15 Best Commonly Used Email Addresses Providers

Everyone today uses email services for different tasks, including business correspondence, job applications, blogging, or any other personal use. Some of the most prominent email address providers are Gmail, Yahoo, and outlook.

commonly used email addresses

Although these are the most popular ones that people use, many email address providers give you a whole range of features and multiple benefits. This article will cover some of the most common and effective email service providers to help you make an informed choice for a productive digital space. 

15 Best commonly used email addresses

  1. Google Workspace
  2. Office 365
  3. Zoho Mail
  4. Outlook
  5. Gmail
  6. Yahoo Mail
  7. iCloud Mail
  8. AOL Mail
  9. GMX
  10. Yandex
  11. Mail
  12. Tutanota
  13. ProtonMail
  14. TrashMail
  15. Mozilla Thunderbird

1. Google Workspace

Google Workspace - one of the leading email address providers

G Suite is a globally recognized email system that allows one to create mailboxes in their domain, especially for corporate customers. The best is that it offers a 14-day free fully-functional trial that will enable one to check all the features.

The most prominent features of the Google workspace are virtual Google drive, mail calendar documents, chat, etc. In addition, three tariffs are available, including the essential enterprise and business.

The business starter package starts at around $6 per month and offers plenty of features. For example, employers and employees can schedule their tasks and meetings with a click of a button with the Google Calendar and check or edit the same from any device while using the web version or the mobile app.


  • Gmail backed
  • Allows video conferencing
  • Docs storage and app maker available


  • The free version is unavailable

2. Office 365

The logo of Office 365 shows the variety of features it offers.

You surely cannot miss out on Microsoft products when talking about the leading email service providers. Even though there have been ups and downs with the Microsoft email providers, several users still love it.

Office 365 is now known as Microsoft 365. It offers email service on three tires that is the businessperson enterprise. In addition, it offers a stunning one TB when it comes to storage space capacity.

There are different subscription plans available for all needs. You can choose from the three available monthly, lifetime, and annual options. You also have a chance to go for one user or multiple user plans.

Some of the extra tools available include PowerPoint, OneDrive Skype exchange, and teams, which will be pretty helpful for several members.


  • One-month free trial available for personal use
  • Compatible with OneDrive PowerPoint and excel etc.
  • Versions like MACOS, android, and IOS included


  • Incompatible with the older versions.

3. Zoho Mail

ZOHO helps you manage a variety of domains.

Zoho mail is your go-to option if you look forward to managing various domains. The system is available for all devices and offers several opportunities for communication between the company and the clients.

The platform is suitable for all working organizations and freelancers 2. However, it is mainly focused on the professionals. It features a calendar task manager and constant chat. The best part about Zoho mail is that it doesn’t display any type of ads protecting privacy.

The email provider started supporting work in offline mode, unlike Google. You don’t have to press anything. It just works automatically. There are different options available for blocking the emails in the Zoho mail. You can block the emails based on information about the domain IP address or available content.

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  • Personalized domains
  • Unique features like tasks calendar etc.
  • Robust security and GDPR compliance


  • The free version is unavailable.

4. Outlook

Outlook is the famous email address provider from Microsoft.

One of the most famous free Email providers from Microsoft is Outlook.com. You can seamlessly connect with different social networks from the email account like the word PowerPoint and excel files. It offers a fantastic interface.

You might find other folders and tools on the left, and the content of the current folder is available in the center. It is way better than Google because it offers incredible privacy qualities for the users.

Microsoft Outlook allows you to schedule and manage the meetings or events using the inbuilt calendar feature. You can also see the information about the contacts whenever you hover over its name. Additionally, you can easily find people’s message documents in the email.

It offers real-time document Co-authoring and gives an accessible inbox with various features like voice control navigation support for multiple devices etc. It provides much app-based integration, so it is easy to use.


  • Better customer support
  • One TB storage
  • Quick access to Microsoft applications


  • It takes a lot of time to load.

5. Gmail

Made by Google, Gmail is a globally used email address provider.

Gmail is one of the most widespread email providers globally. It offers impressive features for all the users at the same time. It is pretty simple in usage.

The web interface of Gmail is a highlight. You can make the most of the inbox screen as a minimum toolbar is available. You won’t face any significant issues even if you use Gmail for the first time.

Conveniently, messages can be automatically filtered into three categories: social promotions and primary. These categories help you stay focused on the content that you genuinely need. Spam blocking allows you to keep your inbox away from junk. You also have 15 GB of storage for your inbox and photos.

The slick design allows you to send and receive meals. It provides nudges that help you follow up and respond to various messages. You can easily view attachments and open attachments even without opening the emails.


  • Free trial available for 14 days
  • Manage other accounts, including Yahoo outlook, etc., from the same interface.
  • Offers excellent security, including the 2 FA


  • Challenging to deal with labels and folders.

6. Yahoo Mail

Yahoo offers different features and multiple storage options.

Yahoo Mail is loved by many for its different features and storage. The mail services are provided by the American parent company Yahoo. It is one of the best meal services offering a FREE Email account with excellent storage of around one TB.

You can integrate Yahoo mail with Facebook, and you can also send text messages. It allows you to search emails by keywords, contact, or date. It is one of the best FREE Email services that offer you to use an animated GIF to show your feelings.

The Yahoo mail mobile app makes it easy to manage your emails wherever you are. You can easily import contacts from outlook Gmail and others. To protect your privacy, you can dispose of email addresses.

The mobile app has impressive features, including unsubscribe newsletters and search. It provides inbuilt tools, including notepads, attaching files from Google or Dropbox, connecting external accounts, and others. In addition, you can send instant notifications for new emails.


  • Inbuilt database for GIF
  • Free disposable of email addresses
  • Easy to use Yahoo calendar


  • Must have a subscription plan to remove the ads

7. iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail is loved for the security it offers.

The iCloud Mail is mainly used for data encryption and Mac users. It is an email service that is operated by apple. It can also be used with the Mail app on the Mac computer or any other iOS device.

You can use Ms outlook on a computer with a Windows operating system. Once you set up the account, the cloud mail app turns on different apps, including iCloud photos, drive iCloud backup, and others.

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It finds new messages automatically and puts them in the inbox, and it is one of the most useful email providers that allow you to access the IMAP.

iCloud Mail loads HTML images automatically, and the iCloud photo feature allows you to view videos and photos from the website. You can easily share and store the files and folders through the I cloud drive. It offers at least 5 GB of free storage.


  • Unsubscribe feature on Mail available
  • It supports the keyboard shortcuts
  • Easy to import and export the VCards.


  • Only available for Apple products

8. AOL mail

AOL Mail is famous for its interface organizations.

AOL is famous for interface organizations and those who use emails as the primary communication mode. AOL mail is a web-based FREE Email account service by the Verizon Communications division. It includes a straightforward account interface. Using the mobile application, you can quickly access the inbox without hassle.

You can easily manage the AOL calendar and customize the list of view emails. The AOL mail allows organizing your emails perfectly, and it can offer a personalized panel so that you can focus on the core work.

If you have some spam senders, you can easily block the mail centers. You can import the contacts in CSV or text format. Furthermore, you can also undo the sent Mail. Virus protection is provided so you can be stress-free.


  • Free virus protection
  • Unlimited storage option
  • Personalization available


  • To eradicate the ads, you need to buy the plans\

9. GMX

GMX lets you have multiple emails with one central box.

The GMX or Global Mail Exchange is ideal for people who need multiple emails with one central box. In addition, it offers a feature of advertising, so it has gained a lot of prominences quickly.

You can access the GMX through the Webmail pop three and IMAP 4 protocols. It stores information, including photos, contacts, and videos, in the European information Centers to maintain a high level of security.

It provides attachments to at least 50 MB and has a drag and drop functionality to manage the schedule. The GMX also contains an online address book that allows you to keep a tab of your contacts. It offers an antivirus to keep your emails protected. You can seamlessly share the calendar with your coworkers, family, and friends.


  • It offers perfect filtering for the spam
  • Provides free storage of 2 GB online
  • You can send files up to 50 MB


  • Subscription is compulsory to remove ads.

10. Yandex

Yandex is one of the secure email address providers.

If you need email service for even small work, you must subscribe to Yandex. It is an innovative and secure email service provider. Currently, it is one of the best email services that offer you to change the appearance of the mailbox to align with your mood.

Furthermore, the Russian company provides several features, so you should not think twice before signing up for the mail provider here. For example, it allows you to put the messages on a timer to write them in advance and send them whenever you want.

In the spam folder, it checks all the Mail for viruses and stores suspicious messages. You can access all the services with one account. It automatically sorts the flags and emails real people send, and features like personalizing interface email filters and exporting contacts are available.


  • You can quickly forward multiple messages
  • Stay protected from the fraud and spam
  • Offer smart filtering of emails


  • Provides limited storage

11. Mail

Mail is perfect for versatile locations of the domains. It allows you to choose from at least 200 domains while creating the email address. You can select the area that aligns with your profession, location, personality, or lifestyle.

The customization of email addresses will work as an identification for a specific person. It provides email storage of 65 GB and has an antivirus feature that protects the emails from viruses.

It provides a seamless way to access your Mail through the smartphone and includes features including word processor spreadsheet tools and presentation applications. In addition, you can set reminders using the organizational tool.

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  • Easy to upgrade cloud storage from 10 GB to 200 GB.
  • Provides seamless Facebook integration
  • Offers at least 200 domain names


  • Antivirus not available

12. Tutanota

Tutanota provides free encrypted email addresses.

Tutanota is commonly used for its encryption of the complete Mail. Tutanota is a secure and open-source email service. It offers an encrypted FREE Email account, and you can access the Mail on all devices featuring mobile apps, email clients, and desktop clients.

You can easily block the ads and spam emails while the calendar features send you real-time reminders. Moreover, it has an encrypted calendar for the best possible security purpose.


  • Easy to disable the end-to-end encryption
  • Complete encryption facility
  • The premium storage availability is around one TB.


  • Compulsory to have a secure password

13. ProtonMail

Protonmail lets you have encrypted emails.

ProtonMail offers the best email encryption and security freely. MIT scientists have created the ProtonMail. It is protected by Swiss privacy law, OX’s encryption system. Proton does read the emails while maintaining complete privacy.

The best is that you don’t need personal information to create an email account here. You can send and receive emails secured with end-to-end encryption, and the Mail also allows you to share files and folders stored on the proton drive through a shareable, secure URL within the drive itself.

In addition, you can easily switch between different proton accounts. Finally, the proton mail automatically detects and filters the spam messages using its allow list and the blocked list filters.


  • You can access it on any device without installing any software.
  • Perfectly encrypted
  • Easy to use


  • Limited storage available for free account

14. TrashMail

Trashmail is a disposable email service provider.

TrashMail is one of the most famous disposable email services. First, you need to insert your actual email address where all the messages will be sent to use it. Then, you need to set up the number of sent messages.

Additionally, you can choose how long a temporary mailbox will function. The registration is not compulsory, but if you register, you might have a possibility to create different temporary addresses.


  • Easy to fetch disposable email addresses
  • At least 16 domain names are available
  • Captcha response system


  • Unfamiliar interface

15. Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird provides good safety for its users.

Mozilla Thunderbird is the embodiment of different mail servers’ best features that provide users safety. It helps in creating a reliable protection system and tools for filtering spam.

Mozilla is characterized by the complete support of the HTML format in the messages, a structured address book, and a convenient tabs system. Mozilla Thunderbird offers a multilingual interface, and it makes available the use of at least 40 languages like Russian and Ukrainian.


  • Completely free
  • A personalized email address is
  • Open-source


  • Outdated


Even when studies show that at least 80% of emails we get daily are spam, it is undoubtedly one of the essential communication tools available globally. In the above section, we have helped you get acquainted with some popular email address providers. Now it is on you to choose the email service provider according to your requirements. 


Which Email Has Unlimited Storage?

There is no such email service that has unlimited storage. The most considerable storage capacity is generally for Yahoo Mail, G-suit, and Email.

Which Email Service Works In China?

Almost all the ESP works in China except Gmail because it is prohibited in China. People in China usually use Yahoo, Microsoft, and AOL.

Which Email Services Are Encrypted?

Proton mail is one of the best-encrypted email services; the best avoided is free.

What Is An Email Domain?

The domain is ideally the name of the user’s email service on the Internet, and it is what follows @ sign in the user’s email address. The domain name on the website is the hosting service. In simple terms, the domain is part of your email address. It is the name you will have to repeat next to your name.