3 Best Ways To Connect PS5 Controller To PC Or Mac

connect ps5 controller to pc

Playing games with the DualSense controller of PS5 is a treat. And you would wonder if you can use them on your PC for gaming as well. Fortunately, Sony thought of PC gamers too when manufacturing these feature-packed DualSense gamepads.

Unlike the PS4 controllers that require additional drivers, PS5 controllers are plug-and-play for many Windows and macOS versions if you use a USB-C cable or Bluetooth.

Moreover, the gaming platform Steam has made great efforts in supporting PS5 controllers for PC gamers. Let’s know how to connect and set up PS5 gamepads on a PC and Mac.

How To connect pS5 controller to pC?

  1. Connect the Controller to Your Windows Computer (Using a Cable or Bluetooth)
  2. Set Up Your PS5 DualSense Controllers on Steam
  3. Set Up Your PS5 Controller for Non-Steam Games and Microsoft Store Games

1. Connect the Controller to Your Windows Computer (Using a Cable or Bluetooth)

Firstly, you need to connect the DualSense gamepad to your PC. You have two choices. Either connect using a USB-C cable if you prefer a wired connection or go wireless via Bluetooth.

1.1 Use a USB Type-C Cable to Connect the PS5 Controller to the PC

This method is straightforward. You need a Type-C USB cable that comes with the PlayStation 5 console if you own it. If you only have the controller, you may need to get one.

But before it, you can check if you have any similar cable for your phone laying around as USB Type-C charging cables for smartphones are common as well.

Once you have the cable, connect the smaller end to the controller and the USB end to your PC’s USB port. Most Windows versions support PS5 controllers, but you should use the latest to be on the safe side. When you connect the controller to the PC, Windows will automatically detect the controller, and it’ll be ready to use.

1.2 Wirelessly Connect PS5 Controller to Your Windows Computer

Bluetooth takes away your worry about cables, but you need to keep your controller charged, so it doesn’t stop working when you’re deep into a game. Follow these steps for connecting your PS5 controller to a Windows PC over Bluetooth:

  • Bring the controller close to the computer or laptop.
  • Press the power button (PS button) and the share button (the button on the upper left side) together to turn on the pairing mode of your gamepad.
A PS5 DualSense controller
  • If you see the controller flashing, then the pairing mode is turned on successfully.
  • Now, go to your Windows Settings.
  • Select ‘Devices’.
Windows 10 Settings
  • Turn on the Bluetooth (if it’s not on).
  • Click ‘Add Bluetooth or other device’.
Bluetooth & other devices Settings on Windows 10
  • Choose ‘Bluetooth’.
Add a device on Windows 10
  • From the list of Bluetooth devices, pick ‘Wireless Controller’.
  • Allow the controller access.
  • Done. Use PS5 controllers for playing a supported game.
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2. Set Up Your PS5 DualSense Controllers on Steam

Unlike some PC games that don’t need any settings for playing with PS5 controllers on a PC, Steam requires you to tweak a few settings before fully enjoying the DualSense pads and their Haptic Feedback and Adaptive Triggers. Follow these steps:

  • Connect the controller to your PC (with wire or Bluetooth).
  • Open Steam on your desktop or laptop.
  • Click ‘Steam’ on the menu bar at the top left corner and choose ‘Settings’ when it opens.
Steam application main page on Windows 10
  • On Settings, go to ‘Controllers’ from the side panel.
  • Select ‘General Controller Settings’.
Steam settings on Windows 10
  • Click the box next to ‘PlayStation Configuration Support’ and ‘Generic Gamepad Configuration Support’ to enable Steam’s PS5 controller support.
Steam Controller Settings on Windows 10
  • Close the window.
  • Play any PS5 controller-supported game on Steam to enjoy a better gaming experience.

Steam may use the Xbox controller layout for your PS5 controller. You may need to assign keys when you play a game for the first time using the PS5 controllers.

  • Run the Steam title you want to play.
  • Press the PlayStation button on the controller.
  • It’ll open the Steam controller configurations page.
  • Assign the controller buttons actions you desire. You can also use the touchpad and gyro sensor as Steam supports them.

Make sure that you’re in the Big Picture mode because the configurations page may not open otherwise, even if you press the PlayStation button on your controller. So, it’s critical to enter the Big Picture before running the game:

  • Click ‘View’ from the menu bar at the top of the screen.
  • Choose ‘Big Picture Mode’.
Steam desktop application on Windows 10

3. Set Up Your PS5 Controller for Non-Steam Games and Microsoft Store Games

We know that Steam offers excellent functionality of PS5 DualSense controllers, and once you perform the above steps, you’re set up for most Steam games. But how to use PS5 controllers on a Windows computer if you have any game installed outside of steam, such as from Epic Games Store or Microsoft Store.

There are two methods to play those games with the PS5 controllers. Add the game to your Steam Library or Use a third-party program for PS5 DualSense controllers’ support.

3.1 Add Non-Steam Games to Your Steam Library

You may want to play non-Steam games on your PC. The good news is that Steam has an option from where you can include a game installed outside of Steam to the platform.

  • Open Steam
  • Click ‘Games’ on the menu bar.
  • Select ‘Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library’.
Steam for Windows 10
  • Choose the game.
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This works with many games installed outside of Steam and makes it easy to play games on a PC with PS5 controllers instead of a mouse and keyboard.

3.2 Install a Third-Party Application (DS4Windows) for Recognizing PS5 Controllers

A better way to make sure most of the games you play on your PC recognize your PS5 controllers is to install a GitHub community application, DS4Windows. It tricks your Windows computer into identifying your PS5 gamepads as Xbox controllers.

And as Xbox is also a Microsoft product, its controllers work very well on Windows. When your PS5 controllers are recognized as Xbox controllers, they work for most games you install on your PC. Below are the steps:

  • Connect your PS5 controller to your PC (with the cord or Bluetooth).
  • Get DS4Windows from GitHub. Make sure to download the file that has .zip written after its name. 
DS4Windows on GitHub
  • Open the file and extract it.
  • Double-click the DS4Windows.exe file.
DS4Windows folder on Windows 10
  • When it opens, go to the ‘Settings’ tab and enable options that lets launch at startup automatically.
  • It’ll install some drivers, and your computer may reboot.
  • You may also need to reconnect your PS5 controller for it to take effect.
  • Play any game on your Windows PC with the PS5 controller.

There is one setback when using DS4Windows. For it to work perfectly, you need to disable the PlayStation and Xbox support settings from Steam. Change settings from this location: Steam > Steam > Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings.

The PS5 controller’s audio jack won’t work with whichever method is used. For audio, rely on your computer’s audio jack.

How To Connect a PS5 Controller to Mac?

To connect a PS5 controller to Mac, you must have macOS Big Sur or higher. Use the below methods:

  1. Use the USB-C Cable to Connect the PS5 Controller to Your Mac
  2. Connect Your PS5 Controller to Mac Through Bluetooth
  3. Set Up PS5 Controller on Your Mac for Steam
  4. Play Non-Steam Games on Mac with PS5 Controller

1. Use the USB-C Cable to Connect the PS5 Controller to Your Mac

If you have the whole console, you’d also have a USB Type-C cable for charging the controller. You can use that for connecting your DualSense gamepads to your Mac. Once connected, your Mac would pick it up automatically. If your Mac has USB-C ports, you can use any of those as well if you have the right cable.

2. Connect Your PS5 Controller to Mac Through Bluetooth

Using Bluetooth to connect the PS5 controller to your Mac is easy as well. But make sure that you keep the controller charged. Follow these steps:

  • Bring your PS5 controller near your Mac.
  • Turn on its pairing mode by pressing the Power button (PlayStation button) and Pairing button (the button on the top left side) together.
PlayStation 5 controller
  • Now, turn on Bluetooth on your Mac.
  • Find the controller from the nearby Bluetooth device list and connect to it.

3. Set Up PS5 Controller on Your Mac for Steam

Steam is your best option if you want to use a PS5 DualSense controller on a Mac system. Once you configure Steam settings, it’ll recognize and let you use PS5 gamepads for all games on the platform. Follow below:

  • Open Steam.
  • Click ‘Steam’ on the menu bar at the top left corner.
  • Select ‘Preferences’.
  • In Preferences, choose ‘Controller’ from the side panel.
  • Click ‘General Controller Settings’.
Steam desktop application Settings
  • A new settings window will open. Checkmark the box next to ‘PlayStation Configuration Support’ and ‘Generic Gamepad Configuration Support’.
Steam Controller Settings
  • Close the window.
  • You can play Steam games with the PS5 controller on Mac.
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You would notice that features like advanced haptics and triggers won’t work on Mac. You would experience simple rumble and vibration only.

Firstly, to assign keys in each game, go to the Big Picture Mode by navigating to Steam > View > Big Picture Mode. Then, open a game and assign keys.

4. Play Non-Steam Games on Mac with PS5 Controller

The games that support a PS5 controller on Mac out of the box are limited. Search on Google ‘PS5 controller supported games for Mac’ to find the names.

Moreover, you should also try Steam to play non-Steam games as it lets you add any program to your library. If you manage to play an ‘outside game’ on Steam, it’d use the Steam overlay and automatically support the PS5 controller. Follow the below steps:

  • Launch Steam.
  • Click ‘Games’ on the menu bar at the top right.
  • Choose ‘Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library’.
  • Select the game.


You can connect a PS5 controller to your PC or Mac with the above methods. If you want to get the best results, your bet is the handful of games that support PS5 controllers on computers or the games on Steam.


Is PS5 Controller Compatible With PC?

Yes, the PS5 controller is compatible with a PC. It’s plug-and-play for Windows and Mac computers, so it should automatically detect it once connected via USB cable or Bluetooth.

How Do I Connect My PS5 Controller To My PC Wirelessly?

You can connect your PS5 controller to your PC wirelessly through Bluetooth. Follow below:
– Bring your PS5 controller close to your computer.
– Press the PlayStation button and the Share button (the button at the top left side) together to enable pairing mode.
– On Windows, go to Settings > Devices > Toggle on Bluetooth.
– Click ‘Add Bluetooth or other device’.
– Choose ‘Bluetooth’.
– Select the PS5 controller.

Why Won’t My PS5 Controller Connect To My PC?

These could be the reasons why your PS5 controller is not connecting to your PC:
– The PS5 controller is connected to the console.
– Bluetooth compatibility issues with the controller.
– The USB-C cable is broken.
– The PS5 controller’s battery is down.
– Problem with the USB ports.
– Internal hardware issues with the controller.
– Outdated firmware of the console and controller.

Does The PS5 Controller Work On A PC Without Bluetooth?

Yes, other than Bluetooth, the PS5 controller works on a PC with a USB-C cable as well. The cable comes with the console, but you may need to get a new USB-C cable if you only have the controller.