simple to resolve tickets.
  • Instant Support: Use IT help desk software to enable customers to talk with you right on your website.
  • Train Agents & Customers: Customers will be informed, and agents will be trained, thanks to online training courses provided by IT business help desk software


  • ProProfs help desk software has three basic plans for service desk solutions. 
    • Free: $0 one User only
    • Essentials:: $15 User/month
    • Premium: $20 User/month
  • To know more about ProProfs Helpdesk software, contact.


For your contact center, help desk software is a wise investment. It will contribute to your help desk team’s overall performance. A well-organized help desk team can provide excellent customer support.

If your customers are satisfied, your organization will generate more revenue. There are many support desk applications on the market right now. The help desk software mentioned earlier is top select from the plethora of applications.

Always compare different kinds of help desk software before incorporating it into your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of Help Desk Software?

Help desk software is a computer program that allows customer service representatives to monitor user requests and handle other customer service issues. Which is what makes customer support efficient and innovative.

What is a help desk ticketing system?

A help desk ticketing system is customer service software that collects and monitors all customer support experiences through phone, conversation dashboard, email social media.

What is an HR help desk?

The term “HR support desk” refers to a central location where workers can get answers to their human resource questions. Companies may use HR help desk software to create intranets or web-accessible portals, monitor incoming employee requests, and provide self-service solutions for necessary company forms and information.

What is online help desk?

A help desk is a platform that helps companies coordinate customer contact to respond to customers more efficiently and effectively. Your support staff will provide the best possible service to your customers by using a help desk.

How does help desk software work?

Either using the online interface or by sending an email to the helpdesk-monitored inbox, a user can submit a ticket to the web-based help desk software. By email, SMS, or push notifications, your helpdesk staff is alerted whenever a new ticket is opened for their assistance. The ticket is “taken over” by a technician.