Learn How To Connect Apple Watch To Android

Connect Apple Watch To Android

Are you looking for ways to connect your Apple watch to an Android smartphone? You have come to the right place. 

So, you’re one of the folks who have decided to invest in the Apple Wearable. But, it turns out that Apple’s ecosystem doesn’t make it easy for you to connect it with the smartphone unless it is an Apple iPhone, iPad, or Mac. 

Now the question is, what can you do about it? Here are all the answers that you need:

Can You Connect Apple Watch To Android Phones?

Can You Connect Apple Watch To Android Phones

The quick answer will be to tell you it isn’t possible. Apple Watch follows the typical iOS compatibility. So, unless you have an iOS device, you can’t use it.

It barely even works with macOS. You will need an iPhone even for that. Apple Watch isn’t universally compatible. You can only use it with an Apple iPhone.

But since you’re here looking for answers, here’s something for you:

  • There are a few workarounds you can try to connect Apple Watch to Android.
  • It will have limited functionality and work with LTE (Cellular Network).
  • In short, you will have to buy a more costly watch that has SIM card support.
  • The Bluetooth connectivity option won’t work to pair the watch with an Android device.
  • You will need an Apple Watch, an iPhone, and an Android Device for the solutions below to work.

Now that you have the answer, you know your Apple Watch won’t work even with the brands. This is the same as Wear OS not working with Apple devices. For Apple Watch alternatives, Samsung Watch Series would be ideal. 

Reasons For Apple Watch Not Connecting To Android Device?

As mentioned above, there are plenty of reasons for the Apple Watch not to work with an Android device. Here are some quick overviews:

The Apple Ecosystem

The Apple Ecosystem
  • Apple is a secure and encrypted ecosystem that only a handful of popular apps have managed to be accepted by it. This was for its benefit.
  • The Apple ecosystem doesn’t welcome open-source or developer-oriented software or devices.
  • Android and the OS related to Android are all open-source or developer-oriented. That’s why Apple doesn’t allow it.
  • Apple loves the exclusivity it offers in the premium range. And Apple Users share this sentiment. That’s why it is challenging for anyone to enroll in Apple Infrastructure.

The Apple Watch App

The Apple Watch App
  • To access the full features of the Apple Watch, you need to install an Apple Watch app on your device.
  • This app is exclusive and only for iOS users. It is only compatible with iOS. As a result, it doesn’t work on Android devices.
  • There’s no workaround to using the Apple Watch app on Android.
  • It is highly unlikely that Apple will ever Watch the app for Android users. Things like these uphold Apple’s premium value.

Now, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t some ways for you to use the Apple Watch. As mentioned, you will have limited accessibility, features, and uses. How’s that? Let’s find out:

How To Use Apple Watch Series With An Android Smartphone?

  1. Everything That You Will Need
  2. Set Up The Connections
  3. Turn The Devices Off
  4. A Quick Sim Card Exchange
  5. Time To Make The Connection
  6. Everything That You Can Do
  7. The Standalone Apps With Watch Software

1. Everything That You Will Need

Now, let’s note down a couple of things that you will need before moving further with the workaround:

Everything That You Will Need
  • An iPhone With The Latest iOS (or the supporting iOS for Apple Watch and the app).
  • An Android Phone that you will ultimately use with the Apple Watch.
  • An Apple Watch With Cellular Connection. For instance, it could be an eSIM, but an LTE connection would be better.
Mobile Data Setup

2. Set Up The Connections

Before you start making the connection, remember that you need Cellular service. It should be the one that supports Apple Watch. After that, follow these steps:

  • On your iPhone, download and install the Apple Watch App.
  • Launch it and then find the option to Start Pairing.
Set Up The Connections
  • You could choose to pair manually. If not, use your iPhone’s camera to let it scan the Apple Watch. Yes, it is a possible way for connection.
 use your iPhone's camera to let it scan the Apple Watch
  • Your Watch will show a 6-digit code once you use either of the methods and select it.
  • You will have to type it on the App. Next, select the ‘Set Up As A New Apple Watch’ option.
Set Up The Apple Watch
  • As you know, there are configurations and setups. These include choosing Wrist preferences, accepting terms and conditions, etc.
  • Make sure you follow through with them all. It will then ask for Apple ID, Diagnostics, Locations, Siri enabling, etc.
Apple ID
  • Create your Passcode and choose whether you want it active or not.
  • Ensure that once you’re in, you set up all the features. For instance, set up Apple Pay, Emergency SOS, and other features.
Emergency SOS
  • There could be new versions or installation required. This is where your Cellular Network or Wi-Fi will come in handy. It will install and update to the latest options.
  • Finally, you should see that iPhone and Apple Watch are syncing. Once completed, use the Apple Watch.
  • Change the type of connection to LTE Network. This will be with the SIM that is on your iPhone. 

3. Turn The Devices Off

Once you have completely configured your Apple Watch and synced it with your iPhone, move to this step:

  • Turn the iPhone, your Android Phone, and your Apple Watch off.
Turn The Devices Off
  • Some guides ask you to activate Airplane mode. But, that often doesn’t work and could lead to problems.
  • So, it is better to turn the devices off.

4. A Quick Sim Card Exchange

Now, this is where that SIM tool kit will come in handy.

  • After turning off your iPhone, use the SIM tool to remove the SIM.
  • Now, do the same with the Android SIM Holder. And use the iPhone’s SIM into the Android phone’s slot.
A Quick Sim Card Exchange
  • Insert the tray back.
  • Make sure it is the Android Device you want to use the Apple Watch With.

5. Time To Make The Connection

Now, keep your iPhone aside. Don’t switch it on just yet.

  • Switch on the Android Phone and the Apple Watch.
Time To Make The Connection
  • First, the phone and then the Watch.
  • Don’t change anything for the Watch. Could you keep it on a Cellular Connection?
  • Ensure your android phone runs on Cellular Network and not Wi-Fi or anything else.
Time To Make The Connection
  • There could be a ‘Disconnected’ message on the Watch for a while. Wait patiently, and don’t be alarmed. It will go away. 
  • This will connect the Apple watch to the Android.

But, this will lead to limited functionality and features. More on that in the next point.

6. Everything That You Can Do On Android With Apple Watch’s Software

Everything That You Can Do On Android With Apple Watch's Software

Let’s clarify this connection won’t allow Android to work with Apple Watch in sync. What does that mean? It means that:

  • Your Android Device (Phone) and Apple Watch won’t share or sync any date.
  • You won’t receive notifications from your Android phone on your Apple Watch.
  • The Apple Watch will still perform essential functions allowed through Network Connections.
  • You won’t have any problem with the installed apps and fitness features.
  • You will have access to ECG, Blood oxygen, and Calories counter. If you have a step or sprint counter, that should work fine.
  • After all, GPS and other tracking are more efficient with Cellular Capabilities.

7. The Standalone Apps That You Can Use With Watch Software

Most things that are standalone and have nothing to do with compatibility will work. Remember that the connectivity between the two devices can be unpredictable.

It will depend on the device version, model, and other aspects as to the number of features you can access:

  • You can use iMessage, but not SMS. Some Android Phones have different compatibility. So, it varies.
  • As you have Siri Enabled, you will be able to use it. It could even support calls from the Contacts, as that uses Watch. You are ultimately just borrowing cellular networks. Try a test call. 
The Standalone Apps That You Can use With Watch Software
  • You won’t be able to use iCloud with Android. You will have to sync your Apple Watch with your iPhone from time to time. Only then can you keep it functional.
  • Your Watch will still update and install all the standalone apps that don’t need an iPhone.
  • For instance, you could use Spotify and other apps, as they have nothing to do with Apple’s ecosystem.
  • You could try connecting Bluetooth Headphones with your Apple Watch.
  • You can probably access Apple App Store and such.

Smartwatch Vs. Apple Watch – Which One Is Better?

Smartwatch Vs Apple Watch

WatchOS vs. WearOS – Which one is better? WearOS is the Android counterpart of WatchOS. WatchOS is compatible with Apple users. Let’s take a quick look at which one is better:

  • WatchOS is limited in compatibility. You can only use Apple Devices and still need an iPhone to set it up.
  • WearOS works with Android devices, as well as iOS. You can set it up with almost any device with the right app.
  • Besides the OS, Smartwatches are available in a wide range of budgets, while Apple Watch is high-end.
range of budgets
  • Correlatively, if you buy low-end Smartwatches, you will have similar features. It will lack a couple of them or be inaccurate. The experience won’t be the best.
  • Let’s take the Samsung Watch Series, for example. There’s no real difference between Apple and Samsung watches, except for the OS. Both have similar high-end performances.
  • The fitness features are also all the same. There isn’t any difference.
  • The only difference might be the battery life, which would vary in smartwatches.
 battery life
  • Even Apple Watch supports many third-party apps. But, due to Apple’s ecosystem, you might have some limitations.
  • Android Watches don’t have such limitations.

If you want to enter the Apple Ecosystem and that premium range of services, go for Apple Watch. Otherwise, a Smartwatch will work just as great. As a plus point, it can connect to more devices.

Those are the only differences.

Conclusion – Connect Apple Watch To Android (WatchOS)

Now you have all the answers if you want to connect your Apple Watch to Android. You have all the instructions, workarounds, and alternatives. As mentioned, if you wish for the family setup, you must use Standalone mode. For that, you will still need an iPhone.

Either way, as you can see, if you want to use Apple Watch, you will need an iPhone. So, buying an iPhone and using it with a Watch is better. There’s no reason why you would first buy Android and then iPhone or vice-versa.

So, we hope that you found everything worthwhile. Go ahead and have fun with the Apple Watch.