7 Solutions to Get Adblock to work with Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is one of the favorite websites of anime lovers mainly because it has a massive library of anime movies and shows. However, if you are a free user of Crunchyroll, you’ll have to bear the annoying ads while watching anime on Crunchyroll.

Nobody would want to spend their time watching ads when all they want is to watch anime. Usually, you will find 4 placeholders for the Crunchyroll ads: 1 pre-roll (15 seconds ad), 4 when the anime episode begins (30 seconds for every ad), 4 mid-roll ads (30 seconds per head), and 4 post-rolls (15, 30, 30, and 20 seconds). 

Now, that’s way too many ads! Moreover, you won’t be able to skip any of them. These ads consume a lot of your valuable time. So, if you are rummaging through the internet, trying to find a way to get rid of the Crunchyroll ads, we understand. Don’t worry, we got you covered! In this article, we’ll give you all the ways you can get Adblock to work on Crunchyroll. Keep reading!

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How To Block Ads On Crunchyroll For Free

The easiest way to block ads on Crunchyroll without spending a penny is by enabling a free yet efficient ad-blocking extension on your browser. However, users have been facing quite a bit of trouble with Adblockers these days. Given below are the top 7 ways you can get rid of ads on Crunchyroll with AdBlock:

  1. Update Your Adblock Chrome Extension And Filter Lists
  2. Alter Hosts File To Bypass Video Streaming Ads
  3. Use Developer Tools To Get Rid Of Ads On Crunchyroll
  4. Uninstall And Reinstall Your Adblocking Extension
  5. Switch To Opera With Its Built-in Adblocker
  6. Use A Guest Pass To Stream Crunchyroll Without Ads
  7. Switch To A Different Ad Blocker
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1. Update Your Adblock Chrome Extension And Filter Lists

Crunchyroll is an expert at applying different filters to bypass adblockers. A backdated Adblocker extension or outdated adblocking filters won’t be able to keep up with new methods and techniques. Here, updating your AdBlock extension and filters is necessary. 

Follow the steps given below to update your Chrome’s AdBlock extension and its filter lists:

Step 1. Open your Chrome browser and click on the Action Menu. Select the More Tools option.

Step 2. From the sub-menu, click on Extensions.

Step 3. Toggle the switch beside Developer mode located towards the top right corner to enable it.

Step 4. Click on Update to update all the Chrome extensions.

Step 5. Once the extensions have been updated, relaunch the Chrome browser and open Crunchyroll again to see if ads are getting blocked or not. 

Step 6. If the ads are still not getting blocked in Crunchyroll, update the filter lists. The filter lists are usually updated automatically. However, users have the option of updating them manually. For that, go to the official website of AdBlock and follow the instructions to filter lists for Adblock.

Step 7. Once you have updated the filter lists, see if the problem gets resolved. 

2. Alter Hosts File To Bypass Video Streaming Ads

You must have witnessed Crunchyroll playing ads in a stream. To do that, it utilizes static.vrv.co. Now, you can change the host files which can stop these ads from loading in the first place.

Step 1. Close the web browser

Step 2. Press the Windows key and type Notepad. From the resulting list, right-click on the first option that says Notepad. Then, select Run as administrator.

Step 3. In the Notepad window, click on File and then on Open.

Step 4. Change the file type from Text Documents to All Files in the Open dialog box.

Step 5. Then, go to the “hosts files” directory. Usually, it can be found at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

Step 6. Now, from the list of files that come up, select hosts.

Step 7. At the end of the host files, add the following line: static.vrv.co

This change will ask your browser to search the system for ads. Now, the ads are obviously not present in the system, and so, ads will fail to load and shall be skipped.

Step 8. Save the edited hosts file and close it. Open your browser to check if Crunchyroll is still showing ads.

3. Use Developer Tools To Get Rid Of Ads On Crunchyroll

If your adblocker extension is unable to block ads on the Crunchyroll website, then make use of developer tools of Chrome to block the domain that serves the ads. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1. Open the Chrome browser and go to Crunchyroll

Step 2. Right-click on the page and click on ‘Inspect.

click on inspect to use developer tools to block ads

Step 3. Press the Control key + Shift + P to open up the Command Drawer

Step 4. Type in “Show Request Blocking” and press the Enter key.

block video ads on crunchyroll website using developer options

Step 5. From the new panel, click on “Enable Request Blocking.”

Step 6. Click on the plus icon and type in “vrv.co”. Then, click on Add.

type in vrv.co and click on add

Step 7. Check if the ads have stopped showing or not while keeping the dev console open. The dev console needs to be kept open so that it can continue working and allow you to watch Crunchyroll’s content without ads.

4. Uninstall And Reinstall Your Adblocking Extension

If none of the above methods have worked for you, then uninstalling and then reinstalling your adblocking extension might solve the issue. Here are the steps to do so:

Step 1. Launch the Chrome browser and click on the three dots located in the top-right corner which is the Action menu.

Step 2. Click More Tools > Extensions

Step 3. Find AdBlocker extension and click on the Remove button

Step 4. Restart your browser and visit the Chrome web store

Step 5. Now, type in AdBlocker in the search box and add it to your Chrome browser.

click on add to chrome to use adblock extension
click on add extension to add adblock to chrome

Step 6. Then, relaunch the Google Chrome browser and see if the ads on Crunchyroll are gone or not.

5. Switch To Opera With Its Built-in Adblocker

Opera is one of the best options if you are looking for a browser that comes with an in-built ad-blocking feature. It comes with an in-built blocker that is capable of detecting and blocking ad scripts as soon as you request a webpage. 

To activate this feature, simply go to Opera’s settings and then AdBlock. Else, press the Alt key + P to open the Settings window quickly.  

6. Use A Guest Pass To Stream Crunchyroll Without Ads

Guest Passes allow you to enjoy the content of Crunchyroll without showing you ads or charging anything. All premium users receive a passcode once every month. This type of invitation ticket can be given out to a newcomer who can then experience all features of Crunchyroll prime membership for 48 hrs. However, there will be some restrictions because a free account can only use 10 passcodes every 6 months. 

But, first, you need to figure out a way to get a guest pass. The given methods can help you acquire a guest pass:

  1. Ask your friends who have a Crunchyroll Premium subscription
  2. From the Reddit Weekly guest thread: Like most other internet communities, Crunchyroll users prefer engaging and hanging out with each other on online platforms. So, the Crunchyroll subreddit is a place to keep an eye on. Users have reported that Crunchyroll premium users share their guest passes every Thursday in the thread. However, you need to be pretty swift here to make sure you get a guest pass.
  3. Crunchyroll Forum: There is an official Guest Pass thread on the Crunchyroll forum. Despite being a part of the official Crunchyroll forum, the admins don’t bother the users sharing the guest passes and codes. Just join such a thread and wait with a little bit of patience and you will get a working passcode in the updated thread. 
  4. Social media platforms like Facebook groups and pages: Crunchyroll members make a great community and you’ll find several anime fan groups on Facebook. Just reach out to the members of these groups and ask for guest passes. Anime fans tend to stick together and won’t leave you out in times of peril. Sometimes, they also post their guest passes with passcodes in the groups and public discussions.

7. Switch To A Different Ad Blocker

You must have realized by now that Crunchyroll is great at applying various tricks to surpass ad blockers and rendering them ineffective. So, perhaps your current ad-blocking browser extension is unable to beat Crunchyroll’s ads. If that’s the case, it’s time to change your Ad Blocking extension. The extensions given below have been successful at blocking the Crunchyroll ads:

  1. AdGuard
  2. StopAll Ads
  3. Ublock
  4. Ublock Origin
  5. AdLock extension
  6. Adblock Plus, etc. 

You can install any of the above ad blockers and check if it is working. If not, then remove it, install the next one and do the same. One great ad-blocking browser extension is AdLock. This one just knows how to stop Crunchyroll ads despite them being constantly updated. Ensure that you launch the AdLock extension in Chrome browser and toggle “Show ads on this page” to turn it off.  

Final Thoughts

This article gives you several different ways to get your Crunchyroll AdBlock working again. Make sure you try these out one by one until your issue is resolved. In case, none of the above methods work out for you, you can switch to a different ad blocker. And if that fails as well, then you’ll have to buy a premium Crunchyroll account to access their entire anime collection ad-free.


Does Adblock work with Crunchyroll?

Yes, it does. But lately, Crunchyroll has been coming up with new filters and techniques to overcome ad blockers. So, you might need to tweak your adblocker extension a bit so that it can successfully block Crunchyroll ads. Check out the above content for more details.

How do I block ads on Crunchyroll?

You can block ads on Crunchyroll in several ways. The simplest of all is by using an adblocker extension. Some other methods include tweaking through developer options, using a browser with an in-built adblocker, etc.

Does AdBlock work on Crunchyroll?

Lately, Crunchyroll users have been reporting that AdBlock is failing at blocking the Crunchyroll ads. This is mainly because Crunchyroll is constantly updating its filters to bypass these ad blocking extensions. However, you can still get AdBlock to stop Crunchyroll ads by updating it and its filters.

Is AdBlock illegal?

No, AdBlock is not illegal. It isn’t illegal to not want to watch ads and you’re entitled to watch or block anything you want on your computer. However, you cannot interfere with any publisher’s right to serve or restrict anybody’s access to copyrighted content in a manner they approve of. This is why using AdBlock with YouTube is now illegal as per their recent policy changes.

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