4 Best Ways To Connect Airpods To Android

connect airpods to android

Despite being designed for iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and Mac computers, Apple’s AirPods are indeed compatible with android smartphones, tablets, and laptops. You can definitely take advantage and use Apple‘s wireless headphones even if you are an android user or have both iOS and Android devices.

But here’s something you should know. The AirPods will work like any other ordinary Bluetooth headphones on an android device. The unique features and advantages that apple users benefit from AirPods while connected to iPhones will not be applied while we connect AirPods to android.

While the Apple Watch can be connected to iOS only, Apple took a different approach with their earbuds, popularly known as AirPods. These AirPods can be paired with non-iOS devices through a Bluetooth connection. 

So yes! It is possible to use your Apple AirPods or AirPods Pro with a non-iOS device like any other Bluetooth device.

Here’s all the information one needs to know before connecting their AirPods to Android Devices:

  1. Steps to pair connect AirPods to android devices
  2. AirPod features that do not work on android devices
  3. Features that work on Android Devices
  4. How to Add back those AirPod Features

1. Steps to connect AirPods to Android devices

AirPods do not have any different way to be connected to android devices. It connects exactly in the same manner as the other Bluetooth devices.

To be specific, here are the steps:

  1. Open the lid of the charging case of your AirPods.
  2. Tap on the settings app of your android device and click on Bluetooth settings

(You can also long-press the Bluetooth icon on the notification slide panel of your android smartphone)

location of the bluetooth option

3. Press the pairing button available at the back of the Charging Case

4. Now, on your android phone, look for your AirPods in the list of available Bluetooth devices. Then click on AirPods when visible on the Bluetooth devices list.

location of the pair new device option

5. Click on the “Pair new device ” option, and then you have your AirPods connected to your android device.

2. AirPod features that do not work on Android Devices

Here are some AirPod features that android users will lose out on when connected to an android device.

1. Simple setup: 

As few people might be aware, when you open the AirPods charging case and hold it next to your iOS device, an animation appears on the screen asking the user to connect.

how the screen looks while connecting the airpod

The user needs to open the Charging Case and click on connect on the device screen, and the airpod gets easily connected.

But that is something you don’t get on android devices

2. Siri:

Everyone is aware of this feature that is not available on android devices. 

On any iOS device like iPhone, you can ask Siri to change songs, adjust the volume, or just any random questions, and you will have the answer. Irrespective of any airpod, be it airpod two or three, you can also use the “Hey Siri“ feature to activate Siri.

3. Automatic switching:

One of the most convenient features that iOS is that when your devices are linked to the same iCloud account, you can easily switch your AirPods and connect them to your iPad or iPhone or Apple Watch or MacBook, or even your Mac computer.

4. Spatial audio:

This feature is only available for the AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro. When connected to your Apple devices, this feature allows the user to experience the audio in a much more immersive and sensational audio quality along with active noise cancellation.

This feature makes the audio sound like it is coming from all around you.

5. Customising double tap:

This setting has to be enabled on your iOS device.

You can choose what can be done by double-tapping in the settings section. This feature helps you to activate Siri, play or pause the music, and move to the previous track or the next track simply by double-tapping.

6. Single airpod listening:

This feature is only available on iOS devices. You can choose to listen to music using a single AirPod because these headphones use an ear detection feature.

how the airpod looks like

On the other hand, when your AirPods are connected to android devices, you ought to have both the AirPods out of the charging case for them to be connected to your android device.

7. Automatic ear detection:

When connected to any iOS device, removing the AirPods from your ear pauses whatever you are listening to until you put the AirPods back into your ear automatically.

This is one of the fascinating features that only iOS provides to users.

8. Checking AirPod Battery Level:

When the Airpod is connected to your iOS device, you can ask Siri about the AirPods battery life or check it from the Today’s Control Center on iPhone. 

This is something that you will miss out on when the Airpod is connected to android.

3. Features that work on Android Devices

AirPods functionality is quite limited and restricted when connected to android devices. 

But the double-tap or press feature still works. That is, when you double-tap on one of the buttons of AirPods or press on the force sensor on the stem of AirPods 3, it will help you play or pause the music without using your android device.

There is an additional feature of AirPods that works on android. It is the Bluetooth connectivity distance. AirPods tend to have a much longer Bluetooth connectivity range than other ordinary Bluetooth-enabled headphones and work on Android and iOS devices.

Another point is that AirPods does not support Google assistants like Android Bluetooth earphones.

4. How to Add back those AirPod Features

Although AirPod restricts most of its unique features on android, few android apps are designed with such specialized features that will restore some of the AirPod features that are normally unavailable on android devices.

You can try googling such apps and can download them from the Google play store if you want to experience such AirPod features on android.

how the case looks like while connecting

Wrapping Up

Overall, AirPods are a great option for wireless earbuds. With their never-ending fascinating features, they outperform any other Bluetooth earbuds available.

Gladly unlike the Apple Watch, they can be used on iOS and non-iOS devices.

Hopefully, this article has been quite knowledgeable for the readers and has helped you successfully connect your AirPods to their android devices.


Can AirPods Pro simultaneously connect to a PC and an android?

Yes, you can pair AirPods Pro to a PC and android device simultaneously.
However, it won’t be multi-connected. It can only be used by one device at a time during its actual use.

Apple AirPods can be connected to how many devices simultaneously?

One pair of AirPods can only connect with one android device.
Two separate pairs of AirPods can connect to two separate devices, be it Android or iOS.
One pair of AirPods can connect to two separate iOS devices simultaneously.

Can I connect my AirPods Pro to my iPad and iPhone simultaneously at the same time?

Yes, you can connect your AirPods Pro to two iOS devices.
– Open the AirPods case and pair it with your iOS device 1.
– After your AirPod has been connected, take out one AirPod from the charging case and now keep the charging case with the other AirPod inside it, far enough from the connected AirPods in your ear.
– Now open the lid of the charging case again and long-press the function key at the back of the AirPods case to force pair it with your iOS device 2.
– Now, one of your AirPods is connected to iOS device one while the other is connected to iOS device 2.

Can I pair my AirPods to my Samsung galaxy phone?

As mentioned in the article above, you can connect your AirPods to any non-iOS device by pairing it with your Bluetooth.

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