Configure a proxy server for connecting VuGen to a remote Git server

VuGen 12.53 supports integration with Git, enabling you to store scripts in a local or a remote Git repository. If a proxy server is needed to access the remote repository, the proxy configuration needs to be set up manually outside of VuGen using a Git command line client.

VuGen does not include a Git command line client, so it must be installed manually.

Follow the instructions below to set up a proxy server for Git:

  1. Install any Git command line client i.e. Git-SMC (the portable version will also work)
  2. Open the Git client (If you installed the Git-SMC run the git-cmd.exe)
  3. Execute the following command (replace the <proxy_server> and <port_number> with the correct values, note the two consecutive hyphens prepending the global option)
    git config –global http.proxy <proxy_server>:<port_number>
  4. To reset the proxy settings execute the following command (note the two consecutive hyphens prepending the global and unset options):
    git config –global –unset http.proxy

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