8 Best Ways To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox One

connect bluetooth headphones to xbox one

Bluetooth technology is established where devices can connect to share data over a short distance.  One of the most commonly and widely used applications of Bluetooth is between a mobile phone and a headset. 

One of the earliest Bluetooth-enabled devices was the wireless headphone and the mobile phone paired with it.  The headset has a pairing button that needs to be pressed, and the Bluetooth icon should be on to ensure pairing between devices.

Over the years, Bluetooth headphones have been used not just for mobile phones but also for laptops, tablets, and gaming consoles like XBOX, PlayStation, and Nintendo. Using headphones has become the norm in gaming, with players using them to interact during gameplay and enjoy the gaming experience.

Here’s How To connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox one:

  1. XBOX One and Wireless headphones
  2. How to use Bluetooth Headsets for XBOX One
  3. Use an Optical Connection
  4. Use an Audio Jack
  5. Use Remote Play
  6. Use Stereo Headset Adapter
  7. Use a PC connection or TV
  8. Use TV

1. XBOX One and Wireless headphones

2 xbox controllers are kept on the table

XBOX is a gaming brand owned by Microsoft that is used to play video games and is one of the earlier brands that established itself in the gaming market.  XBOX One is the third generation of gaming console in the XBOX series and is much improved than the previous versions, XBOX 360 and XBOX.

While playing video games, the user experience is always enriching when the audio complements the video in the game.  

Bluetooth Headphones are the catch:

Let us see if wireless headphones enabled by Bluetooth can be used while playing on the XBOX One.  XBOX One is not usually compatible with the standard Bluetooth headphones used with other devices. 

  • But there are ways in which the user can use his Bluetooth headphones to be in sync with XBOX One.  This will enable the user to continue to have a pleasant gaming experience without the hassle of cables.
  • One of the reasons why Bluetooth does not work is because Microsoft has its customized wireless technology called XBOX wireless.  XBOX Wireless is a proprietary technology owned by Microsoft to have a wireless connection between the headphone and the XBOX console. 
  • This is not only applicable for XBOX One but also to other versions of XBOX like XBOX360 and XBOX.  Technologically XBOX wireless is more robust than conventional Bluetooth because it uses a higher frequency and bandwidth than Bluetooth. 
  • The frequency on which Bluetooth operates does not meet XBOX`s latency requirements. A commonly used headset for XBOX wireless is the Turtle Beach stealth device. 

Two ways of connecting XBOX wireless headset

1. Automatic connection.
  • The headphones will automatically connect to the console. However, these types of headphones are usually expensive. 
  • But there is no hassle of using any dongle, and it will be a seamless experience.
2. A wireless dongle must be attached to the USB ports.
  • This is the same as using a Bluetooth dongle to map the wireless headsets to any device.
  • If the gamers do not have an XBOX Wireless headset, connecting to the XBOX accessories like controllers would be difficult. 
  • High-quality headphones will be deemed redundant as they will not be compatible with XBOX One. 
  • The headphones available with the XBOX is the XBOX Stereo headset which might not be with the users at the time of purchase. 
  • Hence users would resort to their regular or existing Bluetooth headphones.

2. How to use Bluetooth Headsets for XBOX One

2 gamers wearing Bluetooth headset and playing game

For gamers, not having an XBOX wireless headphone does not become a problem if they know how to tweak the usage of their existing Bluetooth headphones.  Conventional Bluetooth adapters do not work as the console in XBOX One does not have compatible drivers. 

A third-party adapter would be needed to connect the headsets to the console. A Bluetooth transmitter and Bluetooth receiver would be used to connect with this method. 

With the transmitter’s help, the gamer can listen to the audio that gets streamed. Once the adapter is connected to the console and the transmitter sends signals to the headphones, the gamer can listen to the audio. 

3. Use an Optical Connection

White background containing an optical wire
  • One of the ways to connect the Bluetooth headphones is to make use of optical connections. For this, a Bluetooth adapter will be needed. 
  • Ideally, the Bluetooth adapters are used for Soundbars, but the same adapters can be used on the Bluetooth headphones with pairing mode.
  • Apart from the regular 3.5mm jack port, the Bluetooth transmitter consists of a digital optical cable. 
  • The transmitter should be connected to the S/PDIFoptical port present in the XBOX One. After connecting the transmitter to this port, the Bluetooth headphones can be easily connected by changing the mode to S/PDIF from 3.5mm.
  • The drawback of using the optical cable is that it is not possible to interact with other gamers on XBOX One. The Bluetooth transmitter has provision only for output. 
  • The audio from the games can be easily heard, but the players cannot interact with each other. If the gamer wants to chat with his fellow gamers, he can not do so as this is enabled with the Bluetooth transmitter. 
  • This is the disadvantage of the optical connection. Even though there is a smooth transmission of audio from the game, the gamer will never be able to chat with his fellow gamers over the Bluetooth headsets.

4. Use an Audio Jack

An audio jack in a yellow background color
  • Depending on the XBOX Controller, one will need to decide how he/she can connect a Bluetooth adapter. 
  • The XBOX Controller and XBOX One need to be mapped correctly for audio streaming while playing the game. 
  • The latest wireless headsets on the market have an audio jack already built-in and can be used for a wired connection. 
  • A Bluetooth transmitter can be used and can be used to plug into the 3.5mm audio jack, and the headsets can be paired wirelessly. 
  • The gamers can henceforth seamlessly listen to the audio over XBOX one.

5. Use Remote Play

A person holding an xbox controller

XBOX Remote Play is a service provided by Microsoft that allows the streaming of games remotely. Using XBOX Remote Play, any XBOX game installed in the console can be played.

If the user does not mind playing games on the small screen, they can use XBOX Remote Play and Bluetooth headphones. Later versions of XBOX like XBOX One S have dual compatibility with both XBOX Wireless and Bluetooth. However, the user must be close to the console for a successful Bluetooth connection. 

The connection can be attained by downloading and installing an XBOX app on an Android or ios device, an XBOX controller with Bluetooth enabled connection, and headphones or earbuds enabled with Bluetooth. 

The user can alternatively opt for a Bluetooth controller that is mobile compatible. Below are the steps to be followed to establish a connection:

  1. Map the phone with the headsets over a Bluetooth connection.
  2. Connect the XBOX controller to the phone.
  3. Select the Guide Button and then move to “Profiles and Systems” to establish the connection.
  4. In the Settings option, go to “Device and Connections” and then choose “Remote Features.”
  5. Tick the box named “Enable Remote Features.”
  6. Modify the power mode to change it to “Instant On.”
  7. Click on the Remote Play icon on the XBOX App.
  8. The user can click the “Set Up a Console “button to create the link. The next step is to choose the option “Remote Play.”

Once the setup is complete, the user can play on the console on the small screen, and the sound is audible on the Bluetooth headphones.

6. Use Stereo Headset Adapter

Gaming accessories for xbox

The original Xbox One controller does not have an Audio Jack. A stereo headset and a Bluetooth transmitter are needed for this controller.  This version of the controller does not have a 3.5mm audio connector. Hence Microsoft developed a third-party device adapter. 

This adapter can be used with the original Xbox controller so that wireless headsets can be functional.

7. Use a PC connection or TV

A vector display showing desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone

Using a computer that runs on Windows is one of the easiest ways of connecting the Bluetooth headsets to XBOX One. Since Microsoft is the manufacturer for both Windows PC and XBOX, it becomes all the easier for users to map the devices. Both the devices need to be on the same network to establish a connection. It can be an Ethernet connection. 

The user should also download the Xbox Console Companion App on the Windows system. In most cases, Microsoft-run systems already pre-installed the Companion App on the Windows PC.  If the app is unavailable, it can be easily downloaded from the windows app store on the Microsoft website.

Below are the steps that need to be followed to establish a connection between the wireless headsets and the computer:

  1. Open the Companion App. If the user does not have an account on it, create one.
  2. Click the “Connection” icon and see a window pop up.
  3. Click on the “Add a device” ic, allowing the user to connect to XBOX One.

These three steps ensure the XBOX One gets connected easily because Windows will search automatically. 

Sometimes if there is a lag in searching, the user can manually add to find the console in the search option.

  • If the connection is still not established, the user can go to XBOX Setting and click on the “Devices and Streaming” option. 
  • Then click on Device Connections and enable the option “Allow Play to Streaming.” The user needs to enable the options “Game Streaming to Other Devices and “Only from Profiles Signed on This Console.”
  • Once the Connections tab appears, click on it on the XBOX. Once the connection is established, the XBOX can be operated from the windows computer.

8. Use TV

An Led TV kept in a well maintained room

Another option to connect the Bluetooth headsets is to the TV. The TV should be Bluetooth enabled and have an HDMI cable. Below are easy instructions that should be followed:

  1. Connect the TV to the console and plug it into the HDMI cable.
  2. Connect the headphones to the TV via Bluetooth.
  3. Choose the HDMI option as the input source on the TV

The wireless headphones are mapped via Bluetooth, and the user can start playing the game on XBOX One.


 It is always nice for gamers to have the option of using wireless headphones while gaming on Xbox One. It is even better if the wireless headphones are Bluetooth enabled and can be mapped to the XBOX device. It ensures a hassle-free experience of no cables while playing.

The first step is to pick a good pair of Bluetooth headphones and use the above-mentioned viable options in this piece to establish a connection to Xbox One.  If there are any hurdles, the wireless headphones can be reset using the power button like any device to solve the problem.

The choices mentioned are plenty, and gamers can use these Xbox settings to connect their Bluetooth headphones as per their needs.  Remote Play can be used while traveling, and PC and TV can be used at home. The option of using the Bluetooth adapter can also be availed at the gamer’s convenience.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are Bluetooth Headphones Compatible With XBOX One?

Bluetooth headphones are not compatible with XBOX One as only XBOX Wireless technology works.

What Are The Ways Of Using Bluetooth-Enabled Headphones With XBOX One?

The Bluetooth headphones can be used using an Audio jack or optical connection. Other options include connecting to Remote Play when traveling. While at home, the best option would be connecting to a PC or TV.

Which Headphones Are Compatible With XBOX Wireless?

Turtle Beach Stealth 600, Razer Kaira Pro, SteelSeries Arctis 9X

Can Apple Or Android Air Pods Also Be Used For XBOX One?

Installing the Xbox app, logging into a Microsoft account, and connecting the mobile device to the Air pods.