How To Connect AirPods To A Laptop?

The Apple AirPods are, undoubtedly, some of the best earpieces available on the electronics market. With three generations of different AirPods models, these sleek, ivory earphones are quite popular. Apart from the appearance and quality, AirPods are known for being versatile.

How to Connect AirPods to a Laptop? Best AirPods 101

Irrespective of what the host device is, AirPods can connect with any smart device. For users who did not know that your AirPods can be used with a Windows laptop too. If you did not know about this, read this article to connect Airpods to a laptop.

Can I connect my Apple AirPods to a Windows computer?

This is a very common question that comes up on several online forums. There are also other queries wondering if AirPods can work with Android mobiles.

AirPods and MacBook

The answer to both these questions is YES. Users can connect the AirPods with Windows computers, easily. AirPods are compatible with Windows OS.

There is a simple catch, however; You will not be able to use Siri, the voice AI feature, exclusive to Apple devices. The AirPods work just as usual as a Bluetooth device developed by any other brand.

Steps to Connect AirPods to a Laptop on Windows

It is important to understand that even though the AirPods is an Apple product, the MacBooks have to meet certain specifications. AirPods can only be connected to Macs with macOS Mojave version 10.4.4 or newer. Users with AirPods Pro and the AirPods Max headphone will need a Mac powered by the macOS Catalina version 10,15 or macOS Monterey.

Once you are done checking the device’s configurations, proceed with the two different methods given below –

The first method is easy as the user does not have to set the connection up from scratch. Check if the Mac and your iPhone are connected through the same Apple ID. If it is, there is no necessity to pair AirPods with it.

  • Take the AirPods off the AirPods case and place them in your ears.
  • Tap on the Volume control option on your Mac’s menu bar. Another alternative option is the Bluetooth connection menu.
  • From the list of devices, select the active AirPods.

In some cases, you will not be able to see the AirPods option in the Bluetooth or Volume control menu. Now, we will have to pair the AirPods with your Mac book.

  • Go into the System Settings option. This is available in the Apple menu.
  • Select the Bluetooth sub-settings option and enable Bluetooth.
  • Put your AirPods back into their case and leave the lid open.
  • Locate the Setup button on the back of the charging case. Press and hold it until you see white light blinking on the LED light spot.
  • From the list of Bluetooth devices, choose your AirPods and click on the Connect button.

Make sure to set the AirPods as the audio output device to listen to music through them. You can adjust this through the Volume control menu. If Blut

Unpairing AirPods from a Mac

If you no longer want to use the AirPods with the Mac, the following steps can help with unpairing your Airpods –

  • Draw the Apple menu down. From the menu, choose the System Preferences option.
  • Select the Bluetooth tab on this window.
  • Click on the AirPods you do not want to use.
  • Now, click on the cross (X) button to unpair these Bluetooth earbuds.
  • From the confirmation prompt that appears, choose to remove the connection from your Mac.

Connecting AirPods to a Windows Laptop

The concept of connecting your AirPods is the same as connecting any other device via Bluetooth. You just have to pair your computer and the AirPods through the Bluetooth settings.

AirPods and charging case

There are no hardware or software requirements to connect your Apple AirPods to a Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer. 

Windows 10 PC

If you have the Windows 10 OS installed, the procedure below will help you –

  • Open the Windows settings. The icon for this can be found in the Start menu (Windows button).
  • Go into the Devices settings tile.
  • Move to the Bluetooth & other devices tab from the left panel and enable Bluetooth.s
  • Click on the + icon named Add Bluetooth or other device option.
Add Bluetooth devices option
  • When the Add a device window appears, select Bluetooth.
  • Open the Apple AirPods case and push the button on the case. Hold it until the light flashes white.
Open airpods case
  • From the list of available Bluetooth devices, choose the AirPods option. This device may be even named Headphones in certain cases.
Add airpods option
  • You’ll see a prompt that says Done when the AirPods are connected. Close the window and you should be able to play music through them.

Windows 11 PC

Windows 11 users can manually connect their AirPods to modern laptops with this procedure –

  • Start by opening the AirPods case. Only when the lid is open, will a connection be established for the AirPods.
  • Push the Windows & I keys on your Windows laptop. This will launch the Settings application.
  • On the left panel, click on the Bluetooth & devices option.
Bluetooth & Devices option
  • Select the Add device option to open a Windows containing types of devices.
Add a device window
  • Choose the Bluetooth option and wait for the Apple AirPods option to appear.
  • Click on it to confirm the device pairing. Choose Allow to link the device with your laptop.

Now on, when the AirPods are in proximity to your Bluetooth-enabled laptop,

Disconnect AirPods from a Windows Laptop

To disconnect Airpods from your PC, use the steps below –

  • Go back to the Windows Settings and into the Bluetooth & Devices settings.
  • Locate the connected AirPods tile. Click on the three-dots menu.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose the Remove device option.
Remove device option
  • A prompt will appear. Here, you have to confirm that you want to unpair the device.

What should I do when my AirPods aren’t connecting to a laptop?

There could be a number of reasons why your AirPods are unable to connect to a laptop. The most common reasons and their workarounds are listed below, elaborately.

Low Battery

If your AirPods do not have enough charge left in them, they cannot be connected to a device. This is an indirect indicator that the AirPods have to be charged before usage. Placing the AirPods inside the charging case will automatically charge them. You can check the light below the Home button on the AirPods case.

Bluetooth is turned off

Only when the Bluetooth feature is active on your laptop, you will be able to connect the AirPods. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled before trying to connect your AirPods. You can turn on Bluetooth through the system’s settings interface.

Issues with the Bluetooth

There is a very slight chance that the connection inconvenience could be caused by Bluetooth issues. This could either be trouble with the Bluetooth driver or some other connectivity issue. If you are using a Windows laptop, you can attempt to fix this by updating BlueTooth drivers.

Bluetooth is already connected to another device

When your laptop has Bluetooth connected previously, you will not be able to link the AirPods with your PC. You can use the methods mentioned above to remove the connection and add your AirPods.

Already paired AirPods

The AirPods might be paired with a different device. This can make it impossible to connect to the host device. There is a chance of unpairing the device not working for this.

So we suggest that you reset the AirPods. Push the button at the back of your AirPods and hold it until the light flashes white. When you are done, use the solutions above to connect them back.

AirPods not inside the Charging Case

If you are trying to initialize a connection, it is very important for the lid to stay open. At the same time, the AirPods have to be inside the case. Only when these conditions are met, you will be able to see the AirPods appear in the list of Bluetooth devices.

If you are still unable to connect the AirPods to your MacBook or Windows laptops, contact Apple customer support. Happy Streaming!