10 Fixes: “com.google.process.gapps has stopped” on Android

Having applications crash while using them or even before launching is not uncommon. If you are an Android user, you have likely experienced this. Though there are several variants of it, there is one issue that we have noticed; the com.google.process.gapps has stopped on Android error. 

com.google.process.gapps stopped Android Error: 10 Best Fixes

Luckily, we could fix this issue with a few simple steps. After noticing that people online are looking for solutions to fix this issue, we made this article. You will find the necessary information in this article about the GApps stopped Android issue and fix them. 

Why do I see the com.google.process.gapps Has On stopped Android Error?

Only one reason will cause the GApps to stop the error on your Android handheld device. GApps, or Google Apps, must connect with their respective servers to function properly. When this connection is disturbed, the Google process will be stopped from running or being launched. 

Google Maps on mobile

This is why this error pop-up appears on your Android phone when apps like Maps and Play Store are running. In rare cases, this issue can also be caused by time-outs due to a poor network. The device is out of sync can also cause this issue.

Solutions for the com.google.process.gapps Has stopped On Android Error 

  1. Restart the Android Phone or Tablet
  2. Restart the Download Manager service
  3. Kill and Relaunch the Google Play Services
  4. Remove and Reinstall the application with issues
  5. Clear Cache for the troublesome apps
  6. Delete the Google Services Framework Data History
  7. Turn off automatic app updates
  8. Rollback the Google Play Services Updates
  9. Reset the App Preferences
  10. Factory Reset your Android Device

Fixing the com.google.process.gapps Has stopped On Android Error message

Restart the Android Phone or Tablet

Simply restarting the device will help you fix many issues caused by minor changes. This will eliminate system bugs that could be causing the GApps stopped error. There is a standard way to restart all Android User Interfaces (UI).

  • Push the power button and hold until you see the shut-down screen. 
Power off menu on Android
  • From here, you have to tap the Restart option to make your system reboot. 
  • When the mobile is done booting up, launch the application again.

This is a very basic workaround; if it doesn’t fix it, you can move to the next solution. 

Restart the Download Manager service

Every android device has a system service to manage the downloads. Relaunching this service might come in handy for us. Use the procedure below to restart the download manager tool.

  • Launch the Settings icon on your device and choose the Apps settings. 
Apps settings
  • Navigate to the Manage Applications section and tap on it. A list of all the apps and services on your system will appear.
Manage apps option
  • Locate the download manager and open it. Sometimes, you will need to enable the show system apps filter.
Download manager in MIUI
  • In this window, touch the Disable option and wait for a while. To restart download manager again, use the Enable option.

Kill and Relaunch the Google Play Services

Since we are dealing with Google and Android-related applications, it is worth a try to restart the Google Play Services too. This feature connects apps you have installed with available updates for them.

Google Play Services app settings

You can use the same procedure above for Google Play Services. Because we are dealing with a much larger service than the Download Manager, there are precautions. Ensure no app is running in the task window before you stop the process.

Note: The system might go blank and come back again in a few seconds. This is nothing to worry about and is normal.

Remove and Reinstall the application with issues

Uninstalling and reinstalling the application on your device can solve this issue. This is an easy solution, as most of us are familiar with this option. If you aren’t, check the steps below – 

  • Locate the application on your app menu.
  • Touch the icon and hold till you see the icon vibrating.
  • Now, drag it into the Uninstall section to remove it.
Uninstall option
  • You will see a confirmation prompt for this, In which you have to choose the Uninstall option and wait for the process to end.

Clear Cache & Data for the troublesome apps

Now, you may have several apps that cause this issue. Instead of uninstalling them, you can clear data and cache for the apps you installed.

  • Open the Settings window and go into the App settings.
  • You might have to go into a sub-setting to get a list of installed apps. Look for the applications you are having trouble with. In some interfaces, you can find a search bar to locate the apps.
  • Tap the app from the list.
  • Locate the Clear Data and/or Clear Cache options.
Clear data option for cache and app data
  • Follow through with both options since we want to delete both the cache files and app data. You will receive confirmation prompts to finalize clearing the cache files. 

In a similar solution, you can try to force-stop the app and relaunch it. 

Delete the Google Services Framework Data History

Clearing the data history for your Google services framework may remove some saved preferences. But this could be the solution to your app crashes. You can use the same steps above to clear the app data for the Google Framework.

App info for Google Framework

​You might lose some saved settings on your device. In most cases, this will not happen. The best part of this is that no data will be deleted.

Turn off automatic app updates

Automatic updates may be responsible for the crashed GApps issue. So let’s try disabling the automatic updates for your installed applications. 

  • Launch the Google Play Store on your android device.
  • Open the profile picture icon on the top-right corner of the window.
Settings in the Profile picture menu
  • Go into the settings option and navigate to the Auto-update Apps option, in the Network preferences section.
Network preferences section
  • From the Auto-download pop-up that appears, choose the third option that displays automatic updates.

Rollback the Google Play Services Updates

Google Play Services is a very important factor on Android devices. This can cause a crashing issue when updated to the latest version. Users can attempt to uninstall the installed Google Play Services updates.

  • Open Settings and go to the App settings.
  • ​Go to the page with the list of apps on it. Find the Google Play services app.
Uninstall Updates option for Google Play services
  • Tap the settings menu and choose the Uninstall updates option. This could be in the App info menu also. 

Reset the App Preferences

When you reset app preferences, it will remove the clutter from the application you are trying to fix. However, on the other hand, you will lose changes, permissions, and other restrictions. The bigger picture is that you will not be having issues while the app runs. 

  • Open the system settings and go into the Applications settings. 
  • Move to the Manage apps section. On the corner, you should be able to see a three-dots menu.
  • Click on it and select the Reset App Preferences option.
Reset App Preferences option
  • Since this is a detailed process, you will get a prompt with a list of what you will disable by the action. Tap on the Reset button to confirm it. 
Reset app preferences confirmation window

Factory Reset your Android Device

Only reset your Android device as a last resort. If the above solutions did not help you, resetting the device back to its default factory data definitely will. We recommend backing up the important files on your mobile to cloud storage.

  • Go into the Phone settings.
  • Choose the About phone settings. 
  • Locate the Factory Reset option.
Factory reset option in About phone settings
  • Select the confirmation prompt to get this process started. 

A factory reset process can take a long time. So we suggest you set your phone aside and wait until it gets done.

You can contact the Android customer support team if you have other queries about this issue on your system. We hope we covered everything you needed to fix the crashing GApps issue on your device. Happy browsing!