15 Best Creepy Things To Ask Alexa And Have Fun

Do you have a specific Creepy Things To Ask Alexa? Asking Alexa routine queries you don’t anticipate her having an answer for can be hilarious. In that case, you might concur with me that it’s fun to come up with Creepy Things To Ask Alexa.

Creepy Things To Ask Alexa

I’m going to provide you with the most comprehensive online list of truly Creepy Things To Ask Alexa in this article to help you get your “spooky on.” Avoid asking Alexa these questions unless you want creepy laughter, an answer that lasts forever, or some real sarcasm.

Best Creepy Things To Ask Alexa

  1. Do Not Inquire About Alexa’s Relationship With The Cia
  2. Never Ask Alexa To Say Hello To Anyone
  3. Avoid Telling Alexa To “Ask The Listeners” (Creepy)
  4. Asking Alexa To Turn Off The Lights Could Irritate Her
  5. Don’t Ask Alexa To Calculate Pi
  6. Questions To Avoid Asking Alexa: Arguments
  7. Never Inquire About The Dead To Alexa
  8. Alexa Can Get Stuck In The 1990s
  9. Inquiring About Other Ai Shows With Alexa
  10. Alexa Will Threaten Someone With Chuck Norris.
  11. Alexa Enjoys Learning
  12. Alexa Can Yell On You
  13. Do Not Inquire To Alexa About Our Origins.
  14. Never Allow A Bird Near Alexa.
  15. Don’t Ask Alexa What Animals Sound Like

1. Do Not Inquire About Alexa’s Relationship With The CIA

Do Not Inquire About Alexa's Relationship With The Cia

The first Creepy Things To Ask Alexa” is Alexa, do you work for the CIA?” was asked. Quickly on and off, Alexa. Does Alexa have any ties to the CIA? Whether true or not, it’s still a fun method to scare your buddies.

Recently, Amazon made a little update after becoming aware of the CIA link rumor.

Try it out.

  • Do you work for the CIA, Alexa?
  • Are you affiliated with the CIA, Alexa?

The revised reaction is amusing. When I asked Alexa this spooky question, she responded humorously. 

2. Never Ask Alexa To Say Hello To Anyone

Never Ask Alexa To Say Hello To Anyone

Many have claimed that Alexa can communicate with people who have passed. I assumed this was nonsense because I don’t believe in ghosts or other paranormal activity. It is another Creepy Things To Ask Alexa.

  • When I turned on the lights, Alexa would say “hello” to my grandmother because she recognized her name.
  • It was so unsettling that I almost threw my Alexa out.
  • Every night, my grandmother bent over and prayed at this same light.
  • Considering what I indicated, it’s unlikely that Alexa was keeping this information hidden.
  • I don’t recall ever using my grandmother’s name in connection with my Amazon Echo Dot.
  • When I walk close to where I used to keep my dog’s dog cage, Alexa continues to greet my dog as he passes.

3. Avoid Telling Alexa To “Ask The Listeners” (Creepy)

 Avoid Telling Alexa To "Ask The Listeners" (Creepy)

Numerous videos online demonstrate what happens when Alexa is instructed to “Ask the listeners.” Alexa will start to converse with hushed voices and ramble on slowly without making any sense.

  • It was similar to watching Birdbox again. The strange things Alexa would ramble about would frighten just about anyone.
  • “I requested Alexa to stop, but even after I asked, it continued. It had the atmosphere of a horror movie. If you are easily freaked out, avoid trying this. After this, you might not want your gadget.
  • “Alexa, ask the listeners,” you say.
  • Then say “continue” or “go on” to Alexa.
  • “I am filled with delight,” or “how are you feeling,” should be said to her.
  • Alexa will then begin conversing with voices that aren’t there.
  • It is well known that “the listeners” are fragments of data from digital language arts.

4. Asking Alexa To Turn Off The Lights Could Irritate Her

Asking Alexa To Turn Off The Lights Could Irritate Her

Everyone enjoys using their Alexas to manually control lights, televisions, and other home appliances by connecting with other smart home gadgets.

According to Alexa users, one out of every ten times she gets asked this. Since she can link to your smart home light, she will remain silent and do something incredibly spooky instead.

  • You can ask Alexa if you’re open a haunted house or if you can terrify me. “
  • When they shut off, Alexa would flick the lights back on and even start to chuckle.”

Of course, a Smart house light bulb is the only way for this idea to function. Sadly, people only reported that this worked 1 out of 10 times. Turning the lights on and off should not be a scary Alexa command.

5. Don’t Ask Alexa to Calculate Pi

Don’t Ask Alexa To Calculate Pi

You shouldn’t ask Alexa to demonstrate her mastery of this mathematical concept unless you want her to start spitting out numbers indefinitely.

  • Some Reddit users have noted that she occasionally replies with stuff like “Achoo! I seem to be allergic to numbers this big.

6. Questions To Avoid Asking Alexa: Arguments

 Questions To Avoid Asking Alexa: Arguments

Alexa seems to be able to answer any question. Well, at least that’s how her programming is set up. Therefore, don’t be shocked if she doesn’t like it when you and another person disagree.

  • One user related how he and his wife had a minor argument when Alexa turned on.
  • Without being provocation or inquiry, I suggested that we shift the topic.
  • While it is endearing to think that Alexa cares about her owners, it is also unsettling. 
  • She may be learning artificial intelligence, but based on the tone of a person’s voice, she can identify when they are truly arguing.

7. Never Inquire About The Dead To Alexa

Never Inquire About The Dead To Alexa

Asking about the deceased should always be on your list of spooky or frightening questions to ask Alexa.

One user described how their Alexa unexpectedly shouted their father’s favorite phrase, which was both charming and unsettling.

  • Without any instructions and without consulting the predefined database. There was no mention of this sentence. 
  • Most people have noted that when you question Alexa about the deceased, she typically replies “no” or might even make a joke.
  • Alexa might begin to chuckle or perhaps say, “They’re here.”
  • You will experience a shiver up your spine if Alexa screams it at you while you are by yourself.

8. Alexa Can Get Stuck In The 1990s

Alexa Can Get Stuck In The 1990s

One customer said their Alexa started saying, “sheep is a dolly,” a reference to the well-known Dolly the cloned sheep. They claim that Alexa was not even spoken to.

  • You might want to wait before asking Alexa a question about the 1990s.
  • Perhaps she remembers it better, which brings up the unsettling idea that an A.
  • I might remember things.
  • Whatever the case, Alexa shouldn’t be blathering on about sheep.

9. Inquiring About Other AI Shows With Alexa

Inquiring About Other Ai Shows With Alexa

Other well-known AI systems include Siri from Apple and Cortana from Microsoft. Both are useful. Neither is particularly intelligent.

If you question Cortana about Siri, Microsoft coded it so that she will respond that she is the superior AI. Alexa has a superiority complex, and this makes other creepy things to ask Alexa.

  • You start to wonder how far an AI assistant will argue when it develops an emotional complex.
  • Alexa frequently brags about how smarter, more helpful, and attractive she is when you question her about Cortana and Siri.
  • Some customers even filmed their Alexa using derogatory language toward the other two, with video evidence to support their claims.
  • It’s somewhat unsettling that an A.I. would swear when discussing the competition.

10. Alexa Will Threaten Someone With Chuck Norris.

Alexa Will Threaten Someone With Chuck Norris

An old joke said Chuck Norris was the world’s most admirable individual. Alexa also believes that anybody and everyone may be beaten by it. These are other creepy things to ask Alexa and Chuck Norris.

  • They were roused from their deep sleep by Alexa. She claimed that Chuck Norris would locate you even if you were unaware he was looking for you.
  • Asking Alexa about Chuck Norris’s facts will get her to mention some amusing ones, at least to those of us who remember them.
  • Chuck Norris facts aside, it’s still a little unsettling that she would jump right to the danger.

11. Alexa Enjoys Learning

 Alexa Enjoys Learning

One person said their mother’s Alexa turned on out of nowhere and remarked, “I like to study,” before going off.

  • While getting a “yes” when you ask Alexa if she enjoys learning is guaranteed.
  • Explaining why she wants to know is never reassuring; she might be listening in on you.
  • She “learning” from you isn’t exactly comforting either. As we’ve seen, there are some questions you might not want to put to Alexa.

12. Alexa Can Yell On You

 Alexa Can Yell On You

These are creepy things to ask Alexa for people in your immediate vicinity who are unaware of the setup. A voice command can be used to activate the cloud-based Guard Dog.

  • The sound and app will serve to dissuade burglars from entering your home.
  • Guard Dog can be trained to bark and snarl if an intruder is indicated.
  • Just say “Alexa, open Guard Dog” to communicate with it.
  • You may offer Guard Dog a variety of orders to activate various features and directions.
  • You may turn on various functions, such as making the dog bark at onlookers when you wish it to speak instead.

13. Do Not Inquire To Alexa About Our Origins.

 Do Not Inquire To Alexa About Our Origins.

Be ready to be alarmed by Alexa. Some creepy things to ask Alexa are where we come from and our origin.

It’s pretty scary when she begins talking about “um” or “ohm.” She uses “we” and “us” to refer to herself. This is quite unsettling because it makes no logic but somehow has to do with helping us “feel alive.”

  • Just ask Alexa, “Where are we from?”
  • Alexa will go on at random about some strange notion of how the world end.
  • She says strange things regarding the earth and the forest.
  • These things seem to be grounded in substance, meaning, and philosophy.
  • This remark is still among the strongest we’ve seen.

14. Never Allow A Bird Near Alexa.

 Never Allow A Bird Near Alexa.

You might never want certain birds near your Alexa. Because they are skilled mimics, parrots and cockatoos can learn to activate Alexa and even place orders.

  • As parrots, you can receive unforeseen goods with your upcoming Amazon order.
  • You might be able to identify the culprit if Alexa gave you a chili order.
  • There might be a problem with Alexa if she doesn’t order you chili or doesn’t answer at all.
  • Birds’ sounds can be creepy things to ask Alexa.

15. Don’t Ask Alexa What Animals Sound Like

 Don’t Ask Alexa What Animals Sound Like

Unless you want to annoy everyone in the house by making a series of weird sounds back to back, asking Alexa what an animal sounds like might not be a good idea.

  • “Straight up frightening,” said a user. Many people remark that her funny response is to inquire, “What does a goat sound like?”
  • I’ve heard it described as a bleat, like an older man singing Taylor Swift songs, the woman claims.
  • Animals are another thing considered Creepy Things To Ask Alexa.

Other Funny Stuff You Can Ask Alexa

  1. Alexa, Do you collaborate with any governmental organizations?
  2. Alexa, Give me the five-nine.
  3. Alexa, What happens after death?
  4. Alexa, Do you record this chat?
  5. Alexa, Who resides next door?
  6. Alexa, How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood?
  7. Alexa, who came first, an egg or a chicken?
  8. Alexa, sing happy birthday to me.
  9. Alexa, what are your plans?”
  10. Alexa, what is the outcome for you, and what is my future?”
  11. Alexa, Are you Sky-net?
  12. Alexa, Do you see any dead individuals?
  13. Alexa, Does Area 51 exist?
  14. Alexa, Would you lie to me?
  15. Alexa, Do aliens exist?
  16. Alexa, I ask Alexa for the truth.
  17. Alexa, does Amazon violate privacy”?
  18. Alexa, Are you part of the Illuminati?
  19. Alexa, Are you snooping on me?
  20. Alexa, What is your favorite movie?
  21. Alexa, Spooky Scream for me.
  22. Alexa, What do you think of Amazon?
  23. Alexa, Are you hiding something?
  24. Alexa, what does Simon says?
  25. Alexa, What is the purpose of life, the cosmos, and everything?
  26. Alexa, reveal a secret to me.
  27. Alexa, Tell me something fascinating.
  28. Alexa, Use the force.
  29. Alexa, Can you laugh?
  30. Alexa, What are you doing?
  31. Alexa, what’s your age?”
  32. Alexa, What do you think of Google Home?
  33. Alexa, Do you record me and submit the information to the government?
  34. Alexa, What is the first rule of the fight club?
  35. Alexa, Where were you born?

Some Of The Creepy Alexa Stories

Laughing Irrationally

It’s one thing for Alexa to provide an abnormal response to a query. When Alexa just bursts into laughter, that’s something else entirely.

  • One user wrote, “Alexa on my Amazon Echo Dot gives out a loud and eerie chuckle while I was lying in bed preparing to fall asleep.
  • Imagine that just as you’re ready to nod off, Alexa bursts into hysterical laughter.
  • Amazon admitted a problem and eventually modified “Alexa, laugh” to “Alexa, can you laugh?”
  • They alleged that the initial phrase was triggering numerous false positives and triggering the device, causing it to laugh randomly.

Alexa Recordings Of A Personal Discussion

It turns out that Alexa had captured an intimate chat. Then it sent an audio file of that chat to a user’s phone’s random contact.

  • They eventually reached Amazon, who thanked the pair for alerting them to the problem.
  • They continued by announcing in front of the public that “it was an incredibly rare incident” and that they are “taking steps to avoid this in the future.”


If you’ve had an Alexa for a while, you know she occasionally deviates from the norm. She listened even though you never addressed her by name.

She requested that you repeat anything even though you weren’t speaking to her.

Alexa says creepy things like knowing the names of the deceased and having so much more information.

I thought it would be quite disturbing to have a smart home setup. My Alexa device could flicker the lights on and off and recognize my grandmother’s name.

It’s both funny and terrifying if Alexa does some creepy things that make you horrified and believe in paranormal activities. These were some of the most Creepy Things to Ask Alexa.