10 Fixes For Code 43 Errors in Windows

Did you get device manager error codes (Code 43) on Windows Operating System? If you get this Code 43 error, it is related to your Device manager. The error appears when the device or hardware isn’t working optimally. 

This issue happens when Windows receives a notification from your graphics device driver that the device isn’t functioning correctly. Thus, Windows has decided to stop the device through Device Manager.

So, how can you find out the problematic device and fix the device’s hardware failure? This guide will help you solve all the relevant problems. 

What Does The Code 43 Error Mean?

As a result of issue code 43, Windows has disabled this device.

As noted, the error code is related to the hardware issue. But, it can also be a device driver problem. Windows can’t help you narrow down the problem. But once you get the message you may ‘see device status’ to see the true problem.

When the code shows, however, locating the device will be difficult. The video driver, USB device, or anything else attached could be the cause. Peripheral devices are frequently the culprits.

Either way, one thing is for sure, the error code is for the Device Manager. You can always troubleshoot the device and see if it fixes the problem.

Windows 10 isn’t the only operating system that can generate this error code. It can appear in Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, and other variants.

Solutions For Windows Reported Problems Code 43

  1. Check The Hardware For Any Issue
  2. Restart The Computer 
  3. Run The Troubleshooter 
  4. Check The USB Devices 
  5. Device Manager Solutions 
  6. Device Drivers Solutions 
  7. Update The BIOS 
  8. Update Your Windows Operating System
  9. Check For Power Management Options
  10. Reset The Entire System

Solutions To Fix Windows Device Manager Reported Problems Code 43 And Others

1. Check The Hardware For Any Issue

code 43 error check device hardware

There might have been some hardware changes. Before you go through any other solution, look for the problematic device. One of the best ways to do it is by disconnecting the USB devices one after another. 

The most common problem is generally with the universal serial bus controllers (USBs). If you check for these peripheral devices, you might find the issue. Bluetooth Dongles and USB Flash drives are among some common error causes.

You can also connect the hardware to another device and check if it is working fine. If there isn’t any problem with the hardware, you can move to other solutions. 

2. Restart The Computer 

Restart The Computer 

Before you get in-depth into solving the code 43 error, check to see if a reboot can solve the problem. Mostly, the reported problem code 43 is a false alarm. You can fix it by simply restarting the PC. If the problem wasn’t in the hardware itself, you can follow this option. 

If this doesn’t work, move on to other solutions.

3. Run The Troubleshooter 

Run The Troubleshooter windows device manager reported problems code 43 error

If you’re still getting windows reported problems with code 43, then it’s time to get serious. Run the troubleshooter for each hardware device in your system. How to do that?

  • Press Windows + I to open settings. 
  • In the search bar, find ‘Troubleshooter Settings.’
  • Open it and click on ‘Additional Troubleshooters.’
  • You will see troubleshooters for different devices and hardware.
  • Run each troubleshooter and see if it fixes the problem.

The troubleshooter was once known as the windows diagnostic tool. Its objective is to fix any hardware problem for you. 

4. Check The USB Devices

universal serial bus controllers code 43 error

Universal Serial Bus Controllers (USB) makes up the majority of the device on PC. Any USB device could have troubles, and this is quite common. If you’re getting an arrow code, you can check USB settings.

Remember that if you narrowed down the issue code to a USB device, you might choose to erase all USB devices. To do this, go to device management, Find the ‘Universal Serial Bus Controllers Hardware’ option, and uninstall.

Use A Different Computer To Reset The USB Device

If you keep getting code 43 errors and it is related to external devices, you can try this method. All you need to do is plug the device into a different computer. Then use the ‘eject’ option properly from the device options. This will reset any error with the device. 

select roll back driver

Rollback The Driver

A good option for other USB devices with error 43 code is to roll them back.  For this you will have to:

  • Open the Device Manager window
  • Find the device driver that you want to roll back.
  • Right-click on it and go to the properties
  • In the ‘driver’ tab, you can find the rollback option. Click on it.

Follow through. That’s all you need to do. Remember that this option is also to roll back the driver. 

The Unknown Device Error 

If you are getting an unknown device error for an external device, change the USB port. Sometimes it doesn’t support the USB port (Version 2.0 and such). You might be using outdated ports and other USB devices might require USB ports 3.0 or above. So make sure that you have a USB port that is compatible with your external device. 

5. Device Manager Solutions 

device manager error codes code 43 error

As Code 43 error is a device manager error code, it is the right decision to use these steps. 

Uninstall Device That Isn’t Necessary

Open the device manager and find all the device names that you aren’t using anymore. Don’t uninstall other devices that are in use. For error code 43, you can go one by one. Select the driver for the devices and uninstall it. 

Disable The Device Driver

To disable a device driver, all you need to do is go back to the device manager window.

  • Right-click on the device driver and select properties.
  • You will find the option to ‘Disable’ the driver right in the general tab.
  • Select the driver you wish to disable. 
  • Repeat the action for another USB drive or hardware driver. 

Re-enable A Disabled Device

To re-enable the disabled device, follow the above-given option. If you’re still getting the ‘Windows has stopped this device error code 43’ enable the driver. Select the driver or USB drive you wish to re-enable and the option should be right there. 

6. Device Drivers Solutions 

device drivers error code 43 error device hardware fails

Reinstall The Device Drivers

This is the best option other than the rollback option. If Windows has stopped this device error code 43 persists, try this.

  • In the search bar type ‘Device manager’
  • Open it and navigate to the appropriate driver page for each device. They’re all running the most recent versions of their drivers, most likely.
  • So all you need to do is right-click on properties, and select the driver tab. Select “uninstall” from the list of available actions.
  • Return to the Device driver window after removing each driver.
  • In the top left corner, pick ‘scan for driver change’ option.
  • Upon completion of the scan, the new driver will be installed.

Now, check to see if you’re still getting the error message or any generic message. 

Update The Driver Software

Maybe the problem is with the device driver. Check to see if you have updated driver software for each device you have. If you don’t, you might be getting a Code 43 error. Sometimes, it just shows it is related to hardware changes, but the problem is the driver software update. So:

  • Select device manager again and go to each device.
  • Right-click and find the Properties.
  • Then find ‘Driver Update’ option.
  • Make sure to select ‘search automatically.’
  • It might even ask to install automatically.
  • This will update the driver in your system. 

7. Update The BIOS 

code 43 error updated driver software BIOS

Go to the manufacturer’s website of your motherboard. Find the BIOS driver software and update the entire system. Sometimes, the problem isn’t with the USB device, it could be an internal hardware component. 

8. Update Your Windows

windows update yellow exclamation point error 43 code

Apart from checking for the latest drivers, it is a good option to run the windows update. If windows have stopped this device error 43 persists, check for updates. Make sure that you have the latest version, especially for Windows XP. 

9. Check For Power Management Options

windows update yellow exclamation point error 43 code

Sometimes, the problem is with the powered USB hub. For this, you will have to follow these steps: 

  • Go to the Start Menu. Type Device Manager.
  • Open it and go to the USB option.
  • Right-click on each USB device and go to properties.
  • Then go to the ‘Power Management’ option.
  • There, you will find ‘Allow The Computer To Turn Off This Device To Save Power.’ Disable it.
  • Make sure to follow it to all the other USB settings. 

See if the device is working properly or if you’re still getting a code 43 error. You could try the power options window, but this is the best one. 

10. Reset The Entire System

reset computer name graphics cards

As a last resort, all you can do is reset the entire windows operating system. This will fix almost any problem. Did none of the above-given options work? Are you still getting the warning message error code 43? Then all you can do is go ahead and reset the computer completely.