How To Connect PS4 Controller To Android Device

Everyone loves to play games despite their age. Android touchscreen is not the only way to play games on Android devices. Most mobiles and tablets with Android over 10 support controller inputs and allow you to enjoy gaming comfortably. 

Using a controller instead of a touchscreen provides your hands with an ergonomic posture. If you have a Playstation 4 controller, you can connect it to your Android phone in seconds. Read the article till the end to learn how to connect a PS4 controller to Android smartphones. 

Can I Connect the PS4 controller to an Android device?

If you enjoy playing games on both Android and Console, you can use your PS4 controller to play games on Android. You must own a smartphone or tablet with Android above 10 to connect to the PS4 controller. 

  • There are two ways to connect the PS4 controller to Android, i.e., via Bluetooth and USB cable. 
  • You can use both methods with your Android products that support Bluetooth connectivity. 
  • However, without Bluetooth support, you can Connect a PS4 Controller to Android via a USB cord. 

How to Connect a PS4 Controller to Android Via Bluetooth?

The PS4 controller supports Bluetooth and connects to the PS4 console wirelessly. Likewise, it can connect with your Android devices too. You can easily connect PS4 controller to Android by enabling Bluetooth on your device that supports Android 10.

Bluetooth connection established

Follow these simple steps to connect PS4 controller with Android via Bluetooth: 

  • Unplug your PlayStation 4 wireless controller from the PS4 console.
  • Press and hold the Share and PS buttons simultaneously. After holding these buttons for a few seconds, a white light blinks on the wireless controller.
Pressing Share and PS button simultaneously
  • After releasing the buttons, the controller is unpaired from the console and ready to be paired with a new device.
Blinking white light of a PS4 controller
  • Drag down from the top of your Android mobile screen to open the menu.
Top menu of an Android device
  • Hold down the Bluetooth button to open the Bluetooth menu in settings.
Pressing the Bluetooth button
  • Alternatively, you can also reach the Bluetooth settings by another method. Go to the settings menu on your Android smartphone.
Tapping on Setting
  •  From the settings menu, tap on Bluetooth.
Clicking on Bluetooth from the list of settings
  • Turn the Bluetooth button on.
Toggling the Bluetooth button on
  • Your device will scan the Available devices.
Searching for device
  • From the list of available devices, select the Play Station 4 controller.
New wireless connection appears
  • Android will start the pairing process to connect with the Plat Station 4 controller.
Bluetooth connection being established
  • A menu will appear; click on Pair to link your controller to your Android device.
Clicking on Pair button
  • Wait for a few seconds until the white light stops flashing, indicating that your PS4 wireless controller and Android smartphone are connected.
Wireless controller connected

Connecting the PS4 controller to Android via Bluetooth will not only help you play games without learning new layouts. It will also enable you to play comfortably at any position without caring about distance restrictions due to the length of the cable. 

How to connect PS4 Controller to Android Via USB Cable?

To connect the PS4 controller to Android with a USB cable, you need a USB OTG adapter, a USB connector cable, Android-supporting On-the-Go (OTG) connections, and a PlayStation 4 controller. 

Almost all Android Smartphones and Tablets support OTG connections. However, models below Android 4 may not. You can check it on the device packaging or contact customer support to check whether your phone supports OTG or not. 

PlayStation 4 wireless controller uses a micro USB cord. The typical USB connector cable you use to connect to Android devices is a USB Type-A cable. So, the best solution is to use an OTG adapter to convert the Type-A USB cable to a micro USB cable.

Follow these simple steps to connect PS4 controller to Android with a USB connector Cable:

  • Insert the adapter into the charging port.
Connecting cable to an Android device
  • Connect the micro USB cord to the adapter.
  • Insert another end into the controller.
Connecting cable to a PS4 controller
  • The controller will start working on your Android device immediately. 
Cable connected to both PS4 controller and Android device

Which Android Games Work with PS4 Controllers?

Play Station 4 controllers do not support all android games, especially shooter games that are hard to play without a gamepad. However, other mobile games, like Pubg, Fortnite, and Call of Duty, are compatible with the PS4 gaming controllers. You can play these games by connecting a PS4 controller to an Android phone or tablet.  

Here are the top 10 games that you can play on android with a PS4 controller

  • Dead Cells
  • Asphalt 8: Airborne
  • Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime
  • Minecraft
  • Assassin’s Creed Identity
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  • GRID Autosport
  • Rocket League Sideswipe
  • Doom
  • Dead Trigger 2

Can all Android devices work with a PS4 controller? 

All Android devices are not compatible with Play Station 4 controllers. Smartphones and tablets with Android above 10 can connect to a Play Station 4 controller via Bluetooth. 

Moreover, OTG-supported mobiles and laptops can pair with the controller via USB cable. 

Outdated and old versions of Android phones will never work with Play station 4 controllers. 

They are not either good for gaming. So, if you have the latest Android phone with good memory and processor, nothing can stop you from getting a better gaming experience after you connect the PS4 Controller to Android.

How to Troubleshoot The Lag Issues With The Controller?

The PlayStation 4 controller is not exclusively built for Android users. That’s why you may face connectivity issues. You don’t need to be an expert to resolve the issue. Mobile applications like Bluetooth Auto Connect can resolve your problem in seconds. 

Follow these simple steps to troubleshoot the lag issues with the controller:

  • Open Playstore.
Tapping on PlayStore app
  • Search and download the Bluetooth auto-connect app.
Installing Bluetooth auto connect
  • Pair the PS4 controller with the Android device of your choice.
Wireless controller connected
  • Open Bluetooth auto-connect application. 
Tapping on Bluetooth auto connect app
  • Tap on Start.
Clicking on Start
  • Tap on the advanced option under the advanced section.
Clicking on Advanced options
  • Tap on Continuous connects.
Clicking on Continuous connect
  •  Type any number between 0 and 10.
Entering number

The Bluetooth Autoconnect application will help you to fix all Bluetooth-related issues on your Android device. 

How to Remap The Game Controls To Work With The PS4 Controller?

If you play games on your Android phone via a Play Station 4 controller, you may notice that some game control options are not optimized for your Dualshock controller. This problem arises because many games on Android haven’t yet received PS4 external controller support.

Installing the Octopus Gamepad app

You can remap the keys with an app called Octopus. Download the app and customize your game controls according to their fit with your PS4 controller. 

How to Disconnect The PS4 Controller From Your Devices?

After playing the game on your Android device, you might want to disconnect the Dualshock Play Station 4 controller and pair it back to the console. In case of connection via USB, you can remove the cable from the controller and Android device.

However, if you have connected PS4 with Bluetooth, you can only pair it back to the console after umpiring from your Device.

To disconnect the PS4 controller from your Android device, follow these steps:

  • Drag down from the top of the screen and open the Bluetooth menu. 
Tapping on the Bluetooth button
  • Alternatively, you can also reach the Bluetooth settings by another method. Go to the settings menu on your Android smartphone.
Clicking on Settings app
  •  From this menu, tap on Bluetooth.
Clicking on Bluetooth in the list of Settings
  • Tap on Wireless controller in Paired Devices.
Tapping on the connected wireless controller
  • Select Disconnect and tap on remove device. 
Tapping on OK

Should you use a PS4 controller on your Android device or not? 

If you are serious about gaming on your Android tablet or smartphone, there are better options than PS4. The best controllers that you can use to play games on Android are the Xbox controller or the most advanced  Dualsense PS5 controller. Let’s know why:

  • The PS5 controller is now available worldwide, and Sony has discontinued the Dualshock 4, so finding and purchasing new Play Station 4 controllers is becoming harder.
  • Though the Sony PlayStation 4 controller works with Android, its unique features are not accessible, like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. 
  • Your experience with the Dualshock Play Station 4 controller may vary when you connect it to your Android smartphone. 
  • Check it on your favorite games and see if it presents any issues. Generally, all games can be played through it if you remap your buttons accordingly.

XBOX vs. PS4

The result was shocking when the Dualshock Play Station 4 controller was tested with Android devices and compared with the Xbox One controller. The Xbox controller performed much better than the Play Station 4 controller.

However, there are easy-to-use controllers available for less price than the Play Station 4 controllers. If you have a PS4, then using the controller is legit. Conversely, if you don’t have it and are planning to buy a new one, this is useless.   


Playing games on Android can become more enjoyable when you connect the PS4 controller to Android. The Plat Station 4 controller offers two types of connections to connect with your Android smartphone or tablet. 

If your device is Bluetooth-supported, pair via Bluetooth; otherwise, a USB cord connection is possible. You can play almost all Android games on the PS4 except puzzle games.

Connect the PS4 controller to an Android smartphone or tablet and remap the keys to play games like a pro.