10 Best Ways To Fix Your Connection Is Not Private Chrome

Are you unable to access a website because of the ‘your connection is not private chrome’ error? Reloading the page is the first solution that pops up in our minds. The second one is to restart the PC or reconnect the internet.

connection is not private chrome

But what if none of those works? Then you turn to this ultimate guide for you! It has all the solutions that you will ever need. But remember, this guide is for website visitors. If you’re a website owner, consult the hosting service provider.

Now, let’s find out what’s “your connection is not private in chrome” error is before we move to the solutions.

What Does Your Connection Is Not Private Chrome Mean?

Your connection is not private on Google Chrome error message

Your connection is not private ” is a subtle way for your browser to tell you that it’s insecure. That you are at risk of security and privacy breaches:

  • You’re at risk if you don’t use an extra antivirus or internet security.
  • You’re a treasure trove for any hacker out there if they use the website.
  • Your information is not encrypted properly. 
  • There can be problems with server communication.

Other common error codes on Google Chrome are: 

  • SSL certificate error

These are all related to the “ Connection is not private “ issue, and you can use the solutions below. 

Causes For SSL Certificate Errors

Invalid Server Certificate

The primary cause is that the website doesn’t have a valid SSL certificate. It could also be that your browser or internet connection failed to secure SSL.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)  is essential to establish an HTTPS connection. It is a more secure version of conventional HTTP. Any private information you share on an insecure website can be used by hackers.

  • The website is missing the certificate. It could have also expired.
  • The browser or internet security patch isn’t up-to-date.
  • Your antivirus is hindering the connection to the website.
  • VPN, extensions, or other third-party tools are interfering.
  • The time and date settings on your desktop might be incorrect.
  • There could be a temporary server issue.
  • Your internet connection might not be secure. It could also not support the given website domain or SSL.

Fix Your Connection Is Not Private In Chrome Issue

  1. Keep These Internet Tips In Mind
  2. The Basic Solutions For The Browser 
  3. Try The Incognito Mode 
  4. Fix The System’s Date And Time Settings 
  5. Activate / Deactivate A VPN Server
  6. Clear Browser’s Cache & Cookies 
  7. Check The Antivirus Software 
  8. Use The Option To Manually Proceed
  9. Try The SSL Server Test
  10. Clear SSL State On Your PC

1. Keep These Internet Tips In Mind

Network & Internet settings in Windows 11

Of course, your first go-to solution will be to reconnect. You can restart your PC, but don’t forget the router. 

  • Run an internet troubleshooter 
  • You might face more of these errors if you use Public WIFI (Cafe, Airports, Food Courts, etc.). Public Wi-Fi Networks are usually the least secure and give certificate invalid errors.
  • You can try and change the DNS server. Google’s DNS is the primary solution in this case. 
  • If you want, you can also try resetting TCP/IP, but you can try other solutions first.

2. The Basic Solutions For The Browser 

Google Chrome Homepage

For your web browser, the first step would be to check extensions. If you have too many extensions, they can interfere with the connection.

  • Check for the updates for your browser. Go to the Browser’s Menu > Settings > About Chrome.
  • You can also visit the official Chrome website and check for the latest version.
  • If you think the problem is in the browser, you can try another browser. You may also re-install the Google Chrome Browser.

3. Try The Incognito Mode 

Incognito Mode in Google Chrome

On your Google Chrome Browser, press CTRL + SHIFT + N. This will create a new incognito window. An incognito window often bypasses system preferences.

So, if you can’t use the website in normal mode, you can try it here. But remember, it is not 100% safe. You might have to use a virtual private network. 

4. Fix The System’s Date And Time Settings 

Nowadays, it is important to have up-to-date Times and Dates according to your region on your system. So, make sure to change it to fix that your connection is not private in chrome issue.  

For Windows Users:

  • Right-click on the Time And Date that is displayed in the bottom-right corner.
Adjust Date and Time option in Windows 11
  • Select ‘Adjust date and time.’ 
  • You can toggle ‘ Set Time Automatically ‘ or do it manually. 
Setting Date and Time in Windows 11

For Mac Users:

  • Open the Apple Menu that is in the top left corner.
Selecting system preferences in Mac
  • Find and click on System Preferences.
select date & time apple menu
making changes in Apple system preferences for Date & Time

5. Activate / Deactivate A VPN Server

Google Search Results for VPN

For added privacy and security, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) services grew popular. They maintain anonymity and allow you to compromise fewer resources. You have better security while browsing the net.

But, it could also hinder connectivity. So, first, try and activate the VPN and see if it solves the issue. If not, then deactivate it and check again.

6. Clear Browser’s Cache & Cookies 

clear browsing data on Google chrome

Follow these steps to clear the browser’s cache :

  • Open a New Tab on Google Chrome.
  • Press CTRL + H to open History Tab  
  • Select the ‘ Clear Browsing Data ‘ option. 
  • Check on Cookies and other site data.
  • Check on cached images and files.
  • If you want, you can also check on Browsing History
  • Set the Time Range to ‘ All Time.’ 
  • Next, click Clear Data and let the browser do the job. 

7. Check The Antivirus Software 

Virus & Threat protection in Windows 11

Many antivirus software comes with an SSL Scan feature. They could also offer additional encryption. So, it is a good idea to disable these features and see if it solves the error. 

8. Use The Option To Manually Proceed

Manually Proceed with Unsafe Website

You will have the option to ignore certificate errors on your browser. All you need to do is click on the small link below the error message. 

  • Proceed to ‘xyz url’ (Unsafe) 

Sometimes, the page won’t show this target field. In that case, you can’t do anything. You could click more option buttons and see if it takes you an answer. 

9. Try The SSL Server Test

SSL server test

There are a couple of tools out there that you can use to run an SSL server test. Why do you need it? It will tell you if the error is on your end (ISP) or the website. So that can help you narrow down the solutions. 

10. Clear SSL State On Your PC

settings in the new Windows 11
searching for internet options
  • Search for ‘Internet Options’ in the Search Bar.
Clear SSL state in Content Tab Windows 10 11
  • Go to the Content tab.
  • Find and select Clear SSL State  

Do You Get The Error Code In Other Browsers?

different web browsers

Each web browser is prone to this your connection is not a private error. It isn’t related to the browser as much as it is related to the website. So, you can get this error even in:

Thankfully, you can use the above-given solutions in these browsers, as well.


Now I have covered all the flags to fix the ‘your connection is not private in chrome issue.’ You can try any of these solutions.

In case you’re looking for steps for any, they are readily available on our website, as well. From changing DNS to others, so you can explore them.

As mentioned earlier, this list is for website visitors, not website owners. So, use the solutions accordingly.

If you have an outdated OS, the error could persist. It is pretty common on Windows 7. So, beware of that. With that, happy browsing!